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  2. I just finished epi. 4 of "different dreams". The sceneries in the Manchurian desert is beautiful. The train scene was intense. I know from history that Japan occupied a part of China but not entire China. So what happened was back then is all countries against Japan like Korean resistance all sought refuge and support from China. Some love stories such as this one could have happened as history was unravelling. When Japan was defeated in WWII. Jeoson ceased to exist. The Jeoson King became an ordinary Japanese citizen and the last Jeoson princess was committed to a mental asylum in Japan because she resisted assimilation. I got that from another Korean movie. I became a historian by combining all the movies together.
  3. The contents are somewhat repeated from his earlier interviews. Just few of the new things that was never mentioned before : 1. When his costars showed up on screen they all dissed him like he is still a kid who has not grown up. Apparently, his facial hair grows very fast and that he had to shave his facial hair every 2 - 3 hours since it grows so fast. 2. Then he talked about his 2 cats "Da Hei" (black cat) and "Bao Xiao Jian" (The other white and brown cat, the name means little cunning). His black cat would always wait for him at the door whenever he comes home while "little cunning" always just runs away hiding in a corner and never gives much attention to him. So apparently, one night he woke and heard the sound of a man breathing and then saw a bundle of black white white eyes, he got scared and just threw poor blackie out. Awww! 3. Then he shared about how he lost weight. It took him 2 months to lose 10kgs. First month he ate normally but went to the gym every day, starting out with 30 minute warm ups, then weights and cardio. The second month he started cutting down on food, morning was just milk and apple, lunch some protein (chicken or beef) then dinner just vegetables without any dressing. Im amazed by his willpower. I've been on a diet forever but never seem to lose any weight, sighhh... 4. He was also asked to share what he thinks about growing up with so many stars since he started filming as a kid, he just mentioned that he likes going on set to act. The rest are pretty much repeated where he talked about his mum and acting
  4. Yes he was the one who had a crush on SHK. He was clueless SSC were dating now, many at the other ship are angry at PMY why always a pic with him and not with their oppa.
  5. IKR, also the one with the little kid, the negligence of his parents treating like he doesn't exist and yet claiming how they know what's best for him. This kiddo tho, a very good little actor, he made me cry . I feel like this drama is showing the psychological impact of how parents can cause to their child with the way they were being raised and then the child become resentful of their parents and yet having to treat them with respect at the same time..there's been like 2-3 cases in the 12 epis shown so far. IMO, this has been a pretty interesting watch ATM and the acting by everyone, yes, including AB is also passable. I can't believe the Douban's rating to this is so low.
  6. I was laughing when he was like why don't we get TJ and MR married to IS lol?. It's like he went nuts lol. @ck1Oz I understood the Korean parts but not the Chinese part. She said the important thing that changed the chairman's thinking in Chinese lol. Guess we have to wait the subs for it. Now IS is probably regretting not telling the chairman the truth about MR being her daughter lol. She never thought he would change his mind.
  7. actually thought this actress was the one playing gal hee's younger sister but it turns out that she is one of the secretary. she is the uncle's secretary who is trying to spy on gal hee and has some link to the driver... finally caught up on this week's episodes.. am really enjoying veronica park. she is so flighty and shrewd at the same time. and she is hilarious in the way she chases dae joo. he rejects her dinner invitation and calls himself jerk and she says "attractive!" hahahahha.... so was anyone else confused by the last two episodes? so both veronica park and dae joo notice that min ik and gal hee have a very affectionate vibe and immediately call them on it. now here's my confusion -- it is not like min ik and gal hee are actually acting any different from before. even earlier, they were both a bit too chummy for secretary and boss. who gives a coat to man like that when you are not related? they were very friendly and it would have been easy for someone to say "oooh, is something going on?".. what is the change that folks would say "ooh, what's cooking?" they still care about each other. the skinship existed earlier too in some sense. min ik was very comfortable giving her a hug and it wasn't awkward for him. it was in some sense an extension of their relationship. so what has changed? is it because gal hee saw him as a man when she was veronica park? is it because there is an emotional change -- because of his illness, he is open about how he feels with her? chingus, what do you think? what is different from before -- why didn't folks earlier think their relationship was quite close?
  8. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    Haha Ri On and Yo Na should win best couple...
  9. Unfortunately, they decided to give each other some space. So technically, they didn't break up completely. But yeah, that scene, I was laughing lol. You cracked me up with your making shopping list.
  10. I was also trying to rewatch EOG but it still breaks my heart while watching it. I can try to understand her cousin and step mom. But her older brother and sister is just too much. I’m getting upset just thinking about them.. lol
  11. The name of the art piece is Ryan Gold (Heo Yoon Jae) x Sung Deok Mi. Made in 2019. Do you want it? #fanart What better way to express a fan's love for an OTP who are from the art industry!
  12. @Lawyerh kill me heal me I’m was so into it that I even purchased their director’s cut
  13. The breakup scene was weird. I think they would both be more interested if they were making a shopping list. Maybe JI should have been a bit more clearer.
  14. Slighty better ? Subbed Video of Tencent Vision Conference Free promotion for Pillow book LOL. Feng jiu is so cute, how could Dong hua resist her https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4375927183797930
  15. @cheerkoo sis ... Is there english version?! @mhaychoi sis.... Cheerkoo sis posted the link to buy novel.
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