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  2. @Sejabin on no.3 & no 4 her outfit all quite nice i think. Lol actually her outfit is ok for her. If for our normal daily life a bit not make sense tho. Yah normal lead cool, jerk guy but tsundere. Quite cliche. But never bored me, when done properly. And yes saeguk fusion with future, still in June. 550.
  3. oh my time slip drama...interesting. Maybe i will watch your oppa drama with you when the time comes...I have seen many of the female lead's dramas.. @Dhakra's bias ahahaah...he was hilarious. I love it when he was jealous. He's in talk for a new drama soon...but I think he will be second lead to Kang Ha Neul. I am not too happy bout that. This weekend he got fan meeting. Me & the other girls on his thread are excited Congratulations to Mrs Hwang @Ameera Ali you can put your user name to - Ameera Ali Hwang or on your fan level - Mrs Hwang 550
  4. We are finally getting development about Father Lee's death. Thank goodness. And technically he is no longer a priest.
  5. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292585449103764
  6. 548 @Lawyerh what title is that? Is that sageuk? Btw I watch that girl 2 times and she is ok wkwkkwk.. I mean her acting is normal. 70 but my problem is with the oppa. I need pretty face WKWKWKWKWKKWWKKWKWKWKWKWWKWKKWKW I am sorry guys I am still at ep 2 of HPL and that guy is already a jerk hahahaha.. btw why min young always wear clothes that isn’t suits her? I need her to consult with Jessica Jung seriously she needs help. @Ameera Ali I will watch your crush tomorrow after viu get complete sub ^_* love you saranghae ich liebe dich je’t aime wo ai ni uhibebuka etc can someone teach me I love you in tagalog? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA cenching where are you? Miss you
  7. @Lawyerh @Sejabin my crush wearing a black hoodie tonight ... sharing my excitement thread all crying there -2
  8. Bobby is arrested. Hae Il is accessing CCTV through NIS. Wow.. so he is going to take Scarface and gang down. And he found one.... EDIT: Bobby being interrogated and claims he can't remember. Even when the video was played in front of him.
  9. Why there're so many things to post, I'm getting tired now. KBS released introduction of this drama in the form of 'Last report of angle Dan'. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/angel/pc/?smenu=c8e571 I really want to know what it said, but reading from google translation is so incomprehensible in some sentences. So I tried my best to translate with my poor knowledge and the dictionary I have , so please forgive me if my translation is not correct. Human is so funny/interesting. They are person that can rescue others by throwing oneself into a fire, while then can also commit indiscriminate assault to any passerby who seems to laugh at them. Because of love, they can take away (another) life. Because of love, they can devote their own life. In our drama, the angel , who is the perfect being, wants to go through the process to become an imperfect human being. He wants to look back (reminisce) the angel, who is the perfect being, wants to be an imperfect human being and wants to reconsider what humanity is as a human being. It's love. I would like to tell you that a cold minded woman and an immature and angelic angel meet and are a noble choice to put everything in front of an unexpected tragedy and harsh fray. Whatever it may be, the beloved will dream of being able to be angels to one another. Here, in a cold, harsh reality, there is only one miracle to touch the hearts of those who dream of fantasy love .
  10. Yes he gained weight about 9 kg for this drama to fit into his role as a former judo athlete whom lack of exercise after retired for almost 10 years.
  11. Park in her office, updating some stuff with her staff. I think it's about investigation on Kang. Scar Face and guys trying to get ways to get out of the country. They're threatening the person to make it shorter, 3 days. Kim suddenly showed up at some guy's place. He gave a piece of paper to him and asked him to do something. Gu and Seo at Park's office. They showed her the recording they watched. It showed Bobby, and another person (Hwang?) struggling to carry a body. Bobby rather complaining though. Sis Kim and another Sister came back to church to find some police officers waiting outside. Bobby drinking alone in front of YH's mart. SS drove by, and invited him to eat. YH is working at that restaurant. So the three of them sat down and ate together. Okay, the food they're having looks good! Me want!... They left the restaurant. SS said bye chingu. Bobby said who is your chingu? Then police came to arrest him. He turned to ask SS to help him.
  12. Oh, you've watched that heart-breaking kissing scene at Mother Shaman's house then. But then, I laughed so hard during the soccer competition! The comedy was unexpectedly hilarious! Gosh, this drama is playing push and pull with us, and I surrendered myself. Hahahahahaha!
  13. Kim walked away from the scene looking blank. Everyone looked at him with concern. Cut to Kim praying in church, as in preview. He is crying and praying. The church door opened. It's Park. She looked sadly at Kim who was kneeling right in front of the altar. Park started crying too. Sis Kim is being helped by Seo and orphanage Sister to sit down at the dining table. Seo and Gu left. Kim in his dark room, on the phone with Scar Face, who is still talking to Kim in a mocking tone. Then Kim said as in preview, that he canceled the one week deadline. Scar Face hang up and sighed that it seemed that he died. His guys asked him, so how then? what about the money. Hwang in a black hoodie, giving instruction to Seok and Bobby. I think he is asking them to be careful because after him, they'll be chased after too. Hwang is set to go on an investigation of his own. Park in her dark apartment, praying with Father Lee's picture in front of her. Kim standing in the middle of the church in front of altar. He thought about each of the friends he made. Voice over of him saying that he needs to leave to protect everyone. Cut to him handing a letter to the Catholic Head, I think it's a resignation letter? The person shocked. Kim said it doesn't matter to him. He left with a dark determined expression. Cut to his priestly robe folded up nicely on his bed.
  14. He's going to leave the church. And shades of Won Bin as the Man from Nowhere... I don't think we will see him laughing anytime soon.
  15. It also seems to veer away from romance (and therefore kissing scenes) + seems to be a mostly-male cast so this must have been approved by YIN. (Okay this will kill the joke but I need to spell this out in case a one-sided fan gets offended again. The statement above is a joke, guys. )
  16. Detective Goo on the other hand is experiencing similar ordeal . Hang in there ! Also , the NIS already "ordered" Haeil to catch Agent Lee. It is just a conflict right now because technically, Haeil is still a priest.
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