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  2. Yes just date already please! They are so comfortable around eachother and the way they glance at eachother.. just dateeeeeee!! Hopefully it was just him joking and referencing the male fans as her 'boyfriend' haha otherwise, who is this man!?
  3. Another great episode...I must say that the show does amazing in the comedy departament,i adore it,i laughed again with tears and Kim Jae Wook is turning for me to be the next So Ji Sub in terms of image...I mean,i wanted him to do a romcom for a long time and to be a lead but he really is delivering it as till now he really had all this dark,serious roles!I guess it's safe to say if we don't get some kind of twist, that Ryan and Shi An are half brothers...Kinda sad that he lost his ability to paint because of the childhood trauma,and without wanting, his said Mom hurt him a second time with her paintings...Curious how long it will take till Ryan addresses the said relationship between Deok Mi and Seon Joo as i see from the upcomign ep. the misunederstanding will continue to escalate...I also can say that i really dislike Sindy's character and i really hope they will drag her for her behaviour and put a stop to it because she is truly toxic and entitled,i truly hope they won't make Shi An be into a relationship with her just for the sake of it as it is nothing cute nor healty about it and not the message i expect to be conveying in respects to what her character means to deliver about sasaengs...On the opposite i already adore Ryan,he is such a charming man and more than meets the eye also poor guy,i bet he wants more than once to hide in a hole because of the embarassment,since he came back to SK and meet Deok Mi he experienced so much,i just can't even imagine the good stuff if she makes him a fanboy taking him all over places to fanboy along her...Curious as well what made Deok Mi become Shi An's fan in particular...Now the loooooooooooong wait for next week,time will pass soooo slow
  4. SF9’s Rowoon responded to hilarious stories about his talkative nature at fan sign events. On the April 18 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” the idol-actor appeared as a special MC. MC Yoo Jae Suk read out loud fans’ posts after attending SF9’s fan signing events. One fan wrote about how Rowoon suddenly asked her […] The post SF9’s Rowoon Explains Why He’s So Talkative During Fan Sign Events appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. I rarely ship actors together but these two I just do!! However, I think she has a boyfriend - I thought I heard CXX state her BF was in the audience in one of those clips over the last few pages.
  6. REMINDER Please do not interact with anyone who comes onto this thread who is not a shipper, but rather is looking to be disruptive. Please report such posts and then let the moderators take care of it, rather than interacting with the offending posts. @angelangie @LavelyShai @youngatheart
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  8. The streaming is so bad I no longer watch live - 2 988
  9. Shinhwa’s Minwoo cheered on BTS’s Jungkook on Instagram. On April 18, Minwoo posted a screenshot of his KakaoTalk conversation with Jungkook with the hashtags, “Bromance,” “BTS,” “Our Jungkookie,” and “Cheers.” In the screenshot, Minwoo wrote, “Jungkook, your song [‘Boy With Luv‘] is so good. I keep humming it haha,” and Jungkook replied, “Thank you ㅠㅠㅠ (crying emoticons). We start […] The post Shinhwa’s Minwoo Continues Bromance With Jungkook As He Shows Support For BTS’s New Album appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. I must say i like the drama a lot,it has it all: comedy,fantasy,mistery and romance...I love the close relationship between SuXi and Dashu even if i feel really sad for his unrequired love as i find him such an amazing guy,i really hope he finds his own happiness...I must say that i adore Chi Yu,even if the actor is handsome i never had quite the particular intrest in him till now...He is sooooo charming as Chi Yu and loved the choice of styling(well his name does mean Red)...I usually must say i'm not really fond of the reincarnation troupe as even if the soul is the same i don't consider them the same person but his love and dedication that Chi Yu has for our heroine is sooooo touching and heartflattering....Still have to catch up to the eps posted by Viki(big thanks for getting the license and subbing it) and even if i know the ending as i saw it raw i must say the drama per all is good...I'm also in love with the OST and that sad BGM and really hope they will release the whole V.A. ... While watching the show i always wondered if it was predestined for Tang Mao to be bad or if his fate changed in a worse case after Chi Yu's involvment...I always wonder how things would go per originality writing the main lead would not be the fated one and would actually be the one who cuts the red string...Coming back to the romance,i confess i was quite pissed with Chi Yu,that even if in his perspective Ji Wan is Suxi and so he loves the same one i still saw it as him loving Jiwan and not Suxi,at least not who she really was and i was really waiting for him to realise that they are two separate women...
  11. We can't love one character more than another when the interpreter is Park Bo Gum ... I loved every one of his characters: Taek's sweetness, Min's frailty, Yeong's determination, Jin's sensitivity ... are just some of the qualities that made the palpiting heart ... And I think he, our actor, has them all together with many others ... cr #Kimjinhyuk #tvNDramaEncounter Thanks, he really is a humble guy... and "is really an example for everyone to learn"! cr Mtv Music Channel Taiwan
  12. Byeeee.... I hope you will find suitable forum for you
  13. another fanart I really miss Song Ha Yoon I realize that manys already leave this topic but still wanna say hello to @booha @namjiho @Si Fa who still catch and post something in here.
  14. I can't help but think about the jar of stars...and wishes and since this is a supernatural series...anything is possible...there's a saying, better to have loved than never to have loved at all..
  15. Okay today's episode was REALLY CUTE <333 I liked how they actually had fun in the park (even without the 'fake' paparazzi) and was genuinely smiling when they were hanging out!! Also...just that whole scene with the children blowing bubbles in the park and Ryan being nostalgic then allowing the little kid to hold his finger (SO CUTE) and DM there to witness ALL of it! Next week though! What is that happening with her hair wet and them sleeping on the same bed?!! CANNOT WAIT
  16. @Sejabin kiss girl , good night , it’s 9: 07 pm now for me i have long night with our FP @triplem , @sushilicious , @Lawyerh & @ktcjdrama ... I can’t spot father Han , I may need glass -2
  17. I admit I too am ambivalent but this but will hold my opinion till I get to the last few episodes. It added to the angst (which is awesome) that ZWJ took on the responsibility of ZM's father's death but it put ZM in an untenable position of choosing between her two loyalties. Someone here mentioned it doesn't ring true to ZM's personality that she would forgive him without much preamble for the death. (Yes it could be a decade later, but still... where is the closure? Where is them working out this very important issue?) So yes, all in all, I think they did a really good job of ZM, but here and there went too far for the angst and sacrificed core parts of ZM's character (as they themselves tried to lay out in the front e.g., she protected WBB from ZWJ)
  18. thank you Lauren, that is very nice of you. I can't get enough of this couple. I re-watched it every night. Tell me that I'm normal.
  19. OMG I swear that was the most beautiful makin out scene I’ve ever seen... Even tho they were just acting but it looks so natural... i’m really curious to see their reaction when the director said cut... hopefully they include that in the dvd/blue ray..
  20. I suppose that if I thought the romance was the primary goal of this story then I can see how WJ might appear to be an unworthy fellow. Except that a) I don't think romance is the main driver of the plot and b) I don't think of love within the category of something that is earned. I can't say if WJ is undeserving of ZM... I imagine that's for her to decide ultimately. My view is that for WJ romance is largely a complication in what would otherwise be a straightforward trajectory. It's true that in this version they dwell far more heavily on the melodrama than in previous ones making the WJ-ZM star-crossed theme far more of an issue in how the rebellion and overthrow plays out. Rather than taking the easy way out, I think the show takes a far more circuitous... more painfully realistic route. It isn't just a cross-cultural relationship gone awry... there are so many issues that this version surprisingly doesn't skirt... the xenophobia, conflicts of interests, the cost of war, the dark side of brotherhood. Speaking of earning one's stripes, I'm more inclined to think that this adaptation makes WJ earn his right to walk away more than any other. His patriotism stripped everything away from him including the woman he loved. He paid such a high price for the war against the Mongolian overlords. And yes it was war make no mistake even if the budget makes it look like some local skirmish. What's that old adage: "all's fair in love and war". Besides, didn't JY write three different endings for YTTLJ at various points in time depending how the pendulum was swinging in his state of mind... yeah... I don't think writers should be allowed to diddle around a published piece of fiction either. But since he set a precedence... I can't blame the director or writer for following suit.
  21. @Ameera Ali done. I went to the toilet 3 times already and I feel my stomach is empty now. It’s the time to drink a warm water with a few sugar now ^_* .. so relieved.. it must be because of chicken noodles this afternoon ~_~ (I must to fasting but I eat everything yesterday. Naughty sejabin) ~_~ why you have not sleep yet? .. I am sleepy now.. *cupppssssss your cheeks .. sweetdreams chingu
  22. TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Joseon Survival” (literal title) now has the full lead cast set! Song Won Seok and Park Se Wan are confirmed to be featuring in “Joseon Survival,” alongside Kang Ji Hwan and Kyung Soo Jin, who had previously been confirmed to star in the drama. Song Won Seok previously starred in the drama “My Only […] The post Song Won Seok And Park Se Wan Confirmed To Join Kang Ji Hwan And Kyung Soo Jin In Upcoming Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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