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  2. He probably not thinking straight at that moment. So, he didn't do the calculate of the baby WJ age. I need part 4, so in to it now. OMG
  3. ...THE BUSINESS TIME... Lotte Duty Free Shop At 11:16 on April 24 from the ultra-words 乐天免税店 #乐多福# Recently it is really a variety of flowerviewing seasons , go out on sunny days and see the flowers are in a good mood~Sakura, lilies...we only look at the flowers, then everyone knows these What is the flower language of flowers? What is the meaning? Take a look Lee Jong-suk Obama is how to say it!
  4. hnfragile, I couldn't agree with you more - that High School teacher was Kim Chul-Hong.
  5. Cheers mate, I know I probably won't change your mind even I sometimes still think that what the director did is baffling. But to me at the end of the day truce talk even in real history is always impossible to predict. That's why historian still has their jobs I guess to analyse and re-analyse old war and why it happens no matter how much people try to stop it, war will still happen. I guess I just want to defend ZM my fave she's still smart for me. She trust in ZWJ and RYW, she just cannot believe that all Ming sect people do not trust in ZWJ ability as a leader but still wanted him to be the leader
  6. Fan little yellow duck 13:07 today from the micro-blog weibo.com This .................noona, where are you?!!!!!!!!!!!................The power to cross the universe in an instant.........but.......there are all sorts of problems with trying to traverse a wormhole.......................of course, SF....!!!!!!!
  7. WALBYYZY Today at 09:03 from OPPO R15x  Li Baoying nothing any more, it is quite like youlove
  8. Park Min Young Tests Her Potential To Be A Curator Like Her Character In “Her Private Life” by C. Hong On April 24, Namoo Actors released a video of Park Min Young testing her potential to be a character like Sung Deok Mi! In the tvN drama “Her Private Life,” Park Min Young plays an art curator who is secretly an idol fan. Although she is told that she is being tested for her curator potential, the tasks that are given to Park Min Young are more fun than serious. She is asked to find photos of her character in a “Where’s Waldo?” type game, to find the differences between two photos of her character, and to play a trivia game about art. If she succeeds in all three tests, five fans will receive a Polaroid photo as a gift. Park Min Young struggles with the first two games, despite being passionate to the point of calling for eyedrops to help her see better. After the first one, she points out that even the people who made the game had trouble with remembering where they put the hidden images. In the second one, she is unable to find the difference even when it is pointed out to her. Her frustration builds to a peak in the third game. At first, Park Min Young thinks the question is about Vincent van Gogh, but then the questioner talks about the artist’s favorite flower, and she answers confidently, “Sunflower.” However, the actual question is about the scientific name for the sunflower. Taken aback, Park Min Young says, “What did you say?” After she is told the answer, she says, “Are you kidding me?” more https://www.soompi.com/article/1319831wpp/watch-park-min-young-tests-potential-curator-character-her-private-life
  9. 190425 NCT 127 were live on Instagram a few minutes ago. Watch the replay here: http://instagram.com/nct127
  10. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Here's MORE - during the "My Special Brother" VIP premier last week. ******************************************************************
  11. Yeah. Hahaha. He looks pretty right? ahhahaha 620
  12. I just realized that Yeo Ji had another ominous line when she was helping Yeongjo with his armor. She said "I will finish my job until the very end". Although she followed through with how he never seems to finish what he started, I still felt like this line wasn't just put in there in reference to how Yeongjo acts around her. Btw, why was Yeongjo wearing his crown prince robes when he met with Dal Moon about Yoon Young?
  13. For all international fans that wants to buy the fanmeeting tickets in S.Korea.. E&T has provide the link..
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