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  2. 'Her private life' Park Min-young ♥ ︎ Kim Jae-wook, the secret of 'Couple' from date to art gallery Enter Article 2019.05.21. Original article 1:05 pm Good . Good . comment Font Body size Small Body size Size Print 이미지 원본보기 [OSEN = Sung Mi Kyung] 'Her private life' Park Min-young - Kim Jae-wook's couch is the talk. Cable Channel TVN drama 'Her Private Life' (play Kim Hye Young and director Hong Jong Chan) won the first place in the drama TV episode for 3 consecutive weeks (based on the good data corporation episode index). In addition, Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young ranked first and second in the top-ranked casting section, proving that it is a hot issue drama. In particular, Park Min Young and Kim Jae-wook are collecting topics with couples who doubt their hopes. As visual and physical chemistry, two people's couples are making a big difference in heightening tension. Viewers are impressed by the "perfect combination of colors for every look", "it looks like Kimi is living on the boat because of the installation", and "the stylists seem to match each other." Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are presenting the perfect couple office look as a suit fashion that tone and tone is outstanding. They make a bright and romantic mood with baby pink, blue, and white pastel colors that match the spring. In particular, the color match of Park Min-young wearing white two-piece and Kim Jae-wook wearing a pastel pink suit made the two people's romance tension sooty. The fake kiss directing The god 's fashion was black and white, and it emitted a sexy which stopped breathing. Also, depending on the situation, the color of clothes may be changed to increase the immersion level of the drama. If you have raised your nervousness with bright pastel tones, it is a match for dark tones in a moody emotional scene. In a fake parting scene, Kim Jae-wook wore a black suit with a brown fashion tone of Park Min-young, and the viewers commented, "It seems to me that two different people's feelings have gotten better because of the costumes." In the date look, it showed a different atmosphere at 180 degrees. In an amusement park dating, I completed a comfortable and stylish couple fashion with a trench coat and jeans that match beige with the basic color. In home dating, I felt natural and lovely. Especially, in the ghoststop scene, it gave the audience a smile with a confrontation mode that seemed to be divided into blue. Park Min-young, a stylist (Kim Goo Eun Bomi), said, "I watch the script in advance and consult with the other actor-style team in case of special scenes in advance." "I was wearing pants comfortably in kissing shots," he said. About Park Min Young's costume, she said, "In order to avoid going too monotonous in my career, I made use of pastel colors to make the season feel, while wearing a simple design for primary color costumes, I tried to make a difference from the previous works. "He said, adding that he likes to reflect on his opinions. Kim Jae-wook, a stylist, said, "When you get a script, you decide what to wear so that colors do not overlap or jump out." I tried various styling to show the hidden charm of Kim Jae-wook, who appeared in the first romantic comedy genre, while emulating the usual sexy image of Kim Jae-wook as much as possible. I used several pants and bold colors to feel the artist. " Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are showing their romance with a variety of marriage look. In the future, the two will also raise interest in how to boost the audience 's nervousness with a couple of doubles. 'Her private life' is broadcast every Wednesday, Thursday at 9:30 pm. /seon@osen.co.kr [Photo] TVN provided CREDIT TO GOOGLE TRANSLATE
  3. No worries. I think the one that got privatized might of been the first one that was uploaded because that one is nearly the same as part 1 except extended. It also seems like the one that is 1 minute 33 secs (part 1 that's in the playlist) might of been edited? Not sure though, and probably won't ever be unless someone here recalls watching the 1 minute 55 secs and then it being unavailable for viewing. The part 2 nothing has been changed since it's a separate video. You can view the now private video with english subs if you want. It's just above; the ig posts, and yeah naver doesn't but then again I can't view them on naver due to it not being available to view in my country. If you do watch the video, you'll notice that during the CEO, Wookie and In Na scene it's different to the one on youtube.
  4. So so so true dear!! I totally agree with you on this one.... She wanted to protect him at any cost because he was the last living person that she loves!! I am so crying here...!!!! He he he.... That's why we call him a detective, dear!! He has a great sense of humor & instinct which is fully fit for a real detective! And oMo... He is talking nonstop as he's giving her 4 reasons!!! How can he remember all those lines at once..??! Ooops... I am laughing so hard for your words dear!! Don't you think it's too harsh for our lovebirds..???! Seriously, she wasn't expected that the guy she believes would turn out to be a murderer!!!! Then she left his hand... She only wants her innocent love, not a villainous love!!!
  5. I looooove YM's way of scaring off a love rival (who wrote her a love letter that he conveniently didn't give to her ). To be honest I'm a little disappointed in eps 25-30. I want more cute couple scenes! My favorite moment from this set of episodes.
  6. I think solars ring is not the wgm ring. At first i thought it is ( and you dont know how much im happy that she also used her wgm ring after eric wore it when he was in his singapore schedule) but as i look at it over and over again its not the hexagonal ring. At first sight if you are ddongie shipper it looks hexagonal but if you will look at her palm side its not hexagonal. (Im reffering to her ring that she used during festival evant) but this ring that she use in the show rewritten the charts i hope it is. But im still happy that eric still used his hexagonal ring eventhough im not still sure if it is the wgm ring bcoz as far as remember it has a green. Part. But i still do hope for them to be together even just for a collaboration since their voices are perfect for each other.
  7. Ah this reminds me about his vibes in his FM. I thought the same about Wookie seems different. Idk but I feel like he's change. More mature? He looks like he is more calm, cool, collected. He looks more relaxed after military service. Maybe it's just my thought but he gave me this "someone who has settled down" vibe *deluluing
  8. My mister looks very family-ish Sky castle as well will do. Wait till I’m done with V3. I’m sticking for now to one drama cause my schedule can’t fit another I have a new love too @Ameera Ali he looks flipping hot. my Wookies & my kimchies haha Gosh he looks so rough woohoo haha..oh shoot forgot to embed my name on these gifs...ah whatever haha 624
  9. OMG I didn't realized all of that. I though he was sitting with crossed leg like the scene before they had the blanket over. PMY must feel so comfy. and also, I just noticed this one too. They didn't have to do this but they did! They linked their arms during sujebi making. It wasn't necessary but I LOVE IT
  10. Ya ya ..why we talking age here , then all the oppas I adore can’t really be oppa wae! Wah my oppa list so darn long . Later I will write . My brain is not working right now
  11. GOT7 appeared on the May 21 episode of JTBC’s “Idol Room.” During the show, GOT7’s Yugyeom said, “I am close friends with chef Lee Yeon Bok and BTS’s Jungkook.” He explained, “When I was 19 years old, we went on the ‘MAMA’ stage together with them. Then we exchanged phone numbers and became close friends. We are ’97 liner friends.” The ’97-line […] The post GOT7’s Yugyeom Talks About His Friendship With BTS’s Jungkook appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. So apparently KJW’s and PMY’s stylists actually plan beforehand together so that the leads can match esp in scenes that they have together
  13. This scenes is funny when daniel told her there r 4 reason u cant come with me. @gm4queen what if eun bin would go with him what would happpen will eun bin get hit by the hammer.
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