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  2. Baek Jin Hee And Choi Daniel To Make Special Appearance In “My Fellow Citizens” Apr 22, 2019 by D. S.kim On April 22, “My Fellow Citizens” released special stills of Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel from the upcoming episode. The two actors willingly agreed to make a special appearance in the drama for their friendship with producing director (PD) Kim Jung Hyun, with whom they worked together on the 2017 drama “Jugglers.” In the stills, Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel are standing with dumbfounded looks on their faces. They will appear as newlyweds who come to sign a contract for their apartment, but they end up facing con artists Yang Jung Guk (Choi Siwon) and Yang Si Cheol (Woo Hyun). The production team said, “We express our gratitude to Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel who readily accepted the offers to make a special appearance [in ‘My Fellow Citizens’] for their loyalty to PD Kim Jung Hyun. To those who enjoyed ‘Jugglers,’ the appearances of the two will seem delightful and natural as if it were a sequel to the story of Jwa Yoon Yi and Nam Chi Yoon (the names of Baek Jin Hee’s and Choi Daniel’s characters in ‘Jugglers’).” https://www.soompi.com/article/1319313wpp/baek-jin-hee-and-choi-daniel-to-make-special-appearance-in-my-fellow-citizens
  3. Yes, I saw that BTS it was pretty cute, hahaha, but I don't think it was a cut scene it's just the actors goofing around, I hope I feel like if it's a true cut scene of WJ kissing ZZR's cheek there's going to be a riot hahaha
  4. He he..... It is only a cameo appearance but I am so happy, dear!! I finally get to see him after 6 months I think!! Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by, dear!!
  5. I also love that scene when he fight with ZZR to protect MinMin. Sorry ZZR I have to protect my princess. He actually tried to protect MinMin on ZZR 1st attempt to hurt MinMin. But she hit him so that why FY tried to help MinMin also.
  6. Finally, we get to see SH turning to the dark side. He is trapped under his mom's evil shadow claws. However, part of him is still searching for the truth. Waiting for the day that SH must confront his mom for a final showdown! Haha, I love seeing Ms. Hong's face (as if she has seen a ghost!) when the unknown/mystery caller (SH's biological dad) rang her up. She just got a wake-up call! Things should get more interesting from this point onwards.
  7. That was in Episode 50 at 13:08 when they met with ZM's father and brother. How many times did WJ barge into her room? I recall there's the time when he brought dinner to her room and just entered without waiting, and also after the lantern boat. Any other times?
  8. That scene happened before RYW got killed by ZYZ scheme. Remember WJ requested the meeting with MM's father in the tents and they were toasting wine. I loves WJ in that scene, he was such a gentleman, offering his hand to help her up and sat her down. You have to re-watch that scene.
  9. Another day, another chance to vote!! Posting the link here! Spreading the word the best I can. And voted too! Song Hye Kyo is nominated for Most Favorite Actress in the Baeksang Awards. PLEASE VOTE! Lurkers and Members. Please show your support! You can vote using fb, twitter, weibo etc etc you can use all if you have accounts to every one of these sns. Vote once per day! Have you voted for song hye kyo and park bo gum yet? Theyre nominated for most favorite actor and actress! For Kyo: https://m.vlive.tv/vote/129 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thats more like it ! I so love her recent pictures! i wonder who did the make up and styling, this time Hope she keeps em for the Sulwhasoo event this 27
  10. Started watching it yesterday. Henceforth i was talking about the. SBS 2010 Drama Trope. Jumping out of the airplane lol. It's so cringe to start that way lolll 880
  11. WJ looks the most handsome for me when he protect ZM: 1. When he stopped ZR from attacking ZM at the botched wedding. He looks so decisive when he push ZR away. 2. When he stopped his uncle from wanting to kill her Also when he closed his eyes before he pushed the latern boat for his Minmin and when he barge into the room to confront her why she didn't acknowledge him or something like that. Don't forget when he was most angry with his members for going behind his back and plotted the underhand method to bring down RYW. (I saw some posts here (i think?) that with ZM, WJ seems to be more easily lapsed on the proper decorum between man and woman hahaha. I mean, he really should knock whenever he wanted to enter her room Similarly, for ZM, she is the prettiest and most beautiful when she wore the plain clothes as they went to save XX after she save WJ from his unwanted almost wedding. She glows there as she helped with tossing the grains, and when she gave him her cooking, or when she recounted the dreamy future she wished both of them can have on the cart. She's also the prettiest when she asked him to call her "hao jie jie" (where he actually did call her that) on the forest the night before they went to the Snake Island. Edited to add: I don't think the part where he pretended to want to kiss ZR is part of the script, I am inclined to think that it's just some joking and goofing around on Joseph's part.
  12. makes sense -- if all she has is her job and nothing else in life, then she would cling on to it more to make sure she was secure? and if she thinks the system can't be fixed, then why bother right? wait, which book is this you are referring to? EDIT: googled poirot finale and was shocked. waaaaah. you are right, thats a bad ending. have no idea why but I won't be surprised if moon ends up being a spy! hahahaha.. maybe it is because we don't see why he is motivated to help the audit team when there is so much of risk involved. with secretary jang, she expresses real anger when she talks about all the wrong. bo geol can be a goofball but he is earnest and actually cares. also, he has the fallback of his mother's restaurant if he loses his job. but moon is so quiet that there is no sense of righteous anger or sadness. he doesn't really express how he feels. so little hard to tell if it is just idealism that motivates him to work in the audit office when there is so much risk.....
  13. I only hope that no matter what just don't let me see the cut scene that WJ tried to kiss ZZR face. I refused to see it, because it going to shatter the WJ's image in my heart. I find Joseph acting as WJ is very very handsome in the whole drama. To me he's the best looking and age appropriate WJ.
  14. Omg...thanks for pointing out the meaning of the green hat! I wouldn't have known the reason for Fu Pei wearing the green fruit basket on his head if you all didn't mention it. He was such a dramatic little baby there. I'm glad MoMo fired back and questioned him what is their relationship. Ummm...yeah buddy.
  15. didn't have the patience for bad guy or shark and so dropped both. but queen seon deok is actually a really cool sageuk if you have the time and patience to get through it. found it such a hoot because it is a drama where the vilains are super dynamic and are all sorts of grey. in fact, the drama is known for two characters -- mishil and bidam (played by kim nam gil) and neither are the heroes. but their tactics and choices are fascinating to watch. bidam was his break out role for good reason. 878
  16. ya i was so looking forward to the Crown prince But none at all. if DVD include all cut scenes, i don't mind buying But if not, then ....... forget it
  17. Anyone have any advise to get rid of or minimise the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes? Home remedies or shop bought. Thanks.
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