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  2. Ep 4 After the last scene of ep3, I thought things will get a bit dark with some revenge plot. It turned out to be just a simple misunderstanding. I can feel Ryan’s embarrassment getting riled up for nothing . Good thing he still proposed to do the the fake relationship. It sounds logical and not forced. Even the use of the diary and DM as a fansite manager was integrated smoothly on this plot. I can’t help but laugh at Ryan’s confused look when SJ was volunteered to be the fake paparazzi. He can’t wrap around his head the idea that the ‘real lover’ would be willing to see her partner be close to another. My heart fluttered at the wall scene. I can feel the tension bet the two . I feel similar to SJ who’s squealing at the couple. Too bad it had to end with Ryan thinking DM is a gold digger.... Really, the comedic situation in this drama is so enjoyable and satisfying. I can’t help but repeat those scenes most of the time. The walk under the cherry blossoms was lovely. I like the music background too. Suits perfectly with the sweet scene. The part where DM is viewing their date pics is cute. Glad they’ve shown her being affected coz truly anyone in her situation would have to feel something after spending time with a hot guy! SJ’s son is so cute! I want to squish him. I hope he’ll get more screen time in the future ep. With Cindy being in the picture now, it’ll force our fake couple to extend their fake relationship which I’m so all in for. Can’t wait for next ep!
  3. It’s not bragging if it’s TRUE And then I’m like , Who cares I am AWESOME @lu09 your Shepherd back to normal woof woof
  4. And just like that , the end and i await the next KNG drama ...LOL thanks to the TFP team for entertaining us all these weeks as well as all the soompis coming together to 'faithfully' honour them with beautiful pictures and comments. Adios
  5. I don't think so. It's interesting because they do it alot in Manwha... (Korean comics)
  6. It's been a while since I last watched a kdrama, and as always, I come to soompi to see if other people are enjoying it too. Just dropped in to say that I binge-watched all 4 eps today and I can't wait for the next ones x)
  7. @riiko1988 hahaha.. i dont think so he was scolding her.. his face looks like "a man who admires a woman" (i guess).. Hahahaha.. How can a man resist of yin's charm?? Maybe his inner thoughts would like be "gosh, d*mn ldw... he was so fast.. she is a pearl.. and he got her.." Ldw wasnt there "again" and i think there's no photo of them too right? I think if there's something then he is always "gone" while prescon.. that's d keywords of him..lols.. What do u think?
  8. +2 I always have. Signal Season 2 would be great, but the footprints of S1 are so large that nothing could fit these. I would rather have no second season than a bad second season. I mean, just look at Mystery Queen. Thank you!
  9. You can see the gentle and affectionate displayed on WJ's pair of beautiful eyes when looking at MM. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hquu3ky0J?fid=1034:4363136971773714
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  11. Btw, I saw that both Harumatsu Bokuea and Kasane are out on DVD now. I have already watched Kasane before in Japan but would like to watch it again. The Chinese sites are quite troublesome though so I think I'll wait for streaming sites to upload them. Have any of you watched the movies yet? I have seen positive comments on weibo how people have changed their minds about Tao. Most of them have only seen the liveactions of hers and just assumed she can only act highschool girl roles so they got surprised at her acting skills.
  12. orabeoni’s reaction here is funny. he seems nagging his lil sis. haha he was like “dongwook said you guys meet privately, why didnt u guys invite me? are u still mad i called u fried egg?”
  13. Apparently not! My understanding was that ZYZ established Ming dynasty so not sure why it just didn't happen that way in the novels. Even the screenwriter made ZYZ look a bit foolish planning a wedding for WJ and ZM (another scene I hated). Definitely made ZYZ and the followers look like a village of idiots. Yes, I remember that conversation between ZM and WJ. I believe it was the part of the hot pot scene at the inn. It's those kind of lines/witty banter that I love from the novel that says so much about WJ's innocent/pure personality. Another part I like is where WJ confronted ZM about killing YL and how he badly wanted to kill her as revenge. She demanded he go ahead, but he couldn't do it LOL. She was so happy with just that too because she knew that WJ did love/care for her. Out of all the sects, I would agree WJ would've been happy at Wu Dang. Aside from his godfather, his great shi-fu loved him so much. But that was not his destiny. The friends, medical skills and various martial arts that he gained throughout his journey was after having to leave Wu Dang to cure his poison. Are you planning to watch the TVB version? If you do, please let me know if it's any different. I'll always watch more remakes. Let's hope the next will have a better ending.
  14. Regarding the scene where ZR asked WJ who he loved, the way I see it was closure for ZR to hear WJ finally explain the different kinds of love he had for each of the four women. That scene was not meant for ZM to hear it. In the novel, WJ had already told ZM he loves her shortly after abandoning ZR at the wedding. Well, to be fair, he told her that he loves and hates her LOL. That for me was enough. What you said about this drama reminding you of WJ of Guo Jing's patriotism is probably why I have a hard time with the portrayal of this WJ. WJ definitely had good intentions for the better of the people so I get why he couldn't up and leave until the Mongolians were defeated. I don't have a problem with that. It's just the writer's extreme melodramatic take on it made it hard for me to like it and I feel like the assassination plotline had a lot to do with it. Ultimately though I do understand that each viewer sees things differently. Personally, I liked the WJ in the novel. He was not meant to be hero/leader so I enjoyed his journey in there to discover that for himself in the end and it was simply okay. That's another reason why I loved the original version of his last conversation with his great shi-fu so much.
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