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  2. No I wasnt underestimating them or anything (never underestimate the power of angry fan(s) it can get dangerous lol) , I just didnt knew the extent of power they had or the extent to which their pleas would be heard. I didnt knew about this fanclub incident either or what was the reason behind it but 5/6 days?! Woah they sound some pretty serious fans. As for the project you are right, if he has already signed the dotted line then nothing can be done about it and by the looks of it the deal seems pretty much done and very much according to his own choice (well apparently). Earlier he did serious roles, lately he opted for mostly cutiepie roles. Seems like he is an extreme, either/or kinda guy. Either he picks too sad projects OR he picks totally fluffy ones with no in betweens. I understood when he did INAR that he wanted to breakout of his previous image but he has done 2 romcoms already which is enough to break an image imo. Going for the third isnt gonna break his previous image more than the last two ones. Trying different genres and seeing which one he excels at (although I do think historicals and melos are his forte but hey thats just my unpopular opinion) is gonna give his career a boost and his image the much needed change. Truth be said acting is a very competitive business. Things just cant and shouldnt be taken for granted that too after repeated drawbacks. Not everyone this good looking, this talented gets the chance to act. I know poor guy has some past issues related to being part of the industry and he has my full sympathy and support but if he is to continue then he has to try his hands on different genres too
  3. EG has gone home to have dinner with DM's parents. He suddenly asks the mum, what was the name of that boy? And the mum looks shocked at the question. EG lets the mum evade the question. Sindy sponsors a Baskin Robbin's cake for DM's birthday celebration. It's hilarious, DM doesn't let RG drink beer at the dinner. She informs everyone that he has something he has to do, and that's why he can't drink alcohol (?) - I think the staff have thoughts about what that could be... He offers his credit card to them for the bill. They leave first and head to his place. I think he asks her why he wasn't allowed to drink alcohol. DM's mother is looking at RG's photos with DM as children. She has kept these photos in a special box. Written behind the photo is Yoon Jae's name. DM's mother looks troubled.
  4. I just watched ep 3 and i'm loving the progress of the story..i predict that hong jong hyun, though 2nd lead will again get the girl just like in the King In Love..that's ofcourse regardless of how loving yeo jin goo' s character is..at the end of the day...he is still a robot..Im sorry I still didnt memorize their character names..I really hope that more people will get to watch this drama despite the competition..it has its own charm and all the actors are great..
  5. i am changing my profile to a cake!!! shooo.....shooo...shoooo...(waving a big abaca fan to shooo away negative vibes in this forum) shoooo...shooo...shooo!!! i am here for the live recaps...! ready to camp!!! thanks to the goodhearted individuals who will recap, post screenshots and gfs here..! you are all well loved!!!
  6. With Ryan, Mommy was a single mom but with SA there was never a Daddy ever mentioned....So most likely SA is adopted...
  7. I guess Angel Dan has been locked out of the church for good now. His outfit has been changed from the all white angel outfit to a plain black suit. The older woman/head of YS' staff returns home and finds YS sleeping on the floor. I think she scolds her for running away like that. I missed something but she's in her bed now and an in home doctor is talking to her. I think she's getting a lot better. She seems in shock though. Sorry I'm not sure.
  8. O.M.G. I hope, if Shin Hye decides to do a drama this year , she picks this one. I would love to see them work together and the production team is the same as “Doctors”! And, I want to see Shin Hye acting arrogant, snob. I believe she will do an awesome job on this. Even though my preference is to do as many good movies as she can.
  9. I hope the deal wasn't seal yet! I guess both of them agreed and choose this romcom together! BS will listen to him if he really don't want it! he may see something different from us! anyway it is a bit different! Its fantasy romcom! He already said he is too young to play a doctor! I think he already know what he is going to do during the FM. Just wish him luck if he going to take this project! I know you will be very very dissapointed!
  10. My main reason to watch this drama is actually the plot. I think it's not very common to see korean dramas focusing on powerful independent women in business. When I read the synopsis saying that it's a drama about "21st century women, who chose to not be a wife or a mother and successfully work without discrimination or impediments." I was immediately sold. Then Ki Yong comes in second (I fell in love with him watching Kill It. I still need to watch Come and Hug Me). And finally, Lim Soo Jung (I really liked her in Chicago Typewriter). Adding all this, I think it's going to be a great drama!
  11. Kim Nam Gil ! I can picture how cute, charming, gorgeous, hot, bad-a$$, powerful, charismatic, cold-hearted, and... evil they are as a couple in modern drama. Both have been active, so my little wish is that they are paring again in a crime drama. Hmmm, the wish is not so little though. Any drama is ok for me, even drama abt Ahjuma and Ahjushi All of us here are watching it yeah, go watch it, buddy!
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