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  2. after his conversation with DM, the king told YJ that she is that one person he wishes to protect no matter what. If the show were to kill off YJ, that will be so cruel to him
  3. @Sejabin love your choice of music - re listening in it now thanks love when old songs pop up on radio , I hear this in the morning when I was going to buy a milk , it’s for you
  4. Ehhhhh don’t like this eh. Lolll i like Lah hahah wait I got one more I like. @Lawyerh I like my boy bangs lol As for your DP. I’m not too sure either.
  5. @angelangie was right. Shes only pretty from far. If you zoomed out, can see her light mustache
  6. It's about a highly capable female art (painting) curator, who keeps her private life of hardcore fan-girling a boy idol a secret from everyone (work and family), except for a couple of close friends. She even manages a blog/fan-site for that idol under an alias. 626
  7. Haha yes. I noticed that too. “We didn’t really kiss. Actors are good at making fake stuff look real.”
  8. @Lawyerh @LyraYoo Cjes: Saying Goodbye to Kim Hae il. Me: Bye bye Kim Hae Mi ... ... Can we talk about how this pic suits to be a computer desktop too? Hahaha
  9. Looks like K-actor Ji Chang Wook is not climbing aboard a spaceship headed for the star but will instead climb into a cryogenic pod to get frozen. The mere days from military discharge actor has confirmed his first army project as the K-drama Melt Me over the other offer to headline City of Stars. The drama is penned by the screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung of The Miracle We Met, Women of Dignity, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and it’s the latter drama that I think sounds like what Melt Me is going for, a bit of fantasy in a humorous romance tale with some intrigue. Ji Chang Wook will played a variety show PD with exacting standards and impeccable looks who was supposed to be flash frozen for 24 hours in a stunt and end up defrosted 20 years later. He’ll wake up alongside the female lead who has also experienced the same thing, and together they find love while needing to keep their core temperature at 27.5 degrees Celsius. Sounds cool to me! http://koalasplayground.com/2019/04/24/ji-chang-wook-confirms-strong-woman-do-bong-soon-writers-upcoming-romance-drama-melt-me/
  10. I would love to see those scenes. I mean one minute WJ was mourning like crazy then he acted like it’s nothing and reddy to fight. Just doesn’t make sense. I also want to see how WJ suffered without MM lol he should have to fight harder to get her back.
  11. 624 fixed. not only 1 friend, my other friend too screamed like this "OHHWHHWWWWWW " when I mentioned Kim Jae Wook. They knew him long before me because I have not watched coffee prince. They said he starred as a Japanese in Coffee Prince. hmmhhh no wonder he looks like my dad. LOL I mean papa had Japanese blood HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ktcjdrama I love pretty face and handsome oppas. but in drama, I love to watch more of the main leads chemistry. mmm.. like I love Lee Minho and I watch Faith because it's a good chemistry with Kim Hee Sun, but I never finished the blue sea because I feel no passion between him and Jun Ji Hyun. can you get it? HHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH btw I am looking for more of their hot scenes together in Her Private Life than this. I am not Kim Jae Wook fan, but I like to watch his chemistry with Park Min Young @Lmangla it's about an ordinary fangirl who suddenly became extraordinary when her idol fans are interesting about her private life. hahahaha..
  12. @LmanglaThey made that drama based on the idea of Fan Girling. (Which to me, it’s actually quite a unique style of story, something you don’t see everyday.) Ryan Gold is the guy who is under the cloth. He is a manager of a art gallery. And then she meets the FL who is a fan girl lol Even though I never watch but somehow I know about all these lol...but hm...KJW...Lion?Hm.... (Edit: He meets...I thought he was a girl lol) 624
  13. lee min ho completes last day of military duty Lee Min Ho will complete his last day of military duty on April 25, with fans and media capturing the moment leaving for work. Time really flies… he looks pretty much the same as he did when he enlisted since he is exempted from physical activity. I’m anticipating his comeback and hope he picks better projects now that he is two years older and wiser… Photo credits as stated / https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/04/25/lee-min-ho-completes-last-day-of-military-duty/
  14. 620 ok @Sejabin ~ am curious now, what is this drama "her private life" about? why are there so many scenes? and what was that photo suggestion all about?????
  15. @angelangie Go watch The Fiery Priest... You won't regret it... @Sejabin I had wanted to change my DP to exactly like yours... It's such a romantic scene... But I think I will change to Ryan Lion instead 622
  16. Sharing from oppa's hk fanclub during the fanmeet. Perhaps anyone kind enough to translate?
  17. After postponement of fan meet, Park Bo Gum has message for Anne Curtis MANILA – Following the postponement of his much-anticipated fan meet in Manila, Korean star Park Bo-gum sent a personal message to Anne Curtis, who was supposed to host the event. On Twitter, Park replied to Curtis’ tweet about how excited she is for the event. “Hi Anne! Thank you for sparing your time to emcee the 'Good day' in Manila event. Though we cannot meet this time, I hope we'll meet soon again,” he told Curtis. Park added that he will definitely include the Philippines in his prayers after a strong earthquake struck Luzon on Monday. Grateful for Park’s gesture, Curtis replied and said: “We are very thankful for your concern for our country. We hope to see you one day in the Philippines.” The recent earthquake has prompted organizers to postpone the fan meeting of Park, which was originally scheduled for Saturday, April 27. Park made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday as he reached out to those who were affected by the calamities. “I’d like to inform you that the event in the Philippines scheduled for April 27, Saturday, has been postponed due to a recent earthquake,” he said. “I apologize to all those who have been waiting for the event and ask for your kind understanding.” He went on: “My heartfelt condolences and consolation to the victims of the earthquake and their families. I’ll pray for the Philippines, and may God’s protection and care always be with all people in the Philippines.” Park’s fan meeting has been moved to June 22, Saturday, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. credit : ABS-CBN - Manila
  18. I read that the episodes which got cut include: ZYZ becoming emperor —I think if we saw the full version, maybe RYW's death would make more sense RYW and WBB scenes Big emotional crying scenes from Joseph (after ZM's fake death) and Yukee (before WJ's wedding) Ending conversation between WJ and ZM at the grasslands, before they started twirling in circles It's too bad the production team likes to do most of their chopping during the last 4 episodes, or maybe it's just more noticeable as we get closer to the ending because by then every detail counts. I doubt anyone has managed to get their hands on the uncut version, otherwise they would be promoting like crazy to increase viewership (like what Taiwan is doing for GMP).
  19. If you see the comments section of the YT link you have posted, there's someone who had translated the ringtone. Anyhow I LL post it here too. It means "my master, someone is calling, please pick up the call" CUTE.
  20. In the future if you guys ever create a group chat to discuss about this drama. Please please let me know I don’t know if you guys have already discussed about this, I only read back few pages. But I wonder when did WJ start falling for her. I know he kind of have the look of wow, she’s pretty when he first saw her dressing like a lady. Then I think somehow he likes their banter and how she keeps teasing him.
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