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  2. Link: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=001&oid=469&aid=0000381194
  3. The court questioning for the legal conflict between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment (hereafter LM) took place on April 24 at the Seoul Central District Court. The conflict began when Kang Daniel filed a request for an injunction against the agency and a suspension of his exclusive contract on March 21. Kang Daniel’s side states […] The post Kang Daniel’s And LM’s Legal Reps Present Their Arguments At Court Questioning For Contract Dispute appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  4. 190423 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221521428973
  5. I want this high feeling to stay in a way that I don't feel upset over the thought of not being able to see this couple anymore. So I need healing :p
  6. Fun Brentwood CF.. And Latest IG post captioned "Lets Fly" I'm like.."Fly fly but why are you so close to the edge!"
  7. I find it funny that some of you want to heal from the high of this amazing drama. I personally don't want to This kind of feeling is rare, where you feel unsatisfied, wanting to have more material, analysing, making or finding fanfic/mv/gifs/stills, that's awesome, especially for a classic wuxia novel like HSDS. You should cherish it because one day it will be gone. I want to ride it all until I come down from this dopamine whenever it is. But while I'm still enjoying, I want to enjoy with other people that love it as much as I do and forcing my friends and family to watch it. Cheers!
  8. On April 24, various stars walked the red carpet ahead of The Fact Music Awards at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. Check out their red carpet looks below! MCs Jun Hyun Moo and Seohyun, Super Junior D&E (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids iKON Chungha, The Boyz, MOMOLAND TWICE Red Velvet GFRIEND, MAMAMOO MONSTA X, NU’EST BTS Top photo […] The post Watch: Stars Pose On The Red Carpet At The Fact Music Awards appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Yes, I already watched eps 9-10 & now I only have 6 eps to catch up with the latest! Yang Jung Gook is a con artist but he is so cunning at the same time. He is using Park Hoo Ja as a bait or something but I don't think that she would fall for his plans! She is pure evil & serious! Yang Jung Gook really seems to have a sense of humor! But how can he shed his con artist image with Mi Young not knowing it..??! And Hoo Ja mentioned something about a con artist to Mi Young but she seems unaware of it! And I am not so sure about this other guy! He is also on Hoo Ja's side! Is it possible for him to switch sides..??! His anger is something though... Hah haaa..... This is the most perfect married couple I've ever seen in a K-drama! The husband is naive & the wife is tough! How come..??! And dear @triplem chingu! I am not too sure about next weeks eps preview, but Mi Young's oppa-called guy is pretending that he doesn't know anything about what Jung Gook says at the assembly, I think! Then Oh God, is he also a bad jerk..??! He always lectured Jung Gook with books & all that & then he sounds quite! Things don't sound good in ep 17-18! Tagging @stroppyse & @ktcjdrama chingus as well!!
  10. Based on Soompi Context @Lawyerh Trainee (Don’t worry...will grow one lol) @sushilicious....Hm....Er.....Legend? Lyra would be Immortal....Immortal until cannot go beyond Immortal @triplem maybe superstar? Because you not really a big big fan? 570
  11. Put it under spoiler so it won't be too long. Unless it's not allowed by mod, to put fanfic translation here, I wouldn't mind reading it since I don't have weibo acct to search for it. Cheers
  12. You made my day!!!! I'm happy to read all your postings. Please continue if you find some time to do the translation. I really really appreciate all your efforts.
  13. Hmm im still Novice rank. Addict level is for Miss @sushilicious . Edit >> see above her post as proof lol. Yes i converted to mustache lover club. Still love him, just with lesser degree . I really cant undone that bb cream from my memories lol. And yeah third charm is such a mess. Can't take it. 570
  14. Yoon Young will die in the end, as she never wanted to be protected by Dal Mon. So next week, we will witness Mil Pong's final fall.
  15. There are currently 8 parts of this weibo fan fic. For Grassland Réunion aftermath. I just completed translation part 1 & 2. Please let me know if you guys want to Continue reading. Because I am afraid that I became a nuisance with all the long long posts. Hahaha
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