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  2. Lots of PPL in this drama but they incorporated it well in the story. Yeah...She was so young there. She was 20. Young-Mi is still today a very good villainess. Made an impact on people. I read a few years ago when some people confessed that they could not watch her in another role because they still hated her for that role. But she gained fans too. I am familiar with all the actors except for a few (the uncle, Mi Hye, Jin Soo). I did not watched Ki Tae Young in a drama but I knew who he is from the variety show. Speaking of the angst. It will be so hard for our hearts. There was a scene in the last episode who made me think about the future angst scenes. My heart hurt a little. Mi Ri was coming from the meeting with Mi sun when she had that emotional outburst. Tae Joo has just spoke on the phone with In sook. They met at the entrance to the building. They looked at each other without saying anything, when Tae Joo was about to make a move towards her, Mi Ri left quickly, avoiding the moment. I like their scenes too. Woo Jin`s dad seamed to be a good man. I am sorry that he died. Through Mi Hye`s book, he told his son to listen to his heart more.
  3. REVEAL! NCT's wardrobe (Johnny's Fashion Evaluation) | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.9
  4. I just noticed that his pajamas match the bedding. It makes it looks like she's completely surrounded and wrapped protectively by him. Clever story-telling through imagery What drama is OMV? Oh, wait! Never mind! Lol.
  5. Kang Ki Young shared the story behind the beginning of his relationship with his now fiancée on MBC’s “Radio Star.” On the April 24 broadcast, the actor appeared as a guest on the variety show and talked about his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend. “I gave an interview after the end of ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary […] The post Kang Ki Young Reveals How He Met His Fiancée appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. I think for sure they cut maybe like 4/5 episodes. But 20 episodes is crazy. I've never heard of that in drama filming history lol.
  7. I totally agree with you, I can't even describe how perfect that scene was... Anyway I'm a fan of kdrama romantic scenes until I watched WWWSK, now I'm not a fan of romantic scenes anymore, I feel like ppc romantic scenes is unbeatable and it makes me uninterested to watch romantic drama. I think I'm not gonna get bored to watch wwwsk even 100x
  8. It seems like they kinda confirm it via their reply in weibo to a question pose by the fan
  9. Did the team actually confirm it or is it just speculation? 20 episodes worth of cut scenes sound crazy and unrealistic.
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  11. OK SJ is going for the treatment very good. This also gives hope for others with the same illness
  12. @kur4p1k4 https://m.weibo.cn/2673422545/4364733928820914 This is for you. The forest part with funny captions on top is out. I think it mean, instead of epi 23, min min will be out in 19. So it means some scenes in the episodes before minmin appearance will somehow be cut to allow her to appear earlier, which mean there is slight chance that we might get to see the cut scenes at second half of the show
  13. I'm not sure what they mean to let MinMin appear early. Is that mean there scene before she met WJ that got cut.
  14. In the preview DM seems to be peeping into Ryan's private back room where his paintings are and can't help but enter. Ryan drags her out and that's when he asks "You’re not thinking that we’re really dating, are you?" I think. Then maybe, feeling conflicted, he runs after her like a madmen, and cue a rooftop kiss. Just maybe.
  15. I believe they cut to let minmin appear earlier. Because tvb is very into ZM. They know their audience I just read that the team confirm that there were initially about 70 episodes but cut to 50. They are still not sure if they will release the cut scenes https://m.weibo.cn/1807125770/4364683949292545
  16. Here is a snippet posted by the MMA I'm headed to Goyang! Hope he stops for a bit as he exits the base.
  17. seriously their bed scene was probably the best intimate and passionate scene I have ever watched in the Kdrama world! im not usually a fan of kdrma love scenes or kissing scenes because most of the time the girl looks uncomfortable doing it. But PMY was just.. ohmygod-very much into that scene with PSJ! and I saw her previous kissing scenes in other dramas. its just very natural! and even though PSJ is known for his kissing scenes.. in WWWSk he was obviously more passionate and the way he kissed PMY was way..wayyy deeper than any one else.
  18. i don't mind they cut any other scene, but please do not cut any of WJ-MinMin scene.



    .. watch me :joy:

  20. Cfans said that today tvb, Zhang cuishan died. They seem to cut away the poems part as well as to hasten the speed of their death I think you touch on the video long enough, some message will appear to ask you to save
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