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  2. Trying to find you some new ladies lol Keum Sae Rok 642
  3. Video from conference press in Beijing https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4365008130515988/4365008811256618 Credit as tagged.
  4. I hope money he get is enough , he didn’t know how crazy SH is , she coming after him for my understanding to SH .. playing dump wouldn’t help .. counting to 200 , wouldn’t help as well .. arguing, is a no no , he need ask other victims only way way for him admits, sell out NJ
  5. Lee's return has yet to be decided, but the industry is already busy. An official said, "There will be fierce competition to catch Lee Min-ho." https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000499713 ******************************************** "There was no separate event on the day, but Lee smiled beyond the black mask and waved at some 200 fans who waited for him in the rain." https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=001&aid=0010787840 ********************************************************** “Today, Lee Minho, an actor we’ve been waiting for a long time is coming back to us.” https://entertainment.mb.com.ph/2019/04/25/lee-min-ho-completes-his-military-service/
  6. 640 Okay, I will. @sushiliciousThank....you....? But......who is it? She doesn't like one of my Top 5.
  7. Quick run since I'm at work lol I watched the clips in my car and Aera confirmed one of my theories. I'm pretty sure she said something about LSH being his first love's child. I was like "I knew it!" I thought it was off the way he was saying her name during his snow white days. Gosh! So the brothers were in a love triangle? A mess. We have veered into the Young and the Restless territory lmao
  8. If YJ is killed for the finale.. Its climax for the king who cannot have everything in life.. Have weakness although he can can be accepted everyone.. If YJ is survived also she will be continue to support the king until the end.. So far we dont know not yet..
  9. Neuf Mode https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4365009212655900/4365009469874172
  10. I stopped watching this show. Was channel surfing & came upon this scene where NJ told sly fox she has paid for her crime! How? By wallowing in guilt so everyone has to treat her like a delicate flower? Idiot writer.
  11. Origins https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4365043719676314 Sr.Weibo
  12. Yeah we kept on thinking if she ever went it will be with SP peeps but for some reason it never occured to me too that she would go with aluu ceo. Shld have expected it though but this surprise really feels so good! Hahaha. On the day where there is no KHN to boot. LOL. Can i tell u how much i love your posts? Hahahahaha. Her timing i tell ya.. its suspicious. Lol. I love this post i saw on ig! Lol Ctto LOL dearie! Your gifs are so on point! I'm glad to see u back! Woo hoo! We wish too but being rational and logical shippers.. hahaha. I dun think it will happen, but a girl can hope for magazine interviews and endorsements right? We got shortchanged by so much but yet we are still here thanks to our captains! Ahhhh! U are backkk! Hope to see u more often dearie! Hehehe. We all know how they are master ninjas! Nothing is impossible for them! Wakakaa. Welcome aboard dearie! Its so nice reading ur post. Hehe. U are one cute fan! Dun try to disappear. Trust me, i tried and look where i am now. Hahahaha. Lmao! Thank u for sharing your crazy theory in here! Hey! Once in a while, being too rational also isnt for our own good. Wahahahah. Let loose dearie! Love reading ur posts like these! Keke.
  13. Shout out to pro memoria for the super HD KS of Episode 14 hehe And one of my fave scene just because their chemistry us on fire here
  14. I agreed with you.. the irony part is So ji sub is already 40 something so they could hve casted an older actress to be matched with him.. and the drama didnt even hv romance or anything so i was surprised they casted someone younger to play ahjumma.. i havent watched Scarlet Heart bcoz my sister went berserk during the last ep lol.. it had something to do with how the drama ended.. but now i think im gonna watch it bcoz of HJH..
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