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  2. Don't you find Mr. Lee so beautiful that sometimes it hurts your eyes to gaze at him directly... like how you would try to look directly at a solar eclipse only out of the corner of your eyes?
  3. Sometimes it's not just the number of participants, but also whether there are like-minded people or healthy balanced discussion. I know from the start that I will probably just watch Angel without participating in the thread. Abyss is another thread I've decided not to participate in anymore. 680
  4. My oppa & ramen & me is love story 1 - Jang Hyuk strikes my heart with his skill I mean his acting to make clear But who would believe after years another 6feet tall Hanks strikes my heart with the same method, I still mean his acting - someone enjoy watching jugglers Tagging @gm4queen & @Lawyerh to look at my first gifs on Choi Daniel
  5. I was trying to stop myself from believing DM's mom abandoned RG...but here we are. Anyway, if I have to theorize, let me put things into perspective. I will hide my very inaccurate theories of the past under the spoiler tag, and future without. For the rest of the story? 1. DM's mom has a lot of explaining to do, but I really hope we come out unscathed and we can love her character just like before. 2. I don't think we will get the noble idiocy arc - DM gave RG 12 hrs to sort out his mind, and might demand the same from him but large level conflict seems out of the picture. She's a victim in all this too - her memory was lost when she was a child and she was probably lied to/didn't have stake in this, so "leaving RG" when RG has explicitly mentioned he wants to move on would be completely out of character. We have spent a lot of time on her character development, so will she again refuse to trust RG's heart? No, it makes no narrative sense. 3. Let's also remember that RG didn't think/remember his birth mother once, until he saw the painting three years and started searching for her, so he had an warm and loving home in USA, and never felt like he was in need of anything - even if they don't show his foster parents now. This is important because even if DM feels bad/guilty because of her mother - her mother had her own compulsions and RG didn't have a bad childhood, he grew up with good education, was able to pursue a field he liked, and excelled in it as an artist and director which he might not have otherwise, kudos to his foster parents for that. 4. It would be hard on both the leads in ep 14 and 15... but the last few mins of ep 13 have me believing that DM would be the person who would be able to sort things for RG and her mother in law his mom in the next episode, after which the focus should shift back to DM where she confronts her own family 5. It's both a good thing and a bad thing that they have too many things to wrap up in the last three episodes, so we would not get any break up trope to further buy time - we have a number of side stories, about SJ, outing SNG in front of SA at least, the variety show, EG&DI, the workplace romance between the curator and YS, and finally Cindy's career growth to resolve. They can't fit this drama trope stuff anywhere without losing out on anything else. I have been so badly scarred with dramas that I am paranoid about the last two episodes. 6. Lastly, lets talk about some happy things which are the reason i watch the show: a. DM's small moments of fangirling where she was so giddy to see SA around, almost shouted his name on phone and teased RG by pretending to leave! The fact that he trusts her to sort things out with RG...she's one successful fangirl! b. DM wouldn't be stupid enough to let go of RG now that her bias' has the chance of becoming her brother in law lol - and SA would get an adoring older sister, his biggest fansite, all his life haha. The girl has consistent taste though, SA & RG...both her favorite men! c. One small detail...the fact that the two leads say thank you to each other instead of sorry. So if RG tells DM his past and it hurts him, DM doesn't say "sorry for making you tell me" - she says "thank you for telling me, I am grateful". Similarly for RG, he thanks her for being there, for listening, for telling him about EG...he isn't sorry to bother her, he's grateful that she considers him so important. This dynamic will probably save the day against of drama tropes lol - like if the story would have led to: "I am sorry for being such a terrible memory for you/hurting you back in childhood, I won't hurt you anymore by reminding you of it and so let's break up", it is converted into "I am really really thankful you are still here by my side even when you are in so much pain because of me; thank you for loving me so much." (hope this also reminds the lurking writers that we won't accept stupid actions by our leads) d. DM's BIRTHDAY! "Do you have another boyfriend?" Ryan's pouty face was the cutest thing ever. The little kisses, flirting, suggestive directions and all are lovely to watch. Bed scene would be extremely tame though, considering they don't want us to die. e. I NEED MY EPILOGUE WITH KIDS OR I AM NOT FORGIVING THE DIRECTOR/SCRIPTWRITER EVER. THERE ARE STILL 8 DAYS OF SHOOTING LEFT. DON"T DISAPPOINT ME!
  6. This is so cute now if only their counterparts would do the same thing Credits to owner
  7. @zashi23 haha oh well .. if you say so. Too much effort to put if I want to summarise it. The love story also different. And sorry guys, I just got to say it, probably her current drama's writer must be a wwwsk fan too. Lol. I can't help seeing similar scenes and even some dialogues. Watched wwwsk back to back makes me remember the dialogues too. Haha.
  8. I like romantic comedy, which usually depend on young couples KJH never played romantic comedy. His romance is not light. And he is sometimes a playboy, which is really so boring, in my opinion. In Scandal in Seoul and Coffee House, he was so rakish, I didn't really like him. In Coffee House, the main actress was so seductive like a cat, I hated her. The other girl was more innocent and I really liked her so much, but KJH was really like a playboy, so he never can fit in with her. I really dislike him very very much in that type of roles. He is much better when he is cute and naive The only two romantic works I liked by KJH were Fireworks and Hong Gil Dong, because he was very cute. In Fireworks, he was so innocent and foolish that I really adored him very much. In Hong Gil Dong, he was very funny and Sung Yuri was naive and knew nothing about love, their relationship was so funny and innocent too. I used to like Lie to Me, but on second thoughts, I no longer liked it, the plot was very weak. Incarnation of Money seems very good. Big Man is OK but not my favourite. Feel Good to die is the best, I liked BJS very much, but his love was so sad in my opinion, because Ruda kept rejecting him, I was so sorry for him, the best thing was the comedy But really I hated Ruda especially when she was going out with Junhoo, although I laughed sometimes at Junhoo, who is so comic in my opinion. The best scene was when Junhoo went to talk to BJS about the company and was sitting at BJS's door, I loved that scene very much, also when Junhoo called BJS at the end scene, actually Junhoo was very playful and funny. He wasn't really chasing Ruda, she was the one giving him wrong messages, whenever he kept asking her if she likes BJS, she answered "no". So she encouraged him and gave him hope which is really her fault. -2 678
  9. Translated Knetz comments on episode 13 by Melohwa. Several noonas apologizing to Jung Hae In for choosing KJW over him. Even so, I'm afraid JHI's new show might dent HPL's ratings a bit. We'll see. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/05/her-private-life-ep-13-spoilers-park.html My faves:
  10. 680. @ktcjdrama @triplem secret forest theyre cute together. Im also low key ship them. But the guy cant feel anything supposedly lol. Its like shipping sinking ship. There are some ship him with shin hye sun too. Nah, this one i totally dont understand . @nohamahamoud2002 u seems against old guy young girl romance. I like ahjussi love too. I think theyre interesting. Thats why i love Roda & Jinsang. But Joseon Survival i also still dont know yet, whether i will like the couple or not. I also dont think will comment in Angel thread lol. Unless i got very inspired with the drama.
  11. finally got to watch the whole episode 13. My heart hurt for our man... But at the same time the fact that DM where there to give him a safe heven made me calm just like him Also he is brave approaching the person he think is his birth mother. witch also show how mature he is. Even tough it seems like Dm mother was the the one leaving him, in the end it is really his mother that for a reason abounded him. so I think in the big ordeal of thing DM mother is the least fault (and I hope this is handled right). We also learned that SA grandfather had a very big fault on the event at the time. So to me it feel like many small thing lead to a very impactful day that changed their life. I think the childhood connection gonna be the least thing to worried about as I think they gonna be amused by it more than angry by that revelation. If it is true that there is link from them being child
  12. Why do I get a feeling that EG went to search for RG & SDM and told them who is HYJ when they were kids. That's why EG truly apologise to SDM as in the preview
  13. Does anybody know if VLive special is still on VLive? Conference clips are there but couldn’t find that one .... help!! @meechuttso @immorethant @Ni Wen
  14. I looked for the writer's credits, not a rookie but it doesn't sound good. I wonder why would a top actress choose to work with a writer that doesn't have any notable work ? Btw Yoo Seung Ho fan discussion's admin is korean drama portal's admin and korean portal drama often posts fake news, hence I avoid posting anything coming from that media. We're not the only ones disappointed, his korean fans on DC ( korean forum) are not happy either. They are asking him to reject the offer. Lastly I read from korean fans that the production company is the same that produced Ruler .
  15. Watched the subbed version. Before watching I knew this would be great but it turned out much better than what expected. I think I can already see it being my favourite dramas of 2019. The music and acting had been really great. Really excited for 2nd episode.
  16. Today
  17. Abyss is still somewhat interesting and actors have done a good job. It would be unfair to compare this to Crowned Clown. I think we knew what we were getting after 2-3 episodes for abyss. And ratings would have been worse if Park Boyoung was not acting. But there's good chance it can still finish strong as long as there's not too much focus on crime. The plot is not just good enough to focus a lot on serial killing. Of course I don't expect some real stud plot like secret forest but even above average plot combined with fantasy setting along with such awesome cast would have made it a successful show if not a great one.
  18. Welcome to the thread! We don't know to be honest: very few infos have been revealed about the supporting cast to the point where if it wasn't for the character descriptions and press articles, i would wonder if this drama has hired anybody else beside the main leads. In her character description, it said that there's a feeling of rivalry between the main and the second female lead but she hasn't appeared in the trailer, so we don't know how much annoying it will be. Or if the rivalry is professional only or if it extends to love...  thanks for the reply
  19. 6 Shows in 2 days, I hope Bo Gum is getting some rest now Cr: logo @rahma92 he's only saying chongwa chongwa and sorry at the beginning of that video and I've already translated the part where he said "I will never forget chongwa chongwa"...
  20. “Produce X 101” trainee Yoo Geun Min gained a significant boost in his ranking thanks to his older sister! According to the ranking chart on the May 17 broadcast, the Million Market trainee stood at 68th place. Although this is in the lower half of the trainees, his current position is 43 places above his result from […] The post “Produce X 101” Trainee Yoo Geun Min’s Older Sister Writes Post Leading To His Rise From 101st Place appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. “Produce X 101” trainee Yoo Geun Min gained a significant boost in his ranking thanks to his older sister! According to the ranking chart on the May 17 broadcast, the Million Market trainee stood at 68th place. Although this is in the lower half of the trainees, his current position is 43 places above his result from […] The post “Produce X 101” Trainee Yoo Geun Min’s Older Sister Writes Post Leading To His Rise From 101st Place appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  22. Yeah I also didnt agree abadon or child scene of korean drama because its reality dont think so much when we are kids. But its different with Ryan character. Its complex, alone and trauma lost of ability drawing, didnt know of face mother or birthday.KJW make us feel how alone Ryan itself and feel sadness in the eyes. I love all characters Ryan although he that situation he become good person and leader.He didnt use as weakness and he good and respect to everyone. The most important he is good listener and say sorry if something wrong or mistake. So I love we know background of Ryan and others because the scripwriter had give moments more we want. Just hope we want to fo finale and be settled early.I still want more Ryan sexiness and naughty Deokmi... This is my assumption I read in here before to look episode 13 in tonight..
  23. Solar was at a restaurant called Spain Club. Her having Spanish food reminded me of the time eric and her went on a mukbang tour and solar tried Mexican food and American bbq for the first time idk why. I guess in a perfect world I want to believe he introduced her to it but thats just me hoping they're still in contact I've been rewatching wgm after the whole ring thing on twitter. Really miss seeing these two on screen. I hope we one day get a show with both of them as guests they're so entertaining together
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