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  2. Yes, Ryan was seven. I mentioned that later on in my commentary. I don't think it was "pretty obvious" back when I've only watched Episode 3. It gradually became obvious as the show progressed. Shi An, like his brother, is an artist. Artists tend to get more in touch with what is felt than what is seen. He trusts his intuition and puts it into consideration when he acts or makes a decision. This also makes him more considerate of others (recall how he said that he knew about his mom's painful past but does not ask about it).
  3. It'd be great if its a drama. Missed her acting so bad. I wonder what she's up to these days? Her IG post(s) doesn't tell that much. That 'baby shinhye' on IG made my day
  4. thanks guys for clarifying things up.. obviously i hv no idea how it works in k drama industry.. so once actors accept a project, they basically hv to put all the trust in the production?? wow that’s wild
  5. Wow. I love everyone's comments. I'm thinking of making my own comments. I'm thinking of adding my opinion. But I'm not good at that. So I'll just continue reading everyone's lovely comments. This is me after episode 14: I'm crying. It's so sad. I'm happy tooo!!! Nooooooooo. Ryan. Don't be sad. Deok Mi please hold him. Deok Mi please take care of him. RYAN I LOVE YOU! PLEASE DON'T CRY!
  6. HPL is based on webtoon too like wwwsk, right? As far as I remember, PSJ-PMY read webtoon before doing wwwsk. Did PMY do the same for HPL? or the story until ep 13 really made not as the same as the original webtoon? Sorry if we have ever discussed this thing on previous pages.
  7. Maybe just maybe on the “bed scene” because DM was dreaming about their childhood (which shown a lot of children playing) they try to make it relevant merging the scenes together (by not showing even bare shoulders) cause it will lost the “innocent” points of the scene. i mean s.korea is quite a conservative country, so maybe they put a lot of consideration on how to portray the story line/ scenes.
  8. I believe PMY k-solid fans cant blame the wwwsk script as wwwsk is 100% following the novel and webtoon. And obviously there are bed sceneS. bed sceneS people. I emphasized there lol. But they did only one and it consider sweet ( PMY and PSJ made it hotter lol). And she is very happy as Miso. The romance in the novel is overall high tension sexy but they make it sweet. And most wwwsk novel readers love the drama too. Which means the fan range is not only limit to their own fans. It is fascinating to see the increasing number of wwwsk webtoon readers ( 6 millions +++) we knew about the whole story even before wwwsk ends.
  9. Let me repost this gif Adorable! The best thing about Hpl is that they don't drag issues for long.I really like this kind of mature relationship that is shown between deokmi and ryan.They help each other to overcome their problem without getting too clingy and give space when needed, that's how real life relationships are. i don't know I really love this part pmy looks so small hahaahha
  10. https://m.weibo.cn/5924656629/4374398993446450 Wuji take the horse, ZZR walked VS Wuji and MM ride the horse together
  11. usually, when actors choose a drama, only 1 or 2 ep scritps can be read. of course they don't know what's going to happen in the latter part of drama.
  12. @Transition Yes I think so. Ryota looked very concerned about Tao. He can't hide it haha Aww hairstyles and videos when Tao sat on the porch really reminded me of Setoka. Thank you for sharing with us. So this might be one of the reasons suddenly Ryota drew and uploaded it on Weibo. Pictures of turtles and rabbits look similar haha. So cute after all. Thank you for translated. Ryota really likes to drink wine. He mentioned it in several interviews like we have talked about before. Then Tao also said something like this, like she likes to drink wine because of Ryota. What do you think
  13. yes its always like that.. maybe they got until episode 3 at most. its a series.. things always change. depends on viewers response, actors chemistry.. etc.. they dont know how it will end until the actual end. what they know is just the premise and the supposed plotvof the story. but they ar aware that things will change without prior notice. thats why their commitment to the job is important, because regardless if they agree or not with how the story goes... they have tondo their part. and of vourse as professional actors they will do their best.
  14. lol! well its only natural that they would want them to be together in real life. because they think that what they see onscreen is how it is in real life. its pretty obvious that they dont know much about the actors themselves. i mean im no expert and dont know them personally, but we dont need that to see if things can go beyond. but yeah.. they can hope.. so I guess well just let them.. theyll soon realize anyway..
  15. It's usually like that in KDramas that are filmed while currently airing. Do you notice how many actors and actresses post booklet of the last episode scripts? It usually means they have just received the last script and they are filming it. It's given to them by booklet per episode. In pre-produced dramas they can discuss the plot development, but in dramas where they will continuously film during airing, usually only scripts of the first few episodes are ready during scriptreading sessions before filming and the rest of the story will be adjusted according to actual preferences of the viewers. Which is the disadvantage of a pre produced drama because they could no longer adjust the story anymore in case viewers won't like it. I think the writer focused more now on KJW because of his KNetz fangirls comments during first few episodes watching only this drama for him. So writers gave him a relevant storyline too but they should have balanced that with fangirling original plot.
  16. she only got the synopsis and ep 1 script????!! what?!! then how can she knows if the drama is good or bad? no wonder her solid fans are upset..
  17. [INFO] 190524 JAEHYUN and MARK will be guesting on Channel A’s show ‘Englishman’s JMT Lab’. Englishman’s JMT Lab airs every Sunday at 7:40pm. (No specific date for NCT’s episode was stated.) 190524 NCT 127 Snapchat update JOHNNY TAEIL JUNGWOO MARK using Superhuman lens!
  18. After watching this youtube video by min Koo I realized that jong kook was so amazed with Somin's sweetness and cuteness for a while. He gives comments such as "she is so cute, she is sweet, wow that is incredible" and oftentimes just as highlighted very well in this video you can see that he laugh so heartily by her jokes. I guess Liking someone does not happen overnight but a process indeed.
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