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  2. Our girl is sooooo smart ! I like all her interviews. Extremely clever woman! ELLE HONG KONG K-POP Park Shin Hye’s Top Priority Now – To Be Happy By Danica | July 26, 2017 FacebookTwitter WISHING FOR YOUR HAPPINESS, PARK SHIN HYE. South Korean actress Park Shin Hye lands on the cover of the Hong Kong edition of Elle Magazine and talks about her priorities and image. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) According to Park, she used to be cautious of her actions and worried about other people’s opinions of her because of her quiet-and-polite-girl image. “Now as I look back, it seems that I didn’t really need to be afraid of others and I can enjoy my life more freely. I also often think maybe I can be more of myself,” she said. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The 27-year-old actress has been in the limelight since 2003 when she starred as the younger version of Choi Ji Woo’s character in Stairway to Heaven. Since then, she acted without much break and took roles both in films and dramas. However, after 14 years in the industry, Park is setting her priorities right, putting her happiness first. She also aims to have a sense of achievement, which is not necessarily from work. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The actress recently wrapped up filming for her upcoming crime-thriller film with a tentative title of Silent Witness. Aside from her upcoming movie, Park is currently on her Asian fan meeting tour, with the proceeds to be donated to Korea Food for the Hungry International. lever
  3. Very articulately put, i just wanted to highlight the point above out of your insightful response. I feel the same way, and I would be hugely disappointed not to see Somin shining in varieties and in acting if she retires after getting married. It seems to me that she's living her best life at this stage, and her work is very much a big part of that. However, she's not getting any younger and has been talking about wanting to get married, so she may still need to take a break to start a family - but I do hope it won't be a permanent break! I do wonder how that would affect RM dynamics if they end up official, and getting married and starting a family - but I'm hopeful somehow or other things will work out for Somin and there will be opportunities in future. Her being part of the Yu line should help!
  4. http://i.imgur.com/a/jHYKVpg i don't know how to put images
  5. Yeah.... I still don`t get it. If he wants to be the woman behind Tae Joo it wouldn`t be more easier to accept the relationship, to keep close both Tae Joo and Mi Ri and not antagonised them? In Sook looks like a desperate woman. She wants Mi Ri out of the company(out of her life) at any cost. Chairman Han knows that she abandoned her daughter. Let say that he will find out that Mi Ri is her daughter. So what? I don`t get the logic. If she is afraid that Tae Joo will reject her if he knew that she abandoned Mi Ri.... it could be but still I don`t think he will do that. I still feel she makes it out of proportion.
  6. Sky Castle is getting gripping and gripping.... I have to recharge for tomorrow last 4 episodes....This is definitely one of the best K drama. One of the rare dramas that I watch without FF button. I put it up there with Money Flower. @staygold You should watch it... +2
  7. An edit from ep450 just for fun, and referencing/playing on Jongkook's "Ha....." teasing Somin on Instagram. The words above are my actual translation. He said "ah uri aga. Aga" which wasn't translated in full in the subs. Haha looking like a 3rd wheel hehe.
  8. It's going to be a big deal for TJ. She raised TJ, maybe because She wanted manipulate him in the future. She could be the true leader behind this guy. I think She is a selfish and ambitious woman.
  9. Agree with your hidden contents.. as long as they are happy.. and best if they are together... if it's to protect her cos of the past relationship.. it's fine as well.. we only want them to b happy..hengbok
  10. 190519 WINWIN Weibo Update “Guy in white T-Shirt” Translated by PeachyDelights - SM_NCT
  11. I always like chubby inna more.. This is when ear candy shooting right? She is so cute...
  12. Whoa u gals have hawk eyes! I watched this scene a million times and never noticed his chest was showing or that their bottom half was glued together. Btw, their shirts are so thin that they can feel the heat off of each other dont u think? PMY probably didnt notice her hand was wandering towards his bare chest! Aaah cant wait for the DVD bts. Ended up buying it even without eng subs.
  13. I agree with you , the male lead acting can't be felt at wall all the other actors are pretty good especially the female lead as for the novel, it's really more tragic than GBMP although it has somehow a happy ending but after all they will be going through,i don't really feel it I don't know if they gonna stick to the original story but I'm sure it gonna have a lot of angst & tragic moments well I'm more than ready for that
  14. hahahha... isn't he supposed to have face blindness? so why go through so much effort to change appearance. not like he can tell that this is a hot version of her. LOL..
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