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  3. SYJ's agency just posted a statement on its web site. It states: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are confident that they will appear in Park Ji-eun's new work, 'Love's crash (gaese)'. Park Ji-eun, who wrote the drama "You from the Stars" and "The Legend of the Blue Sea," enthused the long-awaited drama fans, and added news of TVN, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's appearances in the second half of this year. There is interest. The headline and link references a Naver TV article which is sourced from another media web page which used the word "confirmed." It is odd that the agency is saying the actors are "confident" that they will appear in this drama, but the agency does not say they are committed to or will star in the series, since on the same day when the agency confirmed that Lee Min Jung would star in a new MBC drama. My educated guess is that HB and SYJ verbally said they would do the drama, but the contract details and schedules have not been finalized.
  4. The Vagabond main cast posting pictures with heartwarming captions give me warm fuzzy feels. I'm a goner for off screen camaraderie. And the Vagabond team seems to enjoy each others company a lot. I wish all the best for the post production team. Creds to osen. I have yet to see a HD Seunggi pic.
  5. Haha. I still look at this as a Noona, thinking “awww you looks so handsome but I still can’t you seriously. I know you aren’t suave in real life, give up and smile like a loon little bro” (“Noona! I need to look cool, *boyfriend material*. I can’t be sexy or boyishly charming—that isn’t who I am now. I believe in ROMANCE... I’m in character... it is all about the *psychology*! The viewer needs to believe that it looks real—I said this before in front of EVERYONE! I’m more mature now. I don’t make off the cuff remarks anymore!” ”Sure kid. I believe, even if no one else will”)
  6. @Sejabin lovely , I hope you enjoy it , I was planning to watch it too , to see WS look like this is funny I was also planning to watch lion king also -2
  7. I have a different, possibly less popular opinion on the childhood friend trope in this drama. I don't think it's useless or unnecessary. Throughout the entire drama, we've seen Ryan and DM meet several times. Once at the Chinese auction, again at the airport when DM was in fangirl mode, and finally as director and curator at Cheum. They are fated to be together, which was exactly what Ryan was thinking when Sian was talking about how he and Ryan were fated to meet. The childhood friends trope just adds to that. In WWWSK the childhood friend trope added a layer to the plot, but was otherwise useless in terms of the couple's relationship. They weren't necessarily fated; it seemed more like a coincidence that Miso began to work at Younjoon's company. With Ryan and DM, they've met so many times as different people (kids/when Ryan was Yoonjae, as strangers at the auction, when DM was SiNaGil, and as colleagues), that it's hard to ignore their connection. It's really beautiful if you think about it. Ryan met DM when his mom lost him, and now again when he's found his mom. Both times, I'm assuming that DM (and her family) have been a safe haven for him (from the picture DM's mom had it seemed that they spent some time together after they first met before Ryan was abandoned), except this time, he won't be abandoned.
  8. he is so kind. I like him very much. He is a genuinely kind person like Sanha, such people make the world a place worth living in
  9. 778 why there is no girl/woman pict on your dp?
  10. Off topic..i've read article that ldw treat produce 101 member with PIZZA !! I guess he really loves PI-zza and CHI-ken.. pichi everywhere.. love love love..
  11. Chairman Oh wants AR's Aura shares as repayment for the $50mil debt she owed so that he can be the biggest shareholder. But AR would rather borrow the money from chairman Park and uses Aura gallery as collateral to repay her debt to Oh. Oh is notorious for breaking up a conglomerate and sells in parts to different buyers. Both Park & AR don't wish that to happen to Aura hence Park is helping AR. (It seems like Oh is trying to kill AR & marrying HY off to NJ to eventually get AR shares from NJ?). While I understand why PSH needs to help AR, it's puzzling to see him using his blazers to keep her warm.
  12. 774 @Ameera Ali haishh I can not watch any kdrama now. I want to buy internet quota online but president instructed to down all servers in Indonesia except youtube and google how to spend weekend now. I can not open messenger, fb, and IG. Ohhhhh so bored. Perhaps I can open viu but I need to buy internet quota first. Ohhhh so dilemma. Perhaps this is the sign that I must to wash some laundry tomorrow and weeping? the floor. @Ameera Ali yes actually still busy. Wkkwkwkw. But I left my desk at noon and went to the mall and bought some new clothes to refresh my brain and soul aishhhh.. I don’t care. I will continue work on monday. Btw if you were here I will take you to watch Aladdin I will go to watch it tomorrow xixixixi
  13. Mnet’s “Produce X 101” keeps up the excitement as it shows part two of the trainees’ first group mission! In the May 24 episode of the show, the contestants will continue to face off with covers of songs by popular boy groups. The group battle mission began last week when teams performed songs by EXO and BTS. […] The post Watch Live: “Produce X 101” Continues Intense Group Performance Battle In Episode 4 appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Well, this is the series i wait (for two reasons), primo because after LBC ending, other series didn't offer same quality level. Secondo, my other favorit couples have a lead role, including a love affair. This trailer (thanks a lot to LS for subbing) opened my appetite, so thanks to mellialuna for post it! Don't you think it is necessary Off must be "stretched", if we compare his size with Gun's one?!!! Maybe Gun will have to wear platform boots or use a ladder for kiss his (futur) lover!
  15. Welcome back , @mouse007 , glad you enjoyed your vacation @Sejabin how the work , still busy -2
  16. Oh yes ! you might be right about the broken glass, someone may did that intentionally. Oh..wow, it's the best news. Thank you so much for your info. After watching Eng sub, I have some theories
  17. Those who are hoping our cast will appear in happy together. I think we can look forward to it. One of the MC (Jo Yoon Hee) is Lee dong gun's wife. She promoted this drama in yesterday's episode and mentioning that she asked them to appear in Happy together. I hope we will not wait for long for it to happen. Would love to see our main 4 cast in happy together!
  18. No just you, each time there is a look from the monk to Met! Maybe (surely, for me) it is an error from actor playing monk that forgot to not watch/have a look on "ghost"!!!
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