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  2. Bluesky I posted above One post above https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4362517822480909
  3. @gm4queen you can use: J: jolly or jovial (meaning cheerful and friendly) W: wonderful @gm4queen I love Lie to Me as it stars both of my fave k-actors... it was a memorable drama for me and I enjoyed it a lot... and that cola kiss was steaming.... hehehe
  4. I love love this drama. Simply love out OTP. They are very well acted out. I love how GWY set his lab mate (girl) straight n told her to leave his house immediately. Love how he try to find all sorts of excuses to make MoMo stay. I love his subtle smile at MoMo and his adoring gaze at her. Gosh ... this boy is over the moon with her. Hahaha ... he sleep kissed her and I bet he thought he was dreaming. So dreamy look on his face when he look at MoMo. I love how the Prof & his lab mate guy tried to help him to confess to MoMo. The scientific equation just kills me. His mathematical workout is a graph with a heart - so adorable. The guys were like "how can she don't get it?" Aren't geeks confession simple special and so romantic. Lastly the poetry taught by the prof also went flat. That seriously cracks me up. This drama is full of funny moments.
  5. I never believe my cellulite problem would reduce with cellulite serum of dermalmd but the results are amazing. After 15 days of use it, I have seen the incredible results. Definitely, I will get another serum of this. I can wear my swimsuit with no shame.
  6. hpl today ep was so good and reviews are really good. i canceled that i prefered the second lead to Ryan Gold.i felt that pmy&kjw chemistry is great to see photoshoot scene and cotton candy scene. of course, it can't be better than ppc chemistry. anyway..so knetzs start hoping again that pmy&kjw date in real life. but as you all know, both already have others who are related to dating rumor.
  7. i kinda need more i already saw those ^^
  8. Source: Pierce Conran As predicted (hoped for) by many, Bong Joon-ho's PARASITE with Song Kang-ho has indeed been selected for competition at #Cannes2019!
  9. I think we just need to keep pointing out his lies (I don’t know what else to call someone randomly saying things without any proof to support his strange agenda except fake commenters to support him - fake rumors?), shine the spotlight on his irrational obsession & inciting Shin Hye Sun fans to keep supporting her. Sadly these days a lie that goes uncontested can grow if not swiftly put out or pointed out. Maybe SHS’s team need to know this and maybe they can sue him. She has a lot of sponsors that will not be okay w this bs.
  10. @chipz03 Thank you!! I found it. Its indeed very nice https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4362517822480909 Same here, i love the 1986 and this 2019 versions. Agree with you!! The inn reunion hug is the best!! They are like magnets!!
  11. There were several scenes which are like remake of WWWSK with a different guy like tripping unto his arms. If only the scriptwriter and the director will do away with it, make this drama original and different scenes from WWWSK, the viewers would certainly appreciate it more. Now can they blame people for WWWSK comparison when they make similar scenes here in HPL? Like how she hurried but tripped and fell into the guy's arms.
  12. Oh...I love, love, love, love this. An angel's smile. credit to owner (@coejongseong3388) Another pic from the same IG, in case you may missed it. But I want to show it here altogether. (She's so adorable, let me borrow @meechuttso's gif)
  13. Can we just get Prosecutor Jung and Miss Oh together? I love their chemistry Everyone in this drama plays their characters well. Love how this drama always has a twist. Never once bored with it. An insurance fraud by a hospital? Who would have thought of that? Haeun Hospital is really disgusting and thanks Director Seon for digging his family's own graves.
  14. Leedahey new agency posted some more new pictures from her photoshoot. Also the new agency gave those pretty flowers and cake for her BD.That heart shape bouquet
  15. Next week please come quick!! Does Ryan find out that Deok Mi is Si'An's biggest fan next week?
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