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  2. Ya for sure. kocowa the subber is a joint venture company btwn the 3 big networks ( sbs, kbs, MBC) that provides subs for the North American market . They are well aware of the popularity of k dramas in general , I think they can tell . The one subber that surprisingly didn’t pick this up was Viu Malaysia but it is available on Viu Indonesia 664
  3. Quite true. Example : Voice, Neighbour Lawyer Mr. Jo, Mrs Cop. But im still expecting Secret Forest @triplem 666
  4. Broken, broken, gather here! The breakup sentence. How many times do you miss it? It still hurts? #Oh #hug Take a shock to play like this. Wolf is so cruel!! Is it really fun to play with love like this? #End #Hurt #Cork Short words, but cuddle seconds of stock. #End all emotions.
  5. 664 Second seasons are never as good as first seasons. #TrueStory The hype and expectations are just way too high.
  6. The cast seems to have a blast shooting. And they do seem to bond well. I'm all for happy cast and crew both in front and behind the cameras. Pretty sure everyone is in if they are offered to join FP 2.0. Heh I was late joining the fun. @ktcjdrama invited me earlier but I was reeling over TLE and got myself tangled in a Shin Sung Rok spider web. I binged his old dramas and ran out of stock lol. So I decided to watch FP, and the decision was also supported by FP's high ratings. And it was a hoot! It made me laugh a lot. Except ep 37-38. Those eps were so dark. Thank you everyone! It has been so much fun posting here. I miss live recapping, so I invited myself to live recap the final ep haha. Thank you for making FP watching experience more fun. I'll linger in the thread. I usually do.
  7. You know that hoodie men at the hospital, when I first watched it, I already felt that the police wasn't even hit properly and they went down on the ground. I had wanted to comment on it because I thought it was just bad acting, bad directing... Turned out that it was indeed purely an act.... LOL..... You're most welcome chingu I enjoy watching dramas with you. Pray that my vocabs can keep improving so that the recaps can be more accurate!
  8. @triplem @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali Lolll I think that they know that international fans are watching. So they written the English words at the end. I’m kinda surprised tbh. Yayyy to Season 2! Hopefully casts are the same lol! 662
  9. New preview for happy camp. Omg!!! He is so strong but looks so thin to lift PXR so casually. Cr: as tagged. @Erafera1, he is looking so yum, sweet, handsome, charismatic and sexy in all those new photo shoots. He is looking better handsome day by day.
  10. Gal , you have a bright future in film making . You need to make more of this . @Ameera AliThis scene was daebak . Haha can’t believe they faked the congressman’s death , smart move . Even the nurse was in cahoots with them . Lol!
  11. I am going to miss Prosecutor Park and her 'Stress' and 'Fresh air' comments...
  12. The Pope scene, they played the Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission theme song Then later the song was sung with lyrics known as Nella Fantasia by Sarah Brightman & the song was popular in Korea, those who can remember the the variety show - Qualification of Men
  13. She sucks and I am feeling sad for working professional actors that have to have with lemons for actors. Who auditioned this bad actor? I am finding myself skipping her parts...fast-forward key can't be fast enough. Aigoo. Why would they inflict this on us with such a fine group of actors? Someone needs to mentor her.
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