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  2. Ok...will wait for your search...I'm so curious who is the male lead! Whether hottie or not just don't give us an ahjussi! Even if this is a woman centric drama or a bit heavy, I'm still hoping that the writer would add in some romance scene to spice up the atmosphere. I hope the overall storyline will not disappoint us! Supper Gal99, I think you have many fans!! Ha..ha…! (fans of fan)
  3. Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran are considering co-starring in the upcoming tvN drama “Black Dog” (working title). On April 18, Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP stated, “tvN’s new drama ‘Black Dog’ offered Seo Hyun Jin a role and she is currently considering it.” Ra Mi Ran’s agency C-JeS Entertainment shared, “After receiving […] The post Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran In Talks For Upcoming tvN Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  4. Interview where LDW explained where the Pichi/Peach couple name came from... he also mention Sunny many times
  5. I haven't watched ASC yet. I know it's one of the best dramas of LYW. Once I'm done rewatching F70's and SBDH, ASC is next on my list. I know ASC will make me laugh too.
  6. By the way, a little off topic, any one here who reads fanfiction? Are there any websites that feature Goblin (Grim Reaper/Sunny and WangYeo/KimSun only ) and Touch Your Heart fanfics? I find the ones at archiveofourown much too few. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated (And will most likely see me through until such time that we hear news about our pichi couple)
  7. she was saying that when PPC dating rumors came out. it was also rumored that PSJ treats PMY like a princess, that some acquaintainces got envy...
  8. I agree KIW needs help asap. Who wants to help him is the 64 million dollar question. Other than that I cant see anything but tragedy for him.
  9. Link: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292938631152174
  10. Goodluck to them! Who is in charge of making that video? Maybe we should counted LSK lucky to get that few seconds of back shot, when they didn't even show Kim Seo Hyung (Sky Castle)
  11. Episode 4: Detective Kang... So rash. So so rash! Back to watching it and praying hard that I won't scream.
  12. @Neil3214 Do you have soompi forums, LINE group, & Instagram like us ? I don't think so. Pitty you & your shippers The 1 & only you & your shippers doing : spread "love" speech to another shippers I'm so laugh when read your post Wrong post because in this thread doesn't & never ever works. Thank you for ur attention to make this account just for writing "love" speech like this LOL
  13. KJW and PMY have a good chemistry but sorry PPC chemistry is so strong, I can't feel the lovey dovey vibe like PPC did
  14. If you search with keywords "min young seo joon" in twitter, why their 3 years dating rumour is up again?? Allkpop article is up again even their article is in July 2018
  15. Hah haaaaa chingu!!! We all know that he is yours! He he he.... Just joking here!!!! By the way, I think you changed your pro pic at least thrice today!! You are seriously done!!!! And we two are all the same, darling!!!
  16. 190418 Good Morning America Twitter Update with NCT 127
  17. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only create an account to comment, but to also encourage all of us to give up on the SA ship. Because you say so, we MUST absolutely do that. After all, the evidence you laid out is indeed very compelling. Based on your astute observation, it is very clear that SJH has moved on from the RM family. She’s no longer LKS’s precious Noona, JSJ’s on-screen daughter, YJS’s Ms. Mong and Candy Alliance partner, or HH’s Mapo-gu sister. YSC is fairly new but we must have been wrong to note that he’s gotten close to SJH. Same with JSM. Our bad for misreading SJH’s support for the two new members and their appreciation of her good heart. But, the most important and IMO heartbreaking part is that SJH is no longer close with KJK. That, I agree, is the kill-shot for our ship. Again, thank you so very much for pointing that out to us. We’ve been so lost in our delusions that it took a generous person like you to set us straight. Almost a decade of the members working together and forming relationships has ended with your words of wisdom. Personally, I’m now free to go on with my own life. It’s time to celebrate. Have a wonderful day. Byeee.
  18. More later when subs come out, but CSH holds it together to address the board after NJ's coaching, and by the end of her presentation has the board members nodding in agreement. The big Italian merger is on the line, so it would be foolish to change leadership and risk the cancellation of that contract. Not sure if it's lawyer Heo who hands in a resignation, but I doubt he will be leaving. Looks like NJ is going off to fight for his woman, so he's not giving up. Not sure how the last 6 episodes will be filled, but there are 2 weddings and babies to be born.
  19. Wait till the boy sees his new grandma yelling at blind grandpa for the tiniest thing and beating up his aunt for filming herself eating pizza which is also his favourite video. Then he'll gladly stay with great-grandparents in 5min and again shocked by great-grandpa ya-ya-ya and whacking his stick and throwing tissue boxes around. Maybe he'll say "just ship me to US!" And yes! That Oh family house belongs to NJ. Writer has forgotten about it& so have I.
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