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  2. compared to the other guests around him, he seemed to really enjoy the song. delulu: maybe he also can relate to the lyrics
  3. Yep, I suspect she is taller than than that 171.8 number, and has been stooping/trying to be less tall for decades. But, she hasn't been stooping as much, since she's playing a ballerina, so she seems taller. L is also probably actually shorter than his "official" 178 cm. I am curious to compare SHS height v. LDG's 183 cm. Seems like SHS is highly rated by anyone who is paying attention, "Ballerina's Only Love" will hopefully continue to get more people to pay attention. The character of "Yeon-Seo" is definitely demonstrating how wide SHS' acting range has become. But it might also be demonstrating how wide the gulf between her acting ability, and that of the ML is.
  4. #48 Kids to Save Ever noticed how every time when the Male lead or the female lead have a child, their child will get either kidnapped or get hurt? Take defendant for example
  5. guys lets vote yoon shi yoon on namesns.com go to his profile and start cliking heart https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=775
  6. @Lawyerh 47# Non stop reminder of dazzling sun - I didn’t know there was a sun before kdrama
  7. But it is sad that they made the victim a liar. In real life, because of that the lawyer would have made a mincemeat out of her case expecially when it is proven that she lied. And it is also a myth that sexual assault victims are liars. It is actually very rare that victims lie, they are always proven to be true. So for me, I find that making the victim a liar has done a great disservice to victims of sexual assault victims.
  8. Hi everyone I'm Back again. Ok I was read all your comments and that was so great unfortunately I can't write or think like you guys but I really love this drama especially or cute Angels he so I hope until the end i enjoy this Drama . We should wait until wednesday and thursday so I make some gifs for you and myself hope you like them.
  9. TikTok My Best Summer so I reinstall TikTok just for getting these hidden gems LOL 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376241755617933/4376241878856789 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376243248800811/4376243355251610 3.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376243139984492/4376243208488752 4.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376242963586179/4376243039819089 5.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376242846144861/4376243010536678 6.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376242561165810/4376242625330710 7.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376242422752518/4376242495614926
  10. Still unable to let go, so visiting scenes from the BTSes, only to find myself tearing up just the same. Likewise, was just fine, when "Over the Moon" starts playing on my playlist, and my heart is a shattered mess once more as I relive the heartbreaking journey that we have taken with Seon Ho and his family, despite knowing that the dark clouds have passed. Miss them already.
  11. 902 @cenching Ameera disease seems dangerous. Lol. So the symptoms : talking non stop about lion, eat & sleep and dream with lion. I saw the rabbit btw @Ameera Ali And @Ameera Ali i shipped robot before. It worked for me. So no worry. Ship angel i dont know... @ktcjdrama i also continue Abyss..
  12. I agree with you with this. And sad true is that this happens too often in real life. So in the way I really liked it that they made it this way even though this is really horrifying. I was really glad that in the end Dahee wasn't lying about the assault. I mean what happened to her should never happen to anyone but Lying about something like that would be even worst. About OJP being to one who assaulted her. I didn't find it out of character. I mean yeah he was business oriented and his image was his everything. But most off people you only thing about their image or their business/making money has really awful secret. And then there was the reporter who was accused off sexual assault bc he was trying dig in the OJP business.
  13. From today’s episode, we thought WW has convinced him enough. I have a strong hunch that In Sook twisted facts and added more lies to manipulate the chairman again. Whenever i watch raw episodes, i skip her speeches because they are all cheap, dirty tricks in attempts to sway our main leads. I just push the forward button to the juicier scenes. Btw, how are the kang sisters related to their uncle? Is it paternal or maternal? A few more hours and another fresh episode, yay!
  14. @Ameera Ali You made gazillions of Lion’s sexy gifs and ogling non stop in the process AND you still complaining just because I forgot to tag you in one post?!?!?! Woman!! Enough is enough!!! There’s no cure for a disease called Lionnoreah!!! Girls!! Let’s pray for @Ameera Ali!! She got a terminal Lionnoreah!!! +2
  15. @ktcjdrama in the midst of my sleepy mind now, I’m thinking about the durian kiss. Very smooth. Just falls and swoop her up and mwah! how nice. It’s so cute. Did you feel upset when he was like crying? Then he created the ost song half a step? That song, I really love that song. 898 Witness insecurity you can try too. Bitter sweet romance. Or if you want medical drama, would suggest on call 36 hours (hippocratic crush 1 & 2)
  16. Maybe other shippers or ex-ppc-shippers think that we are too serious in shipping so thats why they left lol Well it adds up more excitement when we can guess their behaviours and even made us stronger to believe their behaviours with another costars are merely good friends or oppa-noona-dongsaeng...
  17. I liked to see the scene where she vented about In Sook. He looked a little guilty hearing her calling the CEO a snake, concubine of Hansung , but he was on her side. He is begining to see In sook in another light. He was so disappointed by her when she told him that Mi ri is out of his league. Later Mi Ri could feel betrayed when she finds out that In sook is close to Tae Joo. I can`t wait to see the next episode. Tae Joo was happy when they were in the car. He said that "last night I become someone who means a lot to you". I think she will accept the proposition. I wish she will tell him that she accepts the engagement but they should wait until they get married. And both of them will tell their secrets. It is not going to happen right now but I am still hoping... I could not believe it. How much successful she wants her to be? Like her? She sounds extremelly greedy.
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