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  2. Agreed , agreed , agreed . Congrats on immortality! Hmmm that thread . Nightmare ! Keep posting here , we help you reach 2000! @Lawyerh ahh it was extended ! No wonder . But I will finish it . By the way I saw his first stills / BTS for his new drama in August . +2
  3. lets hope Wang Wei brings MR over to her co.. which should be a good progress to MR’s career prospect than stuck in Hansung Apparel where IS is plotting to send her to US and Chairman Han who cannot accept her dating with TJ.. the scene with MR at the airport with her luggage, maybe she is off for a site inspection trip with Wang Wei? and, that Jung Soo Yi has yet to reappear in the story plot since the event.. i hope she comes out soon, at least we can guess what is going to happen next then being left in suspense. IS is drinking whiskey in every epi.. soon one of our chingus’ wish is going to come true.. her liver might collapse before her.. btw, Yoo Sun (MS) has a movie.. which she is advertising a lot on her IG
  4. that’s a first haha.  LOL... it was... saw the stills before I saw the episode as am behind...and assumed that it was accidental. like she trips and falls on him and ends up on this awkward position where her hands are under his arm pits. but no, he places it there! LOL... and it is even not hypothermia/frost bite cold. and her heart is going dugun dugun. if it was some of us like me and @triplem (excluding @thistle here LOL) , this would be our faces.
  5. 'Beautiful World' foreshadowed the last truth and last chance. Especially at the end of the video, Park Soo-ho (Kim Hwan-hee) said to his favorite ", "Oh Jun-suk is deliberately pushing you?", And Ji-seok came to the police department saying, "I have something to say." In anticipation of the remaining two unpredictable developments, the production team said, "There is still a shocking truth to be revealed at the 15th and 16th episodes. There is a final chance to confess the truth to the perpetrators involved in the accident of preference and return to their place. I want them to see what kind of road they will be going through. " https://www.mk.co.kr/star/hot-issues/view/2019/05/347113/ **** Beautiful world 'Kim Hwanhee, the last script
  6. Looks like starting from tonight’s episode, it's going to be real good. YJ going in full mode in her espionage journey and everyone else getting connected to the story.
  7. I'm the type who always try to put everything in peace... Just give me time to forgive and forget, then all is good. But not with EOG, I guess, haha. Still from DD FB In historic-vibe scene like this, their outfit is indeed too modern.
  8. Good News! HIStory 3: Trapped has been liscensed by Viki! So we should have subs in multiple languages eventually. It looks like the drama will start on Viki around June 10, 2019. https://www.viki.com/tv/36410c-history-3-trapped
  9. Hai... hope all are doing well anyone knows information about KOO's new novel?! What about the sales?! Is there KOO's fan signing event like she did for her Tango and Peach tree novel?! It would be good if any blogger post his/her reviews on KOO's novel. As i know, sales of new novel have already started (24th May) in Korea. I think, Unfortunately, there is no news about novel in DC KOO gallery, if not Cheerkoo sis will definitely share with us. I hope DC KOO gallery will post news about KOO's new novel, and how to purchase through online and about english version too.
  10. tvN’s upcoming drama “Arthdal Chronicles” has unveiled striking new character posters of its four leads! “Arthdal Chronicles” is a new fantasy drama set in the mythical and ancient land of Arth, where legends will be written by heroes brought together by fate. On May 25, the highly-anticipated drama introduced its four main characters through a […] The post Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, And More Reveal Their Innermost Desires In “Arthdal Chronicles” Character Posters appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Yes. KW knows that KJ have the hearing powers. KW? No. He is just a bit twisted on his head, 840
  12. Yeah I dont blame XF at all. I honestly love his character so much and the development hes gone through. I feel so bad for him, because when he wakes up his parents are gone, his brothers a traitor, and like you said the person he trusted most betrayed him. After being reborn he is being thrown back into everything and hes still trying to come to terms with his feelings. I feel more of an understanding about the part specifically with the feather. I really enjoyed those episodes with XF in the demon realm!
  13. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    kekeke... no we are not naming second leads. just different tropes that we see in dramaland that we find hilarious. here's last year event which just made us laugh. here's the first 10 we named: #1 - rescued from truck of doom #2 - The childhood friends turn into lovers #3 Cliche pull and push realtionship #4 Noble idiocy separation #5 Rich boy poor girl #6 Angry Encounters #7 The shopping/makeover scene #8 the rooftop room #9 Piggyback ride #10 Half-way through the drama amnesia trope to see more,
  14. Its pretty cool to see both Japanese & Korean police together. And i like the traditional ryokan setting too. I have low expectation, so this kind of surprised me in a good way. Lol the Kousuke seems in pretty bad mood when they found him... 838
  15. i mean why? He is multitalented, handsome, nice, honest , considerate,funny , and sexy too , even his armpit is attractive to me.. so what makes them don’t like him?
  16. There are so many of them!! So if I post another lazy second lead, does the number become #1a? Or a new number 2? New number is for new trope?
  17. Kim So Yeon and Ju Hyun Mi will appear in a scene of Mother of Mine drama again. Kang Mi Ri (Kim So yeon) will reunite with the great representative of the main customer,Wang Wei (Ju Hyun Mi ). In the first episode, Kang Miri (Kim So-yeon) had met with Wang Wei (Zhu Hyunmi) in order to fix a mistakes. Wang Wei, who has noticed Kang Miri's ability to cope with the crisis quickly and his outstanding job ability, showed his favorable attitude by saying, "Young women are very busy." In the meantime, Wang Wei, who came back to Hansung Apparel, and Kang Mi-ri, who welcomes with a bright smile, catches her eyes. The elegant and imposing appearance of Kang Mi-ri, who is in charge of many of the executives, shows her faculty and confidence. In addition, the cheerful appearance makes the two people feel a much thicker bond than ever before. The appearance of Wang Wei is a new turning point for Kang Mi-ri's career. http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20190525/95692748/2
  18. Not sure what cf is ji min preparing... her best friend and her are so casual! credit all the above to author
  19. @Lawyerh @Sejabin Btw, I saw 2 of you were talking about Wallace Huo. His drama Love Me If You Dare is the one marked my comeback to dramaland after years of hiatus.... He was super hot as Prof. Bo....I watched almost all of his drama available for public....I passed his RuYi since I don't like harem drama but I will watch his drama with YM after it done airing.... +2
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