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  2. OMG! I hope there will be more updates of him during that time! Can't wait for his news!! I think we all miss him a lot! And his vlive Radio Apart was so soothing! Loved it so much!! All his songs recommendations were on point too!
  3. this is a lot more believable fanfics lol that would be the wedding of the year! not only be cover in Korea but could be global news . haha
  4. Films of Jang Keun Suk are shown at Seoul yesterday. The view so nice with "Switch", too.
  5. Hehe..no dear..you are not delusional..I saw that too and I totally agree with you..and I was all giddy whenever the couple laugh and teased each other on the set..hehehe..part of me was jealous too...hahaha..I wish I have someone that I can be comfortable and carefree like that, even in the public... The only thing is that, I still need to see more to really accept that there is something more between these 2 leads....hence, for the very first time of my years of following kdrama, I participated in the pre-order dvd of this drama and am willing to pay any price for it, to get hold all the director's cut and unreleased images and BTS, even without subtitle! hahahaha...that is how desperate I am to see more of those natural and genuine interactions of this couple which we have not seen before...and how desperate I need to be convinced that these two are a special kind of couple (on and off screen)...hehehehe..chinnnca....
  6. Well, I never know that I'll read a short research journal about type of kisses here— which is my favorite subject. If only I can give you 2 reactions ; LOL and Insightful. I wonder if I should spread this knowledge on my IG post or not? *Deep_thinking
  7. holy moly 63 bilion dollars wedding?? how grand of a wedding is that lol? are they gonna do it in Narnia and serve unicorn tears in diamond studded bowl to their guest? coz 63 billion is really a lot of moneyy!!! haha how on earth ppl came out with these things lol..
  8. Yea indeed @Lawyerh a overstuff rice sushi is me. With that little filling on top as a hat it's cutttteeeee Thannnkkk youuu 982
  9. LOL! I think they are just exaggerating details of their soon-to-be-maybe-wishing lavish wedding. Because PMY came from a wealthy family right? and they are both top Korean stars now...
  10. Anyway What I believe rn is PSJ n PMY just starting their relationship for just few months now, and taking it slowly .. And In the meantime while observing one another,they are saving money for the 63 billions dollar wedding.... 63 billions dollar wedding, and she is going to wear a 2.3 billion dollar gown which is take 700 hours to make it. that’s what i read on Twitter
  11. @gm4queen loved your answer , and everyone , for me I loved 2 scenes, they different in so many ways , every scenes have its own journey that make it meaningful & special in a way the other isn’t but if I have to choose, I will choose bed scene because : 1 - I don’t find bed scene disgusting or lust , I see it as next step of love story or journey of two couple that I watch growing on each other want to see where things may lead - but sadly in denial case he nearly was dipping in to a pool of happiness when everything was cut short with knocking on the door , the person who knocked on door should be in most wanted list 2 - maybe it’s only me but I find bed scene say more in romance department , it’s way more intimate between two lead , I love that the actors have nowhere to hide but to show the chemistry between them , I believe they have from the start I wouldn’t want to make myself long and bored you girls so the bed scene of me , it’s the pleasures & joys of being young and in love always so let’s hope to see him in more bed scene in future Waves to sweet , @nohamahamoud2002 thanks for tagging me if I come cross weird with my post , I also like unspoken attraction, specially staring at each other from 2 mile away , like my lovely @Lawyerh
  12. yep @rulebox3000.. i think you might have read a fanfic.. or maybe someone gave you a wrong info. So lets not carelessly state something here and claim its the truth especially if theres no reference for it.. since you are new here and didnt know this forum exists.. we suggest you read from page 1.. its a lot i know.. but trust me, you will know the REAL FACTS... and you'll learn that most of the things youve read, like what you just posted are fiction.
  13. gurl pdnim is never gonna make PSJ kiss her belly in the drama.. that’s too raunchy for tv.. i would love to see it but still it’s gonna too much for those poor innocent non perv people i guess..
  14. No babe. With yang mi lol... I watched a lot of his drama actually. I was crazy about him before... haha... Dolphin Bay / Chinese Paladin 3 / Detective Tanglang are some of my favourite. 980.
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