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  2. Mmmm I want to share something with you guys but I don't wanna make you down. I feel down rn. Remember about aura reading / prediction account on twitter I've shared last time? I'm half believe her/him because some her/him predict is true. Should I share or not?
  3. You should remember that the recordings of these chapters are many days ago, I'm sure it's been weeks, I think if you bring it up is because maybe every time you see a possibility with a woman, you ask that question to measure whether you try or not. I love it So min, she is cheerful and sweet, and will give color to KJK, if he accepts it, because I do not doubt that she has feelings for him. I think if I had something with So Min would take care of that relationship Tx
  4. Awww... At first KJW looked worried but after discovering that PMY's laughing he started to smile too awww my heart </3
  5. Hi Everyone! Its been ages since my last post here in Soompi..and for me to post again its because of my two fave artists HaeIn whom I was previledged to see and hand shook hands with when he went here in my country for a fan meet. and Jimin who I adore so much.. I think from the moment Ji Ho met JI in the pharmacy he was smitten by her..for the last 6 years he never dst
  6. May 26, 2019 Bong Joon-ho bags Palme d'Or in Cannes milestone for Korea By Yoon Min-sik The Korea Herald Bong Joon-ho’s social satire “Parasite” made history Saturday by becoming the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or, the top award at the Cannes Film Festival. According to the jury president Alejandro Inarritu, the nine-person jury had made the decision based on a unanimous vote. “The film has been an astonishing journey, which was made possible with the artists that stood by my side. Above all, I wouldn’t have been able to shoot a single scene without great actors, and I thank them for that,” Bong said, adding that he “never imagined that he would one day touch the trophy. He called the award a “very great gift” from the Cannes festival, noting that this is the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema. “Parasite” is described to be a black comedy about unexpected series of events when a poor family of hustlers encounter a wealthy one. It stars Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam, and Song Kang-ho, a man considered one of the best actors in Korean cinema who has appeared in Bong’s most well-known films like “Snowpiercer,” “The Host” and “Memories of Murder.” Inarritu was quoted by media that the jury “shared the mystery of the unexpected way this film took us through different genres” and that the film spoke in a “funny, humorous and tender way of no judgment of something so relevant and urgent and so global.” The 49-year-old Korean is known for transcending traditional genres, and has been dubbed “Bong-tail (mix of Bong and details) by some fans for adding minute details in his films to satirize social issues. “The Host,” his biggest commercial success yet, appears to be a monster film but has elements of black comedy and social satire. The genre-mixing film is slated to open in Korean theaters on May 30. “Parasite” is the second film by Bong to be invited to compete in the festival, the first one being “Okja” in 2017. His victory also marks a second consecutive year that the Palme d’Or went to an Asian director, with Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Shoplifters” winning top honors last year. As of now, Korean directors have grabbed the highest honors at two of what are considered three world‘s most acclaimed film competitions: Cannes, Venice Film Festival and the Berlinale. In 2012, Kim Ki-duk won the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice Film Festival with “Pieta” Bong’s win was not the only ground-breaking one of the festival. Mati Diop’s “Atlantics,” about a migrant crisis through the eyes of Senegalese women left behind -- became the first black female director to compete for the top prize and made history by winning the second-top honor, the Grand Prize award. The Jury Prize went to “Bacurau” by Kleber Mendonca Filho and Juliano Dornelles and “Les Miserables” by Ladj Ly, and the best director award to Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne for “Young Ahmed.” Best Screenplay was awarded to Celine Sciamma for “Portrait of a Lady on Fire.” Antonio Banderas and Emily Beecham each took the Best Actor and Best Actress awards for their work in “Pain and Glory” and “Little Joe,” and the “It Must Be Heaven” by Elia Suleiman won Special Mention. By Yoon Min-sik (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com)
  7. This is why ppc rumor will never die. Even PPC themselves didn't wanna kill it so who are we to kill it LOL
  8. Thank you so much. I was trying to make the viewers understand NJ's motives. He is not totally evil, so I picked up all the good points in him, and analyzed all his motives. Even Suho felt sorry for him sometimes. I liked the blog too and I haven't even watched the drama! hahahha... but technically it sounds like one of those dramas where you watching the beginning and then the ending ep and you can still guess what happened! 962
  9. Yeah the drama called One Spring Night. 964.
  10. I respect your feelings. Don't worry too much. Let's just enjoy the 'roller-coaster ride'.
  11. Been watching this, since I got it a few months ago.. thought to share it with you. it has eng subs.. the media talking about their dating rumors after wwwwsk.. they are the ones who interviewed them. https://m.vlive.tv/video/83011
  12. Thanks for the info he's cute! Is he in a new drama?
  13. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    wait, phone booth still exist with cell phones?
  14. #54 I hate my family, because they are bad guys and I become a policeman ,so that i will not be like them - Voice - Untouchable
  15. As promised , KBS released non-televised full 3.45 min of SHS ‘Swan Lake’ ballet dancing scene. So beautiful and so proud for her.
  16. triplem

    drama tropes 2019

    #53 photo booth scene is a premonition to some tragic scene later . - The last empress - He’s Psychometric - The Fiery Priest
  17. i would say that the main leads are Son Hyun Joo, Ma Dong Seok and Park Seo Joon! He is the lead but not the main! AAHAH He was literally smoking in that scene! HAHA For a non-smoker, his smoking scenes are actually still quite legitimate! Yes! It was filmed in 2014 and the film was out in 2015! Probably why he was not in the press con because he was away for his military! I've yet to see Untouchable Lawmen... Is it worth a watch? I'm not very into Im Chang Jung though... I watch Chronicles on Kissasian! Is it okay to post the link?
  18. Based on the new trailer, looks like Park Mo Gun and Bae Ta Mi is gonna have a steaming scene. So it’s obviously that the lipstick on PMG’s shirt belongs to BTM. I have a feeling I’m going to like Lee Da Hee’s character.
  19. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    here's the grand list we have so far: #1 - lazy second lead #2 - Memory loss due to a certain accident or trauma. #3 - Annoying prospective mother in law who tries to break up the couple. #4 - Annoying 2nd leads (be it male or female) who tries to break up the couple. #5 - Bad boy turn good cos of the girl. #6 - Love at first sight. 7 # Make Over #8 Also OTT Shipper mom's #9 Hot Priest is a Must #10 Female Lead's Husband Always Cheats so that OTP can be together. #11 Meet up at a fast food restaurant: #12 annoying/ always perfect love confession #13 changing face/feeling/double personality/Amnesia #14 Cryptic Message in Bible 15 # medical / miracle diagnosis #16 Serial killers or psychopaths are already hot Oppas lol. #17 The Car splash shield scene/shielding the FL from incoming bike. 18 # kdrama Robot ( that always cute /hunk / delicious ) #18 ~ Warming your love when it's too cold outside #19 ~ Cherry Blossom walk/confession/date/kiss/break-up 20# copy/paste elevator incident #21 pushing someone (be it male or female) aggressively against the wall for a (surprising) kiss. #22 Following the Disney stories especially Cinderella. 23# little thing that is disgusting & supposed to be funny 24# oops moment #25 Oppa AHA Moment / lead in disguise 26# 18+ moment \ make out / drooling #27 Contract marriage/ Fake dating #28 digital romance #29 DNA test to check parentage (it must always be swapped ) #30 lost daughter/son #31 someone suffers from liver cirrhosis and needs donation #32 mothers tying a white band because of headache #33 cute child actors in dailies # 34 second lead who is cuter than the main lead, but the lady is either weak-sighted or has a bad taste in men #35 - Good girl gone bad #36 Noraebang ~ happy or sad, noraebang is the place to go. #37 Falling sick after getting drenched just once in rain!!!! #38 The mandatory porridge for the sick person. #39 The hangover soup/medicines #40 Jump to water you won't die #41 Body not found, don't conclude he / she die #42 Run away from prison, pretend faint or suicide #43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid. #44 Yellow Umbrella Prop #45 Hand Bleeding & Aid Kit Box #46 Mixed Identity 47# Non stop reminder of dazzling sun #48 Kids to Save #49 Inhumane Lead #50 giving tofu to someone released from prison #51 hire 20 men to fight one man , when you got gun that can do the job #52 The cell phone battery is always dead when you most need it @sushilicious ~ your #51 lead in disguise was same as #25. so removing from list. your oppa can't keep reappearing. tagging friends from other threads, come join us and have a laugh naming some of the tropes you like -- @Sejabin @cenching @rocat @Jafstar @ck1Oz @triplem @turtlegirl @sn2111a @blademan @grake @thistle @reign84 @Ayame @africandramalover @Auntie Mame @selen4ever @Forsythia @enigmatic_zephy @rolisrntex @msmy @dramaninja @joccu @seteney
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