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  2. Did you know Aladdin story is set in Western China? It is only after Disney decided to move it to more East that it became what we are being served now. I checked out 2 eps of Angel's last mission and an episode of Absolute BF. Too early to say if I will drop or continue either of them. +2
  3. Park Min-young's comfort level with Kim Jae-wook is unbelievable. They are not afraid to get touchy feely with each other because there is so much implicit trust between them. Also pretty sure she knows Kim Jae-wook won't take advantage because he's a gentleman like that, so she feels safe with him - there is nothing like finding a co-star with whom you are so in sync that everything you do just feels natural and comfortable. The BTS was lovely to watch - how they discuss and rehearse their scenes, how they help each other out, right down to the little things like wiping off lipstick or tears. So happy to see that there is so much joy and laughter on the set.
  4. it’s okay they cut it.. coz we know at home, they alwys watch tv in this position muahahahahaha **awkward perv laugh** joke joke
  5. I heard that her manager rarely goes with her these days due to her weak health. I don't know it is true or not.
  6. I'm probably a minority here, but I am okay with the explanation of how Lee Seol lost Yeon Jae. Today it is unthinkable how a parent could leave his/her child unattended like that, but 26 years I think it was probably not that big of a deal. Anywhere in the world I'm sure you agree that what was safe in the past is unsafe today, even considered as child endangerment these days. Yes the car accident trope is overused, but in my opinion this explanation is better to mend Ryan's trauma because for sure he knows he wasn't abandoned. If Lee Seol was forced by her family to leave her child for adoption because of the single mother stigma, or in order to marry again - it is a more hurtful explanation for Ryan to accept, because that means her mother did choose to abandon him. That means she did chose to have a new family rather to continue being his mom. Anyways I'm glad this issue is sorted out quickly. Now with only 2 more episodes left, I hope we get to see more of our OTP moments.
  7. An episode on Busted 3 where KJW plays a villain, while Detective PMY acts all googly-eyed over the handsome villain, inadvertently and unintentionally praising his schemes, would be comedy gold, I'd think.
  8. @cherrinekim..thanks loads for sharing! Have always wondered about this..saw snippets here and there of this show. She is at her chubbier self here and always found her cute for this period..now i want to find this show and watch Agree that her Sunny role was her major turning point. Really a role to remember. And the YIN now..looks just simply amazing
  9. Please cupid-nim... Give inna d real cupid arrow just to hit our oppa ldw's heart.. uwuu... Eventho i didnt know exactly what they talking about but i think yin asked d cupid to give her a chance but everytime she choose one arrow, cupid didnt approved it bcoz she isnt good/pretty enough etc (in drama) to have a handsome man.. lols.. then after choose many but getting rejected, she blow up mad to d cupid.. LOL. Its really funny scene of her.. plus when d fat cupid cant fly after yin yelled at him..lolol
  10. ikr? i wonder the same thing myself.. in my imagination, PMY leaned on PSJ’s shoulder and played with his fingers while they were watching the scene.. that’s y namoo/awesome asked for that part to be removed from dvd muahahahahahaha. i know it’s not gonna happen in milion years (esp bcoz they were watching it with pd and the crews too) but man being delusional is fun fun fun.. and free too..
  11. I like to think KJW would enjoy being a guest on Busted. It's like live role-playing improv, quite different from most of the productions on TV. (I know I would love to be a player/detective on it!) Come to think of it, he and PMY seem to do a lot of role-playing improv on HPL.
  12. Thanks everyone for sharing the BTS! It was so adorable, Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young kept laughing and laughing. I love how they discuss and rehearse their scenes and come up with lots of ideas, and still have so much fun doing it. Also, how cute are they, playing stacking hands? I hope there is a continuation of the kiss scene at the start of ep 15, because in the BTS she cradled his head at one point, but that was not in the drama.
  13. The kiss at the last Ep 14 is hotter at BTS. Maybe we will enjoy that full kiss or "something" at the next week like the kiss at ep 9 & 10. I saw a long kiss at BTS, so we just hope. hahaha. They alway care each other after filming scenses even kiss scenses. So sweet!
  14. The Boyz has released a special music video for “Butterfly”! “Butterfly” is a track from The Boyz’s second single “Bloom Bloom” and is an R&B song that utilizes warm-sounding instruments and lyrics that describe the emotions of two people feeling like they’ve become a pair of butterflies and sharing a dream-like happiness together. The enveloping lyrics match […] The post Watch: The Boyz Releases Simple But Entrancing MV For “Butterfly” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Sorry to upload this (just accidentally watch this on youtube).. but this drama was 3 years ago.. even b4 goblin.. she is superrr cute here.. many comments said that she is so good in this drama but i havent watch it.. looks interesting she prooved that she is still good being couple with younger men.. and i'm sure she has many many younger fanboys.. Its funny to read comments like she is one of vampire actrees bcoz her face was never changed while she is getting older.. lols.. I hope she will get many different roles as she said she wants to improved het acting skill.. but hey girl, ur acting is already superb for me.. I think d turning point for her was sunny role in goblin.. she was acknowledge by kim eun sook, one of d famous writer in kdramaland.. what to say else.. yin is indeed d best choice..
  16. wow she's so cool after kissing I remembered once where PSJ wiped GoAra's lips after kiss in hwarang, what to say usually guys who wipe it or make sure no awkwardness but she did it first LOL she surely lead the drama. What caught my eyes was the script. Gosh you guys can see how rush they are that they couldn't compile it one book. It is sometimes hard to memorise last minute and the last scenes on those episode, the dialogues are pretty much simple and short.
  17. I don't think Sindy knew. She only knew that the impression that she gave to Deok Mi wasn't a good one. The part when Sindy trying to talk to Sin-Nal-Gil was only trying to find out more from her but not knowing it's Deok Mi.
  18. Just look at how The Lion worked his magic hands.... +2
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