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  2. So I finished watching the raw, and today's episode theme was to stop AR and NJ from their evil plans lol. Instead of Snow White, it was the police today who were useless. Esther is stuck being LSH spy all day in the house lol. LSH gave her some note to hand it over to the chairman and the note said something about VC being with LSH. Guess this stopped the chairman from thinking of signing that paper even though he got threatened with Granny's safety. Esther is trying to sweet talk the chairman about her current good deeds and that she is helping her Oppa LSH despite the risk. The chairman is thinking way too deep that he doesn't hear anything she said at all lol.
  3. I started the stream late and it's freezing on me, but I believe Sindy is the daughter of the annoying ex-director. Remember, she had a fan girl daughter? Haha. Not much else so far, I think the co-workers were reading online about the relationship. EG came to the gallery and bugged DM. Then Ryan came and asked to learn Judo. Now they're at EG's studio....
  4. An article about NEW ALBUM of KIM JAEJOONG : Kim Jae-joong drops a new album Apr 11,2019 이미지뷰 Kim Jae-joong, a member of boy band JYJ, released his first Japanese full-length album, “Flawless Love,” on Wednesday. Since his Japanese debut 14 years ago, Jae-joong has released a number of digital singles, but the release is his first full-length Japanese solo album in Japan. The album, with two CDs, carries a total of 15 tracks, including seven new songs and four of his previously released Japanese singles, as well as some of his old Korean songs that were newly recorded with lyrics in Japanese, according to his management agency, C-JeS Entertainment. The singer is set to launch a Japanese arena tour, starting in the city of Nagoya. Including Nagoya, he will hold 12 concerts in six cities, including the capital, in April and May. “The latest album and the live tour will help keep up Kim Jae-joong’s wild popularity [in Japan],” his agency said. Yonhap http://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?aid=3061696
  5. What a lucky fan, getting to meet her favorite Korean actor upclose.. featured in episode 6. YHJ really treat his fans so well.. so far (that's shown on the show), his fans had taken the time to travel just to see him. Published on April 19, 2019 by TVN A special fan-meeting So nice to meet YOO ~
  6. It's not so hard as it can seem, there are very many tutorials about this in net and with using some tips it's possible even for such a newbie as you. Main things for making any website are: - registering your domain name (if it's for your business it should reflect your products or services so that your customers can easily find your business through a search engine) - finding a web hosting company (it's a paid function) - actual building of your website (you can hire professional web developers for this or make it with your own hands with using such simple platforms as WordPress, there are also many web templates for simple making of the web design too) - preparing your content (that depends on your certaon goals for the website, think about all necessary information and prepare it for it, use also various photos, images, fonts etc. for making it more attractive for other users) Also keep in mind that for the business purposes it's important to make the responsive web design. Its main goal is having the one site but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes. In many cases it's necessary to make a special app for it, any good app company can be helpful for you with this. You can make a couple of other apps too which can be combined effectively with the website and can make it more profitable and popular in net.
  7. it's been a long time finally I'm back in soompi HEHEHE and 'her private life's drama drag me to watch drama on going again
  8. She sure is doing the right thing. She scolded him because he has called her Mi Poong but in the end told him to not call her "Manager" outside work, but "Sunbae". She ask for 5 minutes of his time to make clear their situation but she stayed for dinner. And for a Cherry blossom walk. I am sure she is presenting him to be just a co-worker but everybody will know that he is THAT man.
  9. Dear @triplem chingu! I still have 6 eps to complete but I can get an image of those eps with your post! Yes, it's too early for JG to become the good guy all of a sudden plus this is a 36 eps drama so let it be the way it is! And about the subway line, yp I also want JG to win the race! And I sense that he will make a nice difference at the end of the drama with honesty! And yeah, MY doesn't get it right that her husband is a con artist! Either she didn't hear HJ properly or she's just ignoring HJ's statement! And I dunno if her oppa called guy is good or bad but he seems a nice guy somehow! And what if he is teaming up with HJ to break JG & MY down..???! I am having a bad feeling about this! And the plot is definitely daebak! At 1st I was interested in this series because Daniel's cameo after 1yr of Jugglers but now I am so addicted to this series no matter what! It totally has all the guts to make you glued to the screen! YES!!!! I can't wait to see next eps, dear!! It's so nice that you guys recommended me this series!!! I am really enjoying the show!! And I am just stealing @Pyar chingu's post on Daniel's thread!! They are so lovely by all means! And I was drooling when they played Jugglers music on background! And now I need to watch eps 11-16 quickly!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM IN ACTION!!!! This is a DAEBAK drama!!! And I am kind of sad that this thread only has 8 pages so far!! More people should watch this series!!
  10. [HanCinema's News] Park Shin-hye Visits her Older Brother in England Back By William Schwartz on 2019/04/22 at 21:39 PST 2019/04/22 | 1077 views | On April 20th Park Shin-hye posted a photo on Instagram of herself at a pier with her brother. While Park Shin-hye herself is easily visible in the picture, her brother's back is facing the camera, most likely to protect his privacy as a non-celebrity. However, while Park Shin-won is not as famous as his sister, he has had a career in the Korean entertainment industry. He studied contemporary music at the Seoul Institute for the Arts and was at one point a member of the folk group Jatanpung. The Korean name of the group, 자전가타풍경, means "background of riding on a bicycle". He wrote the song 'Oh my God' for B1A4 and was an album producer for the indie band Star Cooking Berg. Park Shin-hye's brother currently lives in England. Park Shin-hye took the opportunity to visit him while she was also in the area for work-related reasons. Written by William Schwartz https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-park-shin-hye-visits-her-older-brother-in-england-128910.html …
  11. @lu09 & @newyee Love how they make new guy first on the line , poor guy all he asking himself why I am first , this isn’t my home
  12. Ahn Bo Hyun IG update and his BTS - such a sweet smile more - https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=19384150&memberNo=40711980 Sadly he cant make DM do this. I wonder after taking all those pics of Lion will DM look back on those photos and fangirl over him. Just like Thor cr. https://twitter.com/choutzuyu99 Love cinematic parallel too New Ost release tomo Ost 3 "Shining Star" by IN2IT the same kpop group whom SA is singing with in HPL
  13. SINGLES FEATURED Yoon Shi Yoon Expresses Excitement On New Drama “Nokdu Flower” By abbyinhallyuland | April 23, 2019 ACHIEVING AN IMPRESSIVE DRAMA STREAK, YOON SHI YOON MARKS HIS FIFTH DRAMA IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. Brilliantly portraying roles given to him thus far makes Yoon Shi Yoon one of the busiest Korean actors, an accomplishment that perfectly captures the celebration of his decade-long activity as an actor. Singles | May 2019 Gracing a pictorial interview with Singles magazine, Yoon shared stories about his new drama Nokdu Flower. His third period drama is slated for broadcast on April 26 via SBS. Confidently donning various clothing in the photo shoot, the actor attracts effortlessly with his gravitating gaze and manly charms. Celebrating his 10th anniversary, Yoon joins Jo Jung Suk and Han Ye Ri in the new SBS historical series. Playing the roles of brothers amidst the tumultuous 1894 Donghak Peasant Movement, the two actors are expected to draw excellent renditions for their characters. Singles | May 2019 Voicing out his thoughts on his new role, Yoon acknowledged how good acting yields beautiful scenes. Hence, he was challenged to convey the message of his character. In addition, the actor responded to his secret of continuously securing new projects. He said he wants to keep going with offers instead of resting for a long time. Aiming to meet the expectation of his ever-growing character is also his goal. The full interview with Yoon Shi Yoon will be available exclusively in the May issue of Singles magazine. https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/yoon-shi-yoon-excitement-nokdu-flower/ @Minoo Maani THANKS for the characters chart. Its GOOD that there is no love connection between YOON SHIYOON and YE RI in MBF. Really there is no LOVE CHEMISTRY between them but I like their FRIENDLY relationship.
  14. @ktcjdrama , @triplem , @Lawyerh , @Sejabin , @sushilicious yum yum -2
  15. Why they not share a lot information about this movie. This is a such a perfect time to up some news about the movie.
  16. This is where it gets funny lol. After they finished talking, the men in black started checking the rooms lol. Even living with the police is not helping this family at all
  17. @lu09 @Ameera Ali I haven't got a chance to watch today's episode but I can't stop laughing at how Snow White is gonna change name soon; & this caption: "Oops , the only way to survive , live with the police for ever"! But looking at this same clip...after the greenhorn policeman finished memorising his line, there seemed to be a Man in Black pulling hard at him. Can these cops really take on those MIBs?
  18. @Ameera Ali That look on her face . It's like Dori was told he can't eat his favorite cake minus the crying lol. But now we know where NJ got his rudeness from lol
  19. Aww! thanks for the welcome!!! I don’t have any cute pics/etc to post but it is Spring and that means new beginnings. So my contribution (ok two bits) is: 1) 1. Her exams finish soon (*fighting!!!*) 2. He is about to be discharged imminently (*silly dance*) Certainly, this means the perfect time for a dating marathon... * 2) I got my hair cut today and was thinking about her haircut. I've not been around this 'shippers' paradise' long enough to know if this got discussed, but 100% the Musical plot was hatched then, 15 Feb (the day after Valentine’s Day…). It is about a month in advance of 12 March (two days before White Day… ok that might be going too far), guaranteeing enough time to make sure the date was good for all parties—he definitely gave them tickets how embarrassing if he didn’t. I also believe the fact it happened was because of that stunning new haircut… Who wouldn’t want your special person to see your new do? He would need to see it… and she would want him to see it…** My other thought on the haircut is that they symbolise *new beginnings*. She is finishing up her penultimate year at university, has one year left, and so far no rumoured drama or project (though please, please, please let it be the “Please Melt Me”… for obvious reasons). No new beginnings there. So what is her new beginning??? Perhaps a certain someone??? Conclusion: There is more than enough evidence that they are in touch still. Therefore it is really tempting to come up with theories about their relationship. However, the facts are there: they are not just co-stars. They worry about each other and make time to see each other (because they miss each other). To pull out my favourite quote about liking someone: All of a sudden, I was curious. After I was curious, I became worried about her. While worrying about her, I began thinking about her. While thinking about her, I began missing her. (Flower Boy Next Door, Jin-Rak ep.8) *Ok, so I should note that I don't think they are dating *yet* because she lives at home with her parents, and I get the feeling that she is one dedicated, smart cookie(for wookie) with her head firmly screwed on. She'll finish her exams/degree, move out (she talked about this in an interview that I can't find right now), and then be ready for a serious relationship. More likely they are in a dedicated, committed courtship phase, which could include dates. So lots of good food being shared… maybe even doing the dishes together… **My guess is that the picture of them near the cast board came after the musical finished and the audience had left. This is pretty standard for friends and family going to a show. You wait around at the end until everyone else has left--it really doesn’t take long for them to get out of costume and come out to see their loved ones. This is why you often have fans waiting hours to see their fav leaving after a show. So I think that pretty much guarantees they had quality time after the show… sorry if this has all been discussed before.
  20. On April 24, Yoon Ji Oh left South Korea to return to Canada. Yoon Ji Oh is currently a witness in the late Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual assault case. Earlier this month, she announced plans to return to Canada in order to take care of her mother, who is battling breast cancer. On the date of her […] The post Yoon Ji Oh Returns To Canada As Planned + Responds to Question About Lawsuit appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. @gm4queen I have completed this week’s episodes - really good & so enjoyable. Yes the Brother went back on his word & changed his mind about his stand on the subway line . He realises that he wants to win this & his integrity ain’t going to bring in the votes . So much for doing things for the people eh ? I still don’t think he’s bad or anything like that but no one is really black & white in that sense . The greed/ desire to win can sometimes blind your judgement . The reality in politics is that you can’t win by idealism alone , at least not in many parts of Asia . The irony is Jung Gook , the con artist is turning out to be the most honest among them . For some reason , I want him to win this , lol! At the beginning of Monday’s episode, I thought that MY had discovered for sure that JG was a con . Instead she thought he borrowed money from Park Hoo Ja . The confrontation that ensued between the two women were hilarious ( and now all the more I’m hoping MY is sis number 3) and even though both were quite honest & upfront with each other , somehow MY still didn’t get that JG was a con. Phew! Don’t get me wrong , it’s not that I don’t want JG to come clean with her , but at this point of the drama I think it’s too early for that to take place . I do want to see how far JG can take his candidacy to. The reason is his journey in politics is a reflection of his marriage . Both started out on the wrong foot - both started on a a bed of lies so to speak . But as JG goes through this campaign, he’s learning a lot about life & real love . In his marriage, while I don’t doubt his love for MY, his constant need to hide his chosen vocation meant that he had a wall built around himself . His answers & responses to her were automated - it’s what she wants to hear but it’s not what he sincerely means or feels .That’s why she felt isolated . It was the same with the start of his campaign. The early voters poll was proof that telling people what they wanted to hear without truly believing in those words yourself , cannot win the people over .The voters don’t connect . And funnily, his Father , the con guru who taught JG all the tricks of the trade tells JG that you have to be honest when your life depends on it . The irony! That’s why this show is so brilliant. One of the highlights of Tuesday’s episode ( apart from the debate ) was Park Hoo Ja outplaying everyone. Just when MY thought that she had proof to catch Hoo Ja , it turns out that HJ had set the trap to make MY go in circles . It’s clear that HJ was the one who gave the false tip for the supposed murder. Hoo Ja is no comic or one dimensional villain ( making it so entertaining to watch ) . She saw the big picture & knew the only way to keep MY out of her hair & ruining her plans was to make the latter look incompetent & like a fool . MY is definitely going to be penalised for putting false charges on MY. Ahh I can’t wait for next week . JG all tied up & the only thing that can save him is a rise in numbers on those polls P/s : so thrilled to see Daniel Choi & Baek Jin Hee cameo as a couple . I squealed when they played the Jugglers bgm.
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