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  2. Is Vlive on now? Love the new teaser. I will try to watch live but not sure if the link will work lol. Can't wait. One spring day at 9pm KST tonight
  3. Wow our Lion looks hella fine in that suit He knows what we want and he delivers!! Seriously the new stills are already heart-fluttering enough, he even dares to post a pic on his insta with that pose, my poor heart can't handle this... And Kim Jaewook has been posting pic on Instagram with "Lion" captions Almost every post since the drama started he includes the word "saja" in the caption, even it's a pic of his pet. I think it's super cute! Suit saja is the best saja so far!! Looking forward to swooning scenes in new episode tonight
  4. Soop BTS staff is a girl! Ahhhh I want to replace her... LMAO when she said "Please say something" and my baby Jaeuck just waving his hand. Ahhhhhh this man! I can not....
  5. Just a thought! Since we are about to be introduce to Jiwon’s new character Moon Cha Young. From all HJW’s character role who is your least favorite if any I am still thinking which one is my least fave though It is quite hard huh. Hahahaha
  6. I have a thought that DM soon will call Ryan with his childhood name, maybe. Soon as she knows RG's korean name, she called Yoon Jae-ah on chat. Ryan Gold is a sexy name, but Yoon Jae isn't bad. Yeah, she should try calling him by his name instead of "Gwangjanim" when they are alone.
  7. OH MY GOD I CANT WATCH TONIGHT EPS FROM INSTAGRAM TONIGHT! Screw you indonesian government!!!!!! grrrrhhhh, will be depend on all of kind recappers here. please put an image or text, dont put directly from instagram pleaseeeee
  8. BTS’s Jungkook has added swimming to his long list of talents! On May 22, the BTS member uploaded clips of himself swimming in a pool on the group’s Twitter account. In the first clip, Jungkook perfects his diving form and enters the pool. He then powerfully swims to the other end and is able to complete a […] The post BTS’s Jungkook Shows Off His Swimming Skills appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Clip & Photos: CJ Entertainment May 22, 2019 Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' receives standing ovation at Cannes CANNES, France, May 22 (Yonhap) -- South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" has premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival Tuesday (local time), with the director getting an eight-minute standing ovation. The new movie from the "Snowpiercer" and "Okja" director tells the story of a poor family becoming obsessed with a rich one after their son gets a job as a tutor for the wealthy family. Renowned actor Song Kang-ho stars in the film, along with Lee Sun-kyun and Cho Yeo-jeong. This is Bong's fifth time at Cannes, following screenings of "The Host," at the Directors' Fortnight in 2006, and "Okja," his first work to be nominated for the main competition section in 2017. Dressed to the nines, the audience filling the 2,300-seat Grand Theatre Lumiere burst into applause after the two-hour-plus film came to an end with closing credits and lights up. None of those present, including Tilda Swinton, who starred in "Snowpiercer," left their seats until the very end of the event. Director Bong and cast of the movie remained fixated amid the adulation from the audience. "Thank you everyone. Let's all go home," Bong said in the midst of the standing ovation, saying goodbye to the crowd as the screening finished after midnight. But the clapping and cheering continued even after Bong's farewell. A French viewer, who identified herself only as Eglantyne, said she loved the movie because of its dark humor. A male viewer said he prefers "Parasite" to "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," the new film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, which premiered earlier in the same day. "Parasite" also received a modest ovation from reporters from all around the world, although they came up with temperate reviews after Bong's request not to reveal plot spoilers. "'Parasite' being the work of one of Korea's best regarded filmmakers, that simple-sounding setup is the cue for multiple darker twists, ingrained social commentary, and bouts of comedic violence," Patrick Frater, a reporter for Variety, wrote. "Picking individual winners would be difficult. Picking 'Parasite' as a contender for some kind of Cannes reward would not be." The Hollywood Reporter called Bong "Korean creature-feature maestro" in its latest story. "'Parasite' is generally gripping and finely crafted, standing up well as Bong's most mature state-of-the-nation statement since 'Memories of Murder' in 2003," it said. brk@yna.co.kr
  10. just happy that more reveals are being made. thanks to the ACES!
  11. Ok I want to go out on a limb here and say that we might get a proper sleepover... based solely on the fact that in the preview Deok-mi and Yoon-jae are wearing the same outfits at night as they are in the promo stills (which was shot in the sunlight at her place...ok logic could be he picks her up that morning but I don't think so)... It would be a dramatic rhythm change where they have just had a lovely night together and then the day just gets more stressful... This might be my wishful heart but... we shall know soon enough. (also really pleased that we were right that the costumes were all co-ordinated!!! makes me so happy)
  12. Hyolyn is back with a new digital single! On May 22 at 6 p.m. KST, Hyolyn dropped her newest single “youknowbetter” along with its music video. “youknowbetter” is the first part of the singer’s new album project for this year “#xhyolynx.” Last year, the singer released a three-part single project “Set up Time” featuring the songs “To […] The post Watch: Hyolyn Expresses Her Honest Thoughts In Emotional “youknowbetter” MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. He knows what the people want! Looking so fiiiiiine in that suit. ETA: Has this been posted? Well it's worth another look for Ryan fans.
  14. I am actually waiting for them to call each other by name at least instead of from DM's side, "Gwangjanim" as that still is kind of depicting their roles at work even when they are outside of work already. I was also referring to "Oppa" not as a depiction of who's older or status in life but just a simple depiction of "romantic interest and/or boyfriend" since their relation in the drama already progressed
  15. I think miri will accept the offer after SJ tell her if she the only daughter that she can boast. Miri sacrifice her happiness to make her mother happy. But TJ will not let her go easily. Actually the story is hard to guess
  16. Omg!!! Hahaha, like minds think alike. I also liked his orange shirt with the tie and was like "awwww, all colors light or bright, in everything you look fine" until I opened the spoilers and I was like "what????" shorts????? His shoes also look great. Anyway, he is looking cute in that attire too. That's ok only for modelling. Let's hope he doesn't go out absent mindedly like that to somewhere important.
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