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  2. @Sejabin I am that one person who would say it’s up to you lol. Because it depends on the importancy. If you find that you need to watch it. Go for it lol. Personally I am the same with @Lawyerh not a fan of avengers lol. 542
  3. @annisyadwir- ya agree with u. Even the villains and supporting cast have more screentime. Hopefully they will develop his relationship with wife and kid so we can see more sy. After awhile will get bored if MR Jo is always fighting the bad guys sy appears on magazine allure- she looks fabulous and chic
  4. @Ameera Ali agree with sushi...I like the second one...you can include the hand actions..so cute 540 If you like Avengers @Sejabin, just go. But if you're not a big fan ..better you watch a k drama .
  5. Ohh.. So she already left jyp? Thanks for that info @booha I hope she will have more career growth in her new agency.. I'm also missing her and want to see her next project.. Hello chinggu @xpiyox thanks for that video, I'm so jealous of people with artistic talents.. I want to learn how to sketch and draw too.. Haha at @booha's response about us lingering here to see dating news of our beloved OTP.. Yes, I say never give up on this 'shipping' business as long as they're both still unattached.
  6. 538 I think it is more like a trauma. Like we are not dare to go to some place because we experienced a tragedy there. If the earthquakes, the experts said that the mall building is strong since that building experienced 2 disasters, tsunami and earthquakes but the mall is the only bulding at the beach that still stands until today. Oh and Swiss Bell hotel building too. Other buildings are destroyed. Thanks for reminding me that our lives is in God’s hand.. if remember again that day. Yes I believe it. I was there in mall until 3 PM between 2 beforeshocks. And the main earthquake happened at 6 PM and followed by tsunami 10 mins later. If think again, yeah.. I am lucky my friends are excited to go perhaps because they are young (I am sounds old HAHAHAHAHA) or like lawyerh said, we must to stay safe but sometimes my thought will talk to me “a big cinema in Indonesia like XXI cinema dare to re opening again their business there, they must be already reconsidered many things..” hmmmhhjh
  7. [Instagram] 2019.04.19 Jung Hae In's IG Updates [Drama] 2019.04.17 Spring Night's BTS Making & Interview
  8. @sushilicious sorry I thought I tagged you I didn’t think like that ,it’s a good point -2
  9. As much as I love PMY but when I watched HPL, I saw that while there is chemistry, I do not like the comedy style. This kind of comedy style wins Razzie Awards in Hollywood films and Rotten Ratings in Rotten Tomatoes if you get what I mean. And no, my opinion is not because I am jealous of PMY and KJW. My sister watched HPL with me and she does not like it too. Sorry PMY I love you but you downgraded from WWWSK to HPL. I hope next time you go back to melodrama like Remember. It was a very good drama and it had high ratings.
  10. @Ameera Ali you should ask this picky DP picker. Me. The second one. Because think about it the circle. The first one you will not be able to see him clearly lol The circle will probably cut off Hwang in half lol 536 DP lesson 101 Make sure the subject of your dp is in the middle. Make sure you imagine the circle.
  11. @Lawyerh , @Sejabin , @triplem @ktcjdrama , It’s death & live decision which one I choose for my DP ... this more I am your only crush ... this more call me baby -2
  12. @triplem I’m not a big fan of GHJ either but I think most of her dramas have been big hits right? It would be sad if Oppa is the second lead again after being the first lead in TSYB. He has the looks, and the acting chops, so he definitely deserves a male lead role! Looking forward to Sunday. I hope we get some live updates about the fan meeting.
  13. @Sejabin so did yo go already to the cinema? If it's just tsunami that you're afraid of, since you're on 4th floor, should be ok. But what I'm worried about more is the earthquake... But then again, our lives are in God's hand. Whether we're at the cinema or wherever, we can trust that God will protect us. 536
  14. Link:https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292576351746483
  15. Look at him with a hair clip lolll. He is signing for the staff. Luckyyyyy. But anyways, i don't mind a season 2 lol. But it won't come anytime soon for sure. But i will be excited when it comes lol.
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