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  2. You guys believe me or not, in my country half of PMY-KJWook shippers are also shippers of PSJ-KJWon, I always read their comments in all kdrama portal They’re like : ”OMG i love PMY-KJwook chemistry , please be real couple” at the end of their comments they add, “so PSJ can be with KJwon” LoL And some of them were also hatters of PMY when WWWSK was on air .now they praise her for everything she done in hpl... PPC for the WIN
  3. You may be right! It makes sense that ONE OF Seo's motives is to win his own battle with YC. But apart of me feels like that Seo is using the opportunity to kill SY and thus, excels on the prosecutor world. SY is an exceptional prosecutor and from the first episode, it seems like she had been standing above Seo. And if the head prosecutor is his second father, he may've been pressuring Seo to be the best and makes him want to discard her with the help of YC. When he gets what he wants, he puts him behind the bars, disguising as the prosecutor who succeeds on the most coldest case in South Korea. The look on YC's face looking at Seo is a look of betrayal. He thought that his son is his wingman but is wrong all along. But then YC is such a smart-richard simmons that he forms a new strategy by using HJ to get whatever he wants. Gosh, this is so fun ㅋㅋㅋ.
  4. kekkee.. thanks... hope you are not asking me to analyze this armpit moment (saw stills). LOL. am afraid my analysis skills is for very dry boring stuff. not for OTP moments! hahahahah... ... you know a drama is in your brain when you wake up and think "ooh, I should have added that to my post too!" and make another post. hahahah... 690
  5. KJK will became MC for The Call Season 2 (airing July 5th). So far, the latest news about SJH : - she is already finished filming movie "Daughter" - she will attend for KBEE 2019 at Thailand.
  6. @stargazer187 @ktcjdrama I’m really excited for mr dimples drama with Moon Ga Yeung . He’s a cop - as you know I love uniforms . From initial drama description , there will be some interesting mystery regarding her loss twin sis & she plays a young overzealous cop , which I suppose will be a foil to his extremely cautious nature. Waikiki 2 didn’t do much for his career progression as much as I just enjoy watching it mindlessly - his storyline there was the most underdeveloped. So this new drama will really test his ability to lead . @Lawyerh I liked SDM though it was underrated . That is the show where I discovered him . He was the second lead - there was a small love triangle but it was not dragged Long as he had his own love line with Go Won Hee . I also discovered her there & love her . Seen a few of her works . An actress with charisma . 692
  7. I've just read that they have talked in their drama thread how HPL has too many parallels with WWWSK. Even them has seen it. The parallels are that OBVIOUS. So, it's not only us here at PPC thread who talked about comparisons. Just pointing this out just in case there are people who only like to put all the blame on PPC shippers for comparisons.
  8. just some additional thoughts on ep 1-4. so were folks familiar with face blindness before or what is a it a new concept for you? many years ago, I watched this documentary about the brain and development and one of the stuff they talked about this. based on that documentary, some of the stuff they present here matches. so in the programme, they showed both ends -- one person who remembers every person they see and they actually called it a curse. that person felt like it was information overload and hated it. they were also side effects like intense headaches etc because of overheated brain. so the ability to forget is actually a gift!!! then the programme showed this lady who had face blindness. she actually got it after a stroke or some accident. (don't remember which). but the sudden onset was quite terrifying for her. and from what she described is how the drama shows for min ik. how people's faces are blank -- so thats a great description for us to understand and it is well done by PD. this lady was married and had 3 teenage kids. (all in high school I think). she was really devastated and heartbroken that she could not recognize people she loved. so something her husband did was to create a kind of uniform where he and kids would wear certain colours (so kid#1 blue, kid#2 red etc....) or outfits to help her identify who was whom. he also wore the same outfit or variations of it to help her identify him easily. he also asked other family members (like siblings/parents/cousins etc) to have a kind of uniform when they met her so that she could start identifying who was whom. eventually, like min ik uses height and gal hee adds the hair cut, she was able to use other markers including voice and body build to be able to identify people. so she was eventually able to live with her condition. however, she lived in a rural area and it terrified her to visit her kids when they went to uni in a more urban area because it was filled with people. we also see that min ik who admits that he is afraid of going out to lunch when there's so many people... so many details like that, the drama did get right! so kudos to writer and PD!!! also like the explanation of how gal hee is imprinted in his mind and it isn't that he sees her. lots of old people who have alzheimer often have trouble recognizing the current person's looks but easily remember how that person was in their youth. so the youthful memory is imprinted in brain...so the drama's explanation of how gal hee is imprinted seemed logical and also plausible (at least for a non-medical person like me). the other thing the drama is doing well is showing how vulnerable min ik feels with face blindness. we often take our ability to read emotions for granted but it is actually a very important skill. did you know that babies actually can read emotions and have some form of EQ? okay, I watch way too much of discovery channel but anyway. in this one documentary, they showed how babies can recognize sadness, happiness, anger, irritation. so when you smile at a baby, they smile back but they aren't necessarily mimicking you. basically it is like they recognize that you are not a threat and that their world is safe and so it is okay. thats part of why babies smile once they like you. so we may think much of our communication is verbal but thats actually untrue. about 70-80% of our communication is actually non-verbal. so the way we say stuff, our tone, our expressions, body language -- all of that plays into how we communicate. famous business people are very good at reading a room and people. it is a necessary skill. so by min ik losing that due to his face blindness, he is indeed really handicapped because he can no longer tell people's intentions. so I really like how the writer and PD have used this medical condition in a logical way and show min ik's vulnerability, character and situations....
  9. The new stills! PMY looks like the most gorgeous muse. I'm not the only one who suddenly remembered "Draw me like one of your French girls wearing this...wearing only this", am I? Also, I don't know the first thing about art, but I hope Ryan's painting doesn't turn out looking like a generic Hallmark card or the cover of a bodice ripper novel.... I must be in the minority; I'm not a fan of having a proposal or a wedding or marriage by the end. It feels kinda shoehorned for me. (I would be fine with an exploratory exchange about possibly getting married in the future. I think that has the potential to be super cute.) But yeah, that conversation feels a bit like the HPL version of Chekhov's gun---since they mentioned it in the penultimate week, they're probably going to use it in the last week. Ah well.
  10. http://mtvdaily.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=15585756001459392002&naver=1#09Rm Amidst 99% of praise for Hyesun in news reports, this one sticked out like a sore thumb calling our actress who portrayed the character as "flat and empty", and criticised on her "stiff dancing". I'm all for and open to criticisms for her, but this reporter seems to be picking on her while pulling ShimDeok into the picture as well. Meh.
  11. Yes ,its from this interview " I have no favorite .I like it all " credit to the owner
  12. The last scene truly makes me feel like the drama is ending soon! As much as I want all the cards to be showed up on the table, I don't want this drama to end There are a few things I want to point out: 1. Based on what DM's parents said about RG as soon as Cindy told her about RG being adopted and moved to the States, I don't know whether they really know RG is HYJ but I'm more convinced that DM's mom was the one who abandoned him. However, I believe there is an understanding reason behind what she did and yes, DM's mom will have a lot of explanation to do. 2. The same as RG's. By far, we know that she was in an accident and therefore couldn't continue her career. But even if some of the theories I read in the few pages back (in this forum) are true, that her dad throws 'Lee Sol''s life and sends her son away, shouldn't LS looked for him? I'm pretty sure that she didn't get amnesia and she actually had a good chance on finding him with the help of DM's parent IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE. Or maybe she thought that HYJ is dead. 3. I don't understand on why LS lives in another country. Supposedly LS marries SA's father and lives there, but it somehow feels like SA's father is not in the picture as well. Idk, just my feelings. Apart from the questions, I really love the progress of DM&RG's relationship. The way she gave him some space is so touching! Also, when DM mentioned the word 'marital compatibility', I think that we'll get to see them getting married or at least RG proposing! I so can't wait for that (cr: https://tayloswfts.tumblr.com) This love birds! (Oops, I meant love lion/rabbit) ><
  13. Hi guys, I am so late to this topic. I just registered an account on Soompi because I love Ryan Gold so much. Feeling so happy to read you guys' discussions as the story unfolds. Thinking back, it has been a long beautiful journey and our beloved couple has evolved a lot. My most favorite heart warming scene must be when they stayed over the writer's house and he said "annyeong" while looking at her, and the second scene being in front of his flat when she sang for him and he dreamingly gazed at her, as the lyrics started to echo "I'll listen to everything you say..." They were so beautifully and poetically executed. Three more episodes....it's a bittersweet moment thinking it's coming to an end. I hope we will be granted with most beautiful scenes of our lovely couple and hopefully it's a happy ending to Ryan Gold, to have his old chapter closed and new one open to happiness. Happy fangirling!
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