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  2. This is finally confirmed! I am so excited about it!! I hope we have a date real soon!!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea
  3. My hope 80 percent just romance scene with Ryan and Deokmi 10 percent Ryan with others 5 percentt Ohers scene 3 percent commercial product scene 2 percent conflict... Ops
  4. Great news about the drama...Although not unexpected! I am a believer too. Their interactions during the promotion of their movie, the comments from their movie director, the IG pictures (how could no nonsense shy HB agree to have these cheesy animated selfies been published if he is not smitten by her? ), their vacation in US, SYJ total silence the last months (last picture on IG from Feb.26th) and now a project together (which allows them to be legitimally and publicly together). Looking forward to this drama. HB as a serious officer and SYJ as a goofy heiress?
  5. HJ uploaded a preview clip for his upcoming YT video on HJ Channel on 24May (Friday) - 절대 미각 (supposed to be super tasty ramen version)! (Don’t forget to check out the preview clip & full version on YT this Friday) https://www.instagram.com/ by Mich Lui
  6. Black pizza? With charcoal in it? I didn't particularly like the bun, it had a gritty taste. I think it was bamboo charcoal. Maybe black pizza is the in thing in Korea? The owner of ox bone soup eaterie ate Italian food, I think that was supposed to sound stylish, commensurating with SJ's suit and made-up face. I felt sad for SJ, the manipulative witch IS made her feel as if she was keeping MR down. The clothes and the place IS met her were all worked out to put her down. Good thing MR blew her off. I hope she made good her threat to expose IS' big secret.
  7. From the preview, why will the family be surprised if NJ calls SH? I agree perhaps he has partial amnesia and calls her Gemma
  8. I've finally finished episode 14 and I am up to date now! Cried tears of joy and not complaining at all! JS's dad is just beyond redemption. Hopefully JS and Dahee will tell the truth in next episode!
  9. 'Park Shin Hye ... 'phone call to LG, it started.... ‘저 박신혜인데요…’ LG에 걸려온 전화 1통, 그게 시작이었다 | 1boon https://1boon.daum.net/jobsN/5ce351576a8e5100013c8c8a …
  10. Watch: The Cast Of Upcoming JTBC Political Drama Announces Their Arrival In Intense Teaser by S. Nam Upcoming JTBC drama “Advisor” (tentative title) starring Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min Ah, and more have released a new teaser video! The drama is about the high-stakes maneuverings that go on behind the scenes by the real players in politics as well as the survival of the talented advisor Jang Tae Joon (played by Lee Jung Jae), who is on his way to holding a lot of power in his hands. The short teaser flashes alternating shots of the main characters as well as bolded words that come together to write the phrase, “The people who move the world are coming.” The video begins with a blurred figure walking down a hallway followed with individual shots. In between the bolded words are shots of Shin Min Ah, followed by Lee Elijah, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Jin Young, Kim Kap Soo, and Jung Woong In. Finally the blurred figure comes into focus, revealing Lee Jung Jae. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326417wpp/watch-the-cast-of-upcoming-jtbc-political-drama-announce-their-arrival-in-intense-teaser
  11. I also don`t think it will be a time jump. If there is one, it could be just for a month or two. I would have prefered if they will go on a trip together but Tae Joo wears a suit so it is not the case. Sun Ja is not happy to see her go in US and Mi Ri knows that her mother told her she could go after talking with In Sook. Let see the Chairman`s offer (Wang Wei `s offer). So much pressure for Mi Ri to leave the company! I am more happy to see these shooting scene pictures Mi i and Tae Joo are walking hand in hand. YAY.
  12. While we wait, some fun text post memes by driffcompatible on Tumblr: See the whole post here: https://driffcompatible.tumblr.com/post/185044172111/her-private-life-text-posts
  13. Can anyone help me in finding in the instrumental track playing for first 15 secs of the following the video. The OSTs are so beautiful but this one playing in background stands out for me
  14. Is Vlive on now? Love the new teaser. I will try to watch live but not sure if the link will work lol. Can't wait. One spring night at 9pm KST tonight
  15. Wow our Lion looks hella fine in that suit He knows what we want and he delivers!! Seriously the new stills are already heart-fluttering enough, he even dares to post a pic on his insta with that pose, my poor heart can't handle this... And Kim Jaewook has been posting pic on Instagram with "Lion" captions Almost every post since the drama started he includes the word "saja" in the caption, even it's a pic of his pet. I think it's super cute! Suit saja is the best saja so far!! Looking forward to swooning scenes in new episode tonight
  16. Soop BTS staff is a girl! Ahhhh I want to replace her... LMAO when she said "Please say something" and my baby Jaeuck just waving his hand. Ahhhhhh this man! I can not....
  17. Just a thought! Since we are about to be introduce to Jiwon’s new character Moon Cha Young. From all HJW’s character role who is your least favorite if any I am still thinking which one is my least fave though It is quite hard huh. Hahahaha
  18. I have a thought that DM soon will call Ryan with his childhood name, maybe. Soon as she knows RG's korean name, she called Yoon Jae-ah on chat. Ryan Gold is a sexy name, but Yoon Jae isn't bad. Yeah, she should try calling him by his name instead of "Gwangjanim" when they are alone.
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