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  3. Heads up! A long, crazy a$$ post below. You’ve been warned. Here’s my take on how Hyunnie and Aluu CEOS managed to attend a very popular musical and be almost invisible. Even LDH (actor who played Chairman Byun) couldn’t escape a photo sighting from a fan cam. All pictures I’ve seen of the cast and the fans seem to be pre-show. The cast are in their street clothes and sometimes with no make up. If the cast members are anything like me, buying my silence comes at a very low cost. I’m talking an autograph, a piece of chocolate, a milkshake, pizza, chicken, or pizza AND chicken....(I’m just brainstorming, but you get the idea). I am 99% sure that Wook gave Hyunnie the tickets and because this is all speculation and because I try to be a responsible shipper, I will leave a 1% margin of error. What if.....?!?!? Hyunnie arrives early with some kind of food bribe and spends some quality time handing out autographs and talking to other cast members about how they prepped for the show. Didn’t she mention how hard the cast prepared for the musical in her sweet IG post? How would she know how hard they worked or how much preparation if she didn’t hear it first hand? While she’s chit chatting with the cast, Wook made his quick appearance to take a few pics with the fans in order to create a diversion and drive shippers like myself crazy. It is important to note the huge smile on his face from the pics that did get leaked. He looked like a giddy little girl and I know what giddy little girls look like. I used to be one. All this is happening while the audience is starting to pour into the theater. I think Hyunnie went to the 8pm show so who’s to say she has to be in her seat exactly when the show starts? For this, I need to enlist the help from our dear friend, @Changsky. Does everyone have to be in their seats right at 8 or are people allowed in late? Let’s just assume the latter for my theory to take shape. Everyone is in their seats, cast is behind stage while Hyunnie is ushered to her seat by manager Bangchigu. Since the main hall is empty and everyone is supposedly in their seats, they stop to take a picture in front of the cast board, hence Mission accomplished for the IG bomb later!!!! I’m assuming the lights are dim at this point, which makes it a perfect time for Hyunnie to take her seat to enjoy the show. Even if she is recognized by now, pictures are strictly not allowed. Fast forward to 10 minutes before the show ends, Manager Bangchigu whisks Ji Hyunnie away so she can wait for Wook backstage. The CEOs remain to enjoy the rest of the show. Since I think the show is pretty long and if I remember correctly it lasted for a good 3+ hours. This will take us to 11pm-ish and would be too late to actually spend any quality time once the show ends. Also, I think fairy godmother’s IG post was close to midnight. Once Wook is done with his performance, Hyunnie is already there to greet him with a supportive and congratulatory hug since there are eyes everywhere so they keep it tame, but I wouldn’t blame Wook if he was ninja naughty and kissed her neck or something. Being the perfect gentleman, he comes up with an excuse to walk her to the car. He probably sent manager Bang to escort the Aluu CEOs to the pick up point. Wanting to give the lovebirds some precious alone time, manager Bang and Aluu CEOs drag their feet and take the scenic route walking to their car. The genius CEOs stop to use the restroom (from my own personal experience and regardless of any event that I go to, the ladies room ALWAYS has a long line). Just sayin’. In the meantime, Wook pulls Hyunnie into an empty stairwell and they say their goodbyes, exchange a little pre-white day gift, while kissing for I don’t know.... 27 minutes? Lol! They walk hand in hand to where the Aluu fairy godmothers’ car awaits to take a very happy Cinderella home safe so she can innocently mass murder shippers everywhere....hahaha! And until someone can debunk my theory, this is exactly what happens in my mind....lmao!
  4. He explained it earlier that he doesn't like the feeling of the letting go of the hands. Also there is a flashback (dream?) of him when little, how his hands were forced to let go to be left in front of an orphanage(?) by his mother(?).
  6. I can’t wait to watch this ep. keke The heat is off the charts cos the scarf removal scene is subtly representative of something else. Quite creative. Sometimes I wonder what goes through the Director’s/Writer’s minds when they come up with scenes like these... Curious...why does Ryan not like to hold hands?
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  8. 190422 Shinhwa promises to stay with fans ‘forever’ at 21st anniversary concert Living up to its reputation as the longest-running K-pop act to date, Shinhwa’s 21st anniversary concert in Seoul was nothing if not legendary. It wasn’t because of a high-end set or elaborate special effects – it was the K-pop gurus’ unique ability to hold a crowd in the palm of their hands and make them feel secure, comfortable and loved that made the annual show so special. Drawing over 20,000 fans, the six-piece band held its two-day concert at the Olympic Park’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena over the weekend. Titled “Chapter 4,” the set was divided into four parts, chronicling Shinhwa’s lengthy career since the band’s debut in 1998 until last year. Kicking off the Saturday concert with its debut hit, “Resolver,” Shinhwa filled the over-three-hour affair with as many as 30 songs, including “Perfect Man,” “I Pray 4 U,” “Brand New,” “Shooting Star” and “Kiss Me Like That.” The group’s die-hard fans, many clad in orange – the act’s trademark color – waved orange light sticks and chanted “Shinhwa Changjo” throughout. “Shinhwa Changjo” refers to the group’s official fan base. After pumping up the crowd with “Wild Eyes,” the band greeted fans by promising an amazing show and asking fans to “go crazy.” Expressing his affection toward the fans, Lee Min-woo said during the show, “I feel like I’m caught up in the group called ‘Shinhwa Changjo,’ as if my mistakes are all warmly embraced. I saw our fans while dancing, and they were all enjoying our performance. Thank you so much for having fun with us.” “Shinhwa won’t ever be taken down. We might get old, but our talent won’t get old,” he added. Although most of the band members are in their early 40s, Shinhwa proved to its fans that time doesn’t matter with the dynamic energy the artists showed during fast-paced numbers like “Oh” and “Sniper.” With toned-down tracks like “Destiny of Love” and fan song “Orange,” the band whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Referring to the ear-splitting screams from the audience, Shin Hye-sung joked, “I think I should apologize to the staff of this venue, as I think the ceiling got cracked. I will pay for the damage.” While the overall atmosphere was perky and bright, there were a few emotional moments too. Fans surprised the group toward the end by singing the melodic “Prayer” in unison. Shinhwa reciprocated their love by projecting heartfelt video messages for fans onto the screen. “We will keep performing on stage as long as we are healthy,” said Kim Dong-wan via the screen, and Lee Min-woo promised fans that he wouldn’t just leave them without any notice. Wrapping up the concert with classics “Eusha! Eusha!” “Time Machine,” “Run” and “Yo!” Shin said, “You (fans) will always be our priority, no matter what happens, and we’ll stay by your side forever. We won’t have a new member until our death.” Eric chimed in and said, “To me, my bandmates are at the top of my list and you guys (fans) are in second place. The six of us will stick together to fight against anything. I hope to take seeing you guys each year for granted.” “We will always say we are like a beach that keeps its place despite the tide. You may come back to us whenever you want,” said Kim. Andy also promised fans to do his best as part of Shinhwa for the next 20 to 30 years. Shinhwa is the longest-running K-pop act in the scene that has remained together, despite management changes and the members’ mandatory service in the military. Often referred to as part of the “first generation” of K-pop, Shinhwa released the special album “Heart” in August last year, featuring the lead single “Kiss Me Like That.” By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com) Source: Kpop Herald
  9. 190424 TEN Weibo Update "Summer is here, let’s go have fun together! We’re not scared of the heat of the sun because it gives us VITAMINS” Translated by meltIips - SM_NCT
  10. Thank you for helping us to watch out for cut scenes!!! Yay to Korean subtitled version!! Yeah i am reading fan fic daily. Was not even so hardworking in school ever in reading textbook. And now to think that I even start translating them. Since when I am so enthusiastic with any other c drama? And while reading, even imagine Joseph and Yukee face in my mind hahaha
  11. Someone mentioned about him looks a lot like Lin GengXin. ( main lead in Princess agent)
  12. My feel of the character description using google translate which maybe wrong. Reading the mbc website and feels that jung in eldest sister and mother are not happy with their current marriage for various reason. Unlike previous drama, this time the bad person in the family is father. Seems like both jung in father and Ki Suk father felt like the dictator. Jung In brother in law might be quite a difficult person to be around. Ji Ho family seems more humble and his mum is very supportive. Also he has a wonderful son. Although Ki Suk's father does not sound like an easy person but Ki Suk character seems ok. And he has all the great quality to be husband material. Not sure is it because of jung in and his father relationship for them to start a relationship or it is simply they have been together for too long that they already not in love but just too used to each other company. The synopsis of long term relationship and in discussion of marriage may really be Jung In and Ki Suk and enter Ji Ho that shakes Jung In. Both Jung In and Ji Ho has great colleague.
  13. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has spoken out against malicious commenters. On April 24, Sooyoung uploaded a warning on her Instagram Stories. My mom keeps asking me why I’m not doing anything about suing malicious commenters. I heard that when you actually end up meeting malicious commenters, they ask to be forgiven and bring a long letter of […] The post Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Gives A Warning To Malicious Commenters For Hurting Her Family appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. SH's mom is the most comic character in the drama. I can't stop laughing at her scenes. Also Esther has some funny scenes I am really enjoying myself. I have to remember that in the next drama I will notice the villains more so I would have a good laugh, because the actors are doing a great job I used to get nervous in the past whenever the villains succeeded in their plots, so I just dropped most of the dramas, but now after reading @Ameera Ali and @newyee's comments, I hope they continue watching the next dramas too
  15. I only watch teasers not Ep 5 in whole drama itself but I think PMY will respond wholeheartedly again when they have their kissing scenes. Their wall scene in episode 4 scene was hot with sexual tension even if there was no actual kiss and their lips slightly touch (unintentionally I think). She's the kind who gives her best in scenes she does even if it is an intimate scene. So for jealous hearts better prepare for it. HPL ratings slightly increase this episode 5 to 2.5
  16. 190421 Shinhwa’s Eric #aguTV Update: There’s your… not so typical CEOs This was at the same spot as the one Minwoo posted earlier. Earlier at the concert, Hyesung said he heard news that cute people will die quicker. Not long after Eric posted that funny clip with Minwoo in his Youtube Story, he also posted this screenshot of MBC news MBC news headline: The cuter you are,the faster you die Eric: aah… really worried… be moderately cute, please… aah… Souce: aguTV Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  17. @Lawyerh , @Sejabin my new pest friend - she need to be the director of all kdrama -2
  18. 610. Rofl. Looks more like serial killer in disguise..
  19. Why are the Wednesday episodes like the best of the week? Mother and son's faces at the end was priceless lmao NJ all confident he already signed the agreement smh So they have a loan shark as the third largest shareholder lol I think they called him the Godfather of loan sharks. WTF? But mmkay. The second one is a foreign company. VC finally became useful, but I'm still mad at him. He knew how evil she was. She got rid of a baby so he didnt think she could physically hurt his parents?? Esther might die of a heart attack before Aera or NJ even get the chance to kill her. She was always on the edge. And the fact they are all pretty much telling her to do whatever possible whether she dies or not cracks me up lmao That's the least she can do after all the horrible things she's done. SH cracked me up the way she charged at her outside the kindergarten and straight up asked her if the grandparents were locked up. Then proceeded to drag her literally to her house lmao If by now, they don't know that Esther is the spy lol I did enjoy the evil duo being kicked in the butt so much. Aera's confidence did her in. Well deserved. Now, you just lost $1.2 millions. I guess they are busy with the grandparents and company rescue, but is LSH not asking questions about his parents? At least, how did his mom die? Lol I guess they are leaving it to the grandma cause she was about to tell NJ about LSH dad at least till SH came to claim the necklace lol
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