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  2. I don't know why. But if you click those bunch of random code, you can probably see the rest of gifs.
  3. Congratulations on Hitting 100 pages ! Translation: Shall talk about two things that I love: First) If Minmin is jealous, WJ will definitely give explanation and declare what he is thinking. But when others comment to WJ that he likes Minmin, he will always keep quiet and stay silent. At Wan An Temple, Minmin ask WJ whether he likes ZZR, WJ commented that she is just a childhood friend/Sister. When ZZR saw minmin at Snake island, she pull the Sword and wanted to kill Her. WJ save her and snatch the sword. ZZR ask why WJ defend Minmin. Minmin said, Why do you need to ask this question to upset yourself? – Again WJ remain silent. When WJ ask why JHPP capture XZ, minmin joke and say “because XZ is your precious”. WJ replied, “Can you not tease me?” When minmin was injured on Snake island, she said WJ only care about XZ , not her. WJ immediately explain, “it is because XZ don’t know martial arts” When WJ cooked medical meal for minmin, Minnmin lamented that this is made for ZZR, not her. WJ immediately explain to her that This is specially made for you. When minmin received his handmade wooden hairpin, Minmin said that He must have done this for ZZR before that he look so skillful in making Hairpin. WJ immediately explain “No, it was my Mum”. On The Ship to Snake Island, Minmin said “I don’t observe Proper Decorum, But you still like me, isn’t it?” – WJ did not deny, only said “You are teasing me again!” JHPP said, “My daughter is only your sister. But this Princess is your Precious !” – Again WJ did not deny and remain silent. When ZZR said:. Only Towards me, you insist to observe proper decorum. But if it is the Princess who is injured instead of me, you will not bother about these and Will immediately treat and heal her. --- again WJ remain silent. When ZZR turn evil and wanted to hit Minmin. WJ stopped her. ZZR said this little demoness is your precious , right? – again WJ did not deny. Second) Whatever WJ promised Minmin, he will make sure he fulfil his promise. Minmin want to see Dragon Sabre – he brought her along. Minmin ask him not to get married – he follow her instructions WJ promised on snake island before that, “Don’t be scared, I will protect you” --- From then onwards, No one is able to hurt Minmin under his watching eyes. WJ promised not to let her down. And Indeed, when all the six sects and Ming sect people want to harm her, WJ protect her and say will not Let her down. Uncle ask “ KILL Her or NOT? WJ said: NO
  4. Rain is coming to Taiwan! Invited by jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. & will appear in Taipei on May 3 South Korea's popular Korean dad Rain, who is known as the Asian king, will visit Taiwan in early May. This time he is invited by the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., which will have the brand's high-end jewellery fair on May 3rd. Four Seasons of Tiffany will be presented in the event. Known for his dance and singing skills, he has twice been selected as one of The Most Influential figures in the magazine "Time" in the United States. He has won in the Korean KBS Acting Awards in his debut drama, and he has also entered Hollywood and played a leading role in the movie "Ninja Assassin". Behind these noticeable achievements, it is accumulated by so much efforts & hardwork. This kind of trait makes Tiffany & Co. invites him to participate in Tiffany & Co. "The Four Seasons” high-end jewellery exhibition. And also look forward to his presence on this event. The concept of brand color, design aesthetics, gem technology, etc. can be more recognized by the public. credit : marie claire https://www.marieclaire.com.tw/luxury/update/41930?atcr=02e992 _______________________________________________________________________________ 男神歐爸Rain即將來台!受珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co.之邀將於5月3日現身台北 (2019.04.23更新) 擁有亞洲天王之稱的韓國人氣歐爸Rain將於5月初訪台,他這次是受珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co.之邀,將為5月3日 (五) 的品牌高級珠寶展《四季之彩 The Four Seasons of Tiffany》擔任活動嘉賓。以舞蹈與歌唱實力聞名,還曾兩度獲選為美國《時代》雜誌最具影響力百大人物,知名度不說,轉戰戲劇拿下韓國KBS演技大賞,更進軍好萊塢,擔綱《忍者刺客》等多部電影主角,被譽為韓國天王級巨星,真的不是隨便說說而已。而這些亮眼成績的背後,勢必由許多努力累積而來,這樣的特質讓Tiffany & Co.相中邀請參與Tiffany & Co.《四季之彩》高級珠寶展,也期待透過他的影響力,讓品牌揉合色彩學、設計美學、寶石技術等理念,能更為被大眾認識。
  5. Oh...yes, just watched this Eng sub too. So he used to be a human before becoming an angel ???? I always thought like he was born as an angel (so he was curious about human and want to find out about meaning of love). More exciting and more confusing now. P.S. One comment from this IG said the background music is from 'Angels and Demons' movie.
  6. @zaireen, @ktcjdrama thank you for your reply. Oh , I want to believe it will be much earlier than next saturday too.
  7. Tweet of the Korean Tourism Organization, Los Angeles Good morning to you, too, @rahma92!And to you, too, @autumnight, and to everyone in the thread!
  8. Also, TJ also calls IS "mother" as a shortened form of "small mother" (jag-eun eomoni) which is one of the ways he could call the aunt who was married to his father's younger brother. Just as he could address his uncle as "small father" (jag-eun abeoji). In fact, TJ's father, the chairman, at one point scolds TJ for calling IS "mother" when IS is his "small mother" and the chairman's (second) wife is legally TJ's mother since the chairman's second wife is his current legal wife. Hope this makes sense. However, really, TJ calls IS "mother" because he longs for his own mother and IS is the person who is closest to being his mother, so there are all sorts of name traditions as to how TJ started calling IS his "mother", but it ultimately comes down to because he wants to and she wants him to. IS probably misses her daughter as well, and so welcomed TJ's love and affection for her as a mother. That's my speculation anyway since IS does seem to really love TJ.
  9. Nah mate, it's just a very well done cut of 2 different dramas mesh together. Makes me totally want to see them in modern drama together @ildizThanks for the gifs but I could only see the first gif, the others are just a bunch of random code.
  10. 4. Best friend tend to have same behavior towards each other. YIN and IU shared same behavior when they're together. She could be dorky like IU and vice versa, even IU said the funniest person in the world is YIN (I know both are the same gender, so this example wasn't representative enough.) YIN didn't show the same behavior as LDW. So does LDW. We can figure it out easily. But, both of them still comfortable to each other. I bet, she knew her position was not his best friend, because she behaves like her crush/ love interest/ gf.
  11. “On my last day in this world, like an accident, I met her.” Ooo, does it mean he meets her before dying? The day of her accident? I knew it would have bothered me to witness a love story where she doesn’t even recognize his face (Not knowing if she gets her eyes back in the end or not) but if she did ... I’m loving the narration of the teasers!
  12. The first teaser video has been released for SBS’s upcoming drama “Absolute Boyfriend”! Based on the popular Japanese manga series of the same name, “Absolute Boyfriend” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Uhm Da Da (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah), a special effects makeup artist who has never had much success with […] The post Watch: Yeo Jin Goo Tries To Win Over Minah’s Heart In 1st “Absolute Boyfriend” Teaser appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. My interpretation (from watching script reading and teasers), it seems like angel Dan watched Yeon-Seo and developed some kind of good feeling with this girl before she gets blind (probably from watching her dance, or her eating). This may be the reason that he is reluctant to receive this mission in the first place. And it's like he tried to protect her (from the accident ? and failed ?) . Can't wait for May 15th to find out. source : https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042476434
  14. Wait man with beards cant be gentleman? Then what does that make me!??!?!?!?
  15. once the confirmation news out,i read all the comment on each post and im a bit surprise because its different.. i mean they received a lot of negatives response when the news about they might reunite came out.. i guess knetz are really unpredictable. one moment they hate,and the other moment they like..
  16. On April 23, Stray Kids member Hyunjin held an hour long V Live broadcast to chat with fans and share song recommendations. During the broadcast, Hyunjin talked about his experience as an MC on “Music Core.” He shared, “I was so nervous during the recent [episode] of ‘Music Core.’ This past week, I was especially […] The post Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Shares Cute Story About Interaction With BTS’ Suga appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. It seems Ye-jin has several projects lineups but no definite shooting schedules for them yet. Hope there won’t be any problems with the investors due to the dating rumors. There are a lot of postings about her drama confirmation but hardly anyone mentioning about the “reviewing” article. I guess everyone is looking forward to the pairing of hb-yj. Is it just me seeing more positive responses than negative ones?
  18. i cant wait to watch tonite episode..love to watch their sarcastic flirting..rewatch the kiss scene my stomach still full with butterflies
  19. RAIN(비)-2019 RAIN Fan Meeting Vancouver credit : RAIN Company - Schedule
  20. If only I know how to rip and sync the subs as I have access to K+. But unfortunately, I don't know how I'm hoping the subs will be out before episode 11 airing this Saturday.
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