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  2. Lol. By phone number should work. I didn’t sign up through phone. Actually you can count me as guest lol. I didn’t sign up. Couldn’t sign up. But got in 690
  3. Lol. The only thread I see with the big big sign after they are done stating WE WILL BE BACK is this thread. I’m so loling by the fact that they decided to give us this immediately after they are done. Which is great! Hope cast will be the same lolllll
  4. Gotta say..out of all dramas I watched, it seems FP cast and crew might be the most cohesive. They even have matching tshirts. Hahaha I'm keeping the gif! KNG look so cute resting his chin on Choco's shoulders. Ahaha @ktcjdrama
  5. How to sign up for account? I notice it's available on my phone, but never play with it... 688
  6. Something like that. You just have to search up the drama name or celeb’s name in Chinese. You will get photos or any up to date news. Don’t try to search up using their korean or English names. Chances are you won’t see a lot of it. 686
  7. I don't know how.... It's that like twitter but Chinese version? 684
  8. OMG it's all coming back to me now! Just like @akiera I started out with this otp and then just became a huge Somin fan. I do wish that there is a forum where I can regularly talk about all Somin things! The RM threads on various platforms always have some haters bringing the mood down So much Seokmin goodness in the last RM ep, I just can't deal. I thought that the questions both Seokjin and Jisuk asked her in the dugun dugun jenga game was telling, as well as her answers to the questions! Seokjin asking who she thought liked her more when the point is to make her say his name is as good as a declaration isn't it?! Their chemistry is still as amazing as ever TT. And Somin choosing Seokjin as the guy she wants to take care of more (though that was Jisuk's question which he was expecting to win) and the guy she thought liked her more, well..... seems like it's a 2-way street? I'm so sad that K-dramaland hardly ever repeats their OTPs - I just want to see them together again as an OTP in a new show. Somin is lovely and so very shippable. I still think her natural, sizzling chemistry with Seokjin is the best though. Much as I love Somin, I've mainly been following her on RM and have not caught her other dramas (I loved the KBS drama special, but what was the only one I liked so far!). Hoping I can find somewhere I can catch up on Somin regularly!
  9. Girls’ Generation’s sisterhood is still going strong! On April 20, YoonA shared two photos of her and Yuri backstage at the play “Grandpa Henri and I” (also known as “The Student and Mister Henri”). YoonA added, “Our lovely Yuri” and hashtags, “Grandpa Henri and I,” “All of the actors are so great,” and “Yoongstagram.” Thanking her […] The post Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Cheers On Yuri At Her Play appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Lol. I think for this couple of days I can slack off from Weibo fiery priest. One question. @ktcjdrama @triplem Do you use Weibo? Lol. Feels like I’m the only one who kept on crediting Weibo lol 682
  11. Yes, you're right about the vision thing, he got from the hit on his head... but we'd like to believe it's due to the bread too @katakwasabi I'm watching quite a few at the moment
  12. @ktcjdrama & @katakwasabi & @triplem anyone see our pet choco * he may over help finishing bread
  13. This drama really gave emphasis on each of character's desperation. Everyone of them is either hungry of justice, fame, power, acceptance in the society,respect, ambition, money. I mentioned earlier how the writer had made the characters eat almost in each scene as if this is a mukbang show. But then , like Father Lee, he accepts people who need refuge in the Church. He gives food and even cooks for them. (Haeil for one) , that became a legacy beginning to Detective Goo's changing ways. (remember that epic egg scene?) ; to Kyung Sun 's correction of moral compass (she always want to have her share until the time when she offers food too , reference episode 18) ; to Song Sak and Yohan extended friendship with Bobby; And to Haeil's first take home mandu to Father Han and Sister Kim. This scene culminates what Father Lee was preaching to Haeil, giving comfort, warm and love to those who seek for it.
  14. 680 Lol @triplem with that many Kim you have, u cant even change to triplekim muahahaha.... Your new & potential acquisition me also like le lol, the rest you can keep urself
  15. @triplem call yourself on the status level. Team Kims. 678
  16. @Ameera Ali lol! That bread is huge. I won't be able to finish it. But I do want to improve my hearing and vision @ktcjdrama what other dramas are you watching chingu?
  17. That records the kim find you -2
  18. I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, but I think when YH got hit while protecting Prosecutor Park, it suddenly triggered something in him and that’s how he found the planet? Not very sure about this though. A lot of guesswork just looking at the sequence of the scenes.
  19. In Na was extra pretty here. If I’m not mistaken this was shot midway through TYH so our girl was blooming because she had a daily dose of Wookie love
  20. There’s been talk for Signal s2 for so Long , but nothing materialise . Jo Jin Wong ( the old cop ) has said before he doesn’t want to reprise if I recall correctly. But without him I cannot get closure -.I wanna know if he was really alive & back in the present. What was your first one on Soompi ? Edit : ok just saw your reply @Ameera Ali i think I should call myself Mrs Kim...see the oppas I like : - Kim Ji Suk - Kim Seon Ho - Kim Nam Gil - Kim Young Kwang new acquisition - Kim Kwon potential acquisition -Kim Jae Wook ... 678 My bb ji soo. Ok I must watch it sometime next week .
  21. It's on youtube without ads/clickbait: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuyfcUjDE--TshpquRKPFbLXr0mTBazWy
  22. I will definitely try to find it in a Korean mini-mart! I've actually eaten something like that, cut in half to show off the filling, but in an artisan bakery. I'm guessing it's not the same kind, which is why there is no effect on my hearing nor vision
  23. Ya its fun chingu. Kind of slice of life & focus on friendship... well and with crush & love too. 676
  24. Guest was the first. It is hard. I can’t pick a good enough drama that last me throughout the run. 674
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