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  2. I am watching for a few reasons: classical music, ballet, fantasy and comedy. The romance would be OK but it is not my main concern here. The actress is not the typical romantic dreamy girl, her face reflects agony. The actor seems funny and cheerful but it is not clear how they will fall in love.
  3. "During the Q&A segment, he was asked what his dreams are, he answered in Japanese "I want to release a song that I composed and wrote lyrics for. The other dream is big, I hope everyone can be happy" he said wishing for world peace." Trans by @autumnight Tweeted by @sword0616 Translator's Note:Just a note, there's no grammar difference for singular/plural in Japanese/ It's possible that he wants to release many songs that he composes himself
  4. so that where the point i most hated that psycho general like even if he wanna disgrace Wu you & even if he thought it was her sister, how on earth did he thought of such a shameful & disgusting idea like that?!!!! another thing that he said he loved but that wasn't enough to prevent him to use her life as a threat to get back at wu you
  5. Lolll our next holiday like in a few weeks time haha sweeeeee! 654
  6. 652 @triplem ill pick up secretary again too. Actually i quite like ep 1-2. Its just that quite similar with The Beauty Inside drama. I'll see how is it ... Actually im not good at recognize ppl face too lol. But total face blindness feel strange for me somehow. Abyss i also dont know why dont feel like continue yet too haha @ktcjdrama. @sushilicious yes this week feel faster. Holiday always help.. tell u. Lol.
  7. I thought about this before. That’s the first thing I compared ... Healer had such swoon worthy scenes. Such as the bed scene. I don’t know how their romance will progress from here on but I wish to see swoon worthy romance!! I can trust the PD/director ... but the writer? Hmmm.
  8. No wonder they always looks good together. And both stylists has very good fashion sense. They know their artist well.
  9. Yeap! Drought is really here for good! LOLOL. But lately i'm missing namji tog on screen more than ever prolly cos we keep on seeing Wookie on screen now. So far, he has been under control but i have an inkling that the questions during the iv are being screened. Lolol. That is one way for damage control too. Hahahah. LOLOL.
  10. not sure whether it's the lighting or mark of the lipstick, but Miso's chin looked red after that intense tender kiss
  11. 8 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You 1. He says he’s not ready to get married. 2. He uses his cousin’s death as a reason to postpone marriage. 3. He keeps gifts from an ex-lover. 4. He lets his ex-lover lay her head on his shoulder as they sleep in the same cave all night. 5. He’d rather spend time with other women (dinner scene). 6. He doesn’t care about your relationship with other men, even the slightest. 7. He’s always busy or he keeps you waiting. 8. He doesn’t include you when he’s with the guys. (I’m not good at finding pictures of the corresponding scenes but if someone could put pics in between each line that would be golden! )
  12. @ktcjdrama time is really going fast! It’s Wednesday which means...2 more days till Saturday! (Not counting today and Saturday ) just have to go through these few days! Me happy to see Kousuke! But not him being thrown of the cliff he will survive right? I mean, he is the lead...I’m honestly afraid that he will die at the end. Or get sent to psych ward or prison...he is a psychopath after all.. 650
  13. @newyee It is my first time watching JTH. But I was amazed by his acting. At the beginning, I didnt like NJ because I felt he was ambitious, and hiding something, his dealings with Esther too was fishy. But when he was emotional towards SH, I felt he is not the typical villain. He always loses his logical thinking when it comes to SH. Unlike Esther, who clearly didn't love SH or even DG. Also his mother's bad treatment made me sympathize with him. Later on I wasn't interested to watch because I hated Esther and Jo Aera, and I was provoked by PSH's amnesia, so I dropped the show. I came back again in episode 50, when Suho regained his memory. I hoped the pace would be faster. I wasn't interested in the love story because the actor/actress are over thirty ( I prefer younger couples with good chemistry) At that time my main focus was on NJ and Jo Aera love-hate relationship. The actor was so skillful in expressing his hatred and disappointment at the same time. When Jo Aera started showing some maternal feelings towards NJ, I got more interested and decided to continue watching. If NJ was the typical villain, I would have lost all interest to watch him, but he is just different. He is always motivated by extreme emotions, whether obssession, jealousy, revenge, etc. He loses all logical thinking when he is obssessed with something. I love watching villains and complex characters, especially when they display contradictory feelings. People like Anthony Hopkins, Al Paccino, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Christian Bale are the best.
  14. They will probably set it to 19+ at the last episode where stuff hits the fan? It’s like Guest which the last episode is the most juiciest one Actually same,I don’t mind looking at it. I am actually curious about the tattoo. I kinda feel as though, KW is hiding something regarding that tattoo. Getting a tattoo that talks about awaken is weird enough, but having the same as that wired San. That’s weird. Was he kidnapped and forced to do it or was it he/Kousuke is willing to do it? Am I sadistic to say that I really love Kousuke to send pain to those who hurt others? Wah I feel satisfied haha and I can’t wait for him to show his full potential hahaha Anyways on a side note, I feel that sometimes, Kousuke did come out even though they are not fighting. Just by his actions I think I know it’s Kousuke. one of them that I’ve spotted: Look closely, he is smiling in awe looking at those bright lights. Was thinking that Kousuke have been in the dark for years, so I wouldn’t be suprised if Kousuke finds these streets new and interesting haha. So now I guess Kousuke is awake and will take whatever chances to come out. Just a few more days! Another 2 episodes! Yayyyyyy!
  15. So i check on google translate, it was greek language, she said everybody warm (raw translation), but i dare not to click the link too. And i can see arthur's thread' follower have one more member becoming 9 members. So hopefully she is a fan of cfy, but cant speak english . I only can say, welcome and enjoy the forum! I believe he is gaining many new fans, and after my best summer, it will be more and more! HangZhou station really lucky, he played his guitar. I wonder if they get bored, doing the same activity everyday... Like singers when doing promotion for their song, they have to sing it everyday for maybe two weeks up to a month? Jia You!
  16. Could it have been done at the request of the mystery man who was crying over body? I've been wondering if it wasn't the Japanese policeman obsessed with arresting DKW. I think he, too, like KJ, asked KW if he knew Yukiko...
  17. I just watched 5 & 6. Let me write some questions/thoughts, then I will go back and read through the thread... - In the flashback HJ was having...I was very confused. Were there 3 kids or only 2? I couldn't tell if first we got a flash back of her and her brother watching their mom getting beat up (as little kids) and then it cut to HJ as a teenager getting beat up, or if the teenager was getting beat up in front of the little kids? If it's the latter, then was HJ the littlest girl or the teenager? And then who would be the 2nd girl? The sequence was hard for me to follow even the 2nd time around... - When did HJ learn that SY had been revived too? Clearly she told YC about it, but I don't even remember her learning about it in the first place ?? Did I completely miss it. Probably, this show is making me miss lots of stuff. - The different photos have me all kinds of confused - in the new photo we were shown, we were supposed to focus on the kid in the foreground or the one standing all aloof in the background? I need a screen shot of that photo... - Why didn't YC kill HJ when he found her again? He clearly wants her dead. Did they make a new deal? I don't trust HJ at all, although I do understand if her motive is fear of YC. - Is HJ's mother still alive? Did YC send a pic of her to HJ? That part went quickly... - Ummm why was the landlady revived into a man? When I saw the face when she fainted I thought dang she looks rough. Then it was revealed she was now a man? Eh? - Who was the other girl YC killed in the bathtub? Any significance or just another one of his unlucky victims? - Shady Seo....definitely working with YC now we know also his son...it also *appears* he was the 2nd person present at SY's murder (and I feel like the one who actually did the killing but we'll see)...I don't get his motives for helping YC, though, it seems YC trained him to be a fighter from a young age. From what we know, he hasn't been present at any of the other murders besides SY (if indeed it was him there), so it's not like he's just pure evil like dear old dad. Hmmmm. - Lastly I'll just say I did laugh real hard when CM woke up and thought he had become a woman. I also loved SY's little gazes at him when he was speaking the foreign languages. She was thinking the same thing I was, dang he's pretty sexy being all boss man like that (same with in the LAN meeting, we like a guy who can take charge). - And also lastly I feel so sad for SY and the scene with her parents and afterwards when CM was like it's different for you than it was for me...they might not accept you as being their daughter *cries* - But why oh why did SY want to move back into the apartment where she was killed?? Anyways I can't believe we still have 10 episodes to go! I have no idea what's gonna happen except probably some more people getting killed and more people getting revived lol, that's as far as my guessing goes with this show!
  18. @nohamahamoud2002 TBH, it's very difficult for me to study & admire the acting skill of an actor when I hate the character that he/she is portraying unless I've watched and liked him/her in the previous dramas. But I rarely watch k-drama and aren't familiar with most actors. In fact I find Kim Jin Woo (PSH) acting skill to be good if we are comparing apple with apple. Moreover, I feel that his role doesn't allow him to fully showcase his potential as compared to JTH's. Nevertheless, may your good wishes for JTH come true!
  19. BLACKPINK's appearance on Stage K The episode will be aired on June 2nd at 9 pm KST.
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