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  2. From the preview, I am guessing TJ decided to fill the role of heir apparent because he wanted to protect MR. Or as KDs like it, turned our fun loving hero into a cynical nose to the grindstone chaebol because MR dumped him. I think I caught a fleeting scene when MR said to IS ' you want me gone, yes I am' or something like that. Someone please look for it. This is their first break up. I am quite sure that MR leaves the company. What would she do? I would like her to go abroad, build a successful company, come back and kick IS and the Chairman's old butts - not very original, but we will enjoy it.
  3. Just watched the preview. Geez why my hurt is hurting so much looking at ep 15 preview? if TVN tried to break our couple up i swear i’m gonna smack the crap out of TVN Just let them be together forever pleaseeeee
  4. #69 Rush to the airport scenes #70 I cant take this I must go abroad!
  5. Me thinking all these weeks this perfect / gorgeous face didn’t need any shaving @cenching, @Kasmic & @Lawyerh & @Sejabin Girl if editing photos is an act of love , so I think shaving is an act of intimacy
  6. it has to be from real life experience cause gosh the way his dom daddy side jumps out during romantic scenes with his co stars
  7. KJW is simply ageing like a wine. I can't deal with his aura vibe, 100%!! PD-Nim better extend the version just like how they were in Episode 9 and 10, their kisses in the workshop. It must have the waking up scene at least, step by step. We have plenty of time for it.
  8. The upcoming drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” (tentative title) has revealed its first teaser video and main poster! “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” is a remake of the 2014 Japanese drama “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” which follows the trials and tribulations of adults who are faced with forbidden love. In the newly released […] The post Lee Sang Yeob And Park Ha Sun Get Steamy In Main Poster For New Drama About Forbidden Love appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Its too crazy when they do live shooting include for editing.. So may be today and tomorow they will do finale episode16.. Yeah the scenes I want for the finale are Ryan know all pictures Deok Mi take it and Ryan can draw again... Shows the world Ryan will do comeback.
  10. My hubby is accepted I'm addicted to Min Young, but he doesn't like her & won’t see any Kdrama [I hope I can share my happiness with him coz I'm a sharing mode person, but I can't/ won't change his mind, we're not Deokmi & Ryan] Gratefully/ Luckily I'm very close with my kids, we can discuss/ sharing daily life, books, movies, thought and secrets. When they're growing up to 6 & 10 this year, I can share more with them, eg Min Young's dancing videos, we watch videos more than 50 times, are we crazy???? Definitely we will keep watching them again & again. I told kids about the theme of HPL - 'Healing’, I start to like KJW recently, we watched KJW singing “Can’t take my eyes off you”/ we listen HPL's Osts together/ of course I told them why I like MY very much (my colleagues or friends selectively watch Korea Dramas, they like US/ UK/ Taiwan dramas more than Korea) So I'm very welcome & happy to see you here. But I'm not lonely, so do you. I meet all of you here sharing different points of view with peaceful atmosphere. And I gain positive energy here!!! Thanks a lot!
  11. while y'all are here getting upset over ppc not being together here's something to cheer you all! the recent update of this ppc fic i'm reading based on currents events is just
  12. @lu09 ~ even if jenny hasn't realized, others are already starting to think shady mom strange. loved the first takedown between eun seok and shady mom in ep 6 -- he totally refused to just let jenny lie on the street and would not allow shady mom to boss him. why does she deny meeting him? guess she was trying to put him in place? and based on the preview, it looks like reporter is asking the right question -- why is shady mom isolating jenny? oooh, let the questions begin! we also saw glimpses of jenny's memories where they were hiding in quite bad circumstances -- given how shady mom is, am surprised that she kept jenny as a child... what do other chingus think? @marrez1 @msmy @rolisrntex @joccu ......
  13. 600.000 views Source By the way, MotA started filming around this time last year. So, happy anniversary (?), everyone!
  14. lets be positive! TJ still has a MIRI chance which he can use.. even if MR is totally disappointed betrayed or whatever, a promise is a promise! it’ll be his chance to clear out the current mess!!
  15. [Video] 2019.05.27 Jang Ki Yong & Ji Kin Joo's NGs While Promoting Come & Hug Me to Japanese Audience
  16. Yeah we all know our OTP here are both mature so it was way too impossible that RG wont understand, he might think on the brighter side he meet and feel in love with DM not as korean name Heo Yoon Jae but as adoptee name Ryan Gold. So he will be thankful for that already. its just that the hatred he felt to his mother for all he thought he was cast aside. He might give DM time alone but breakup is a big NO NO ( so impossible) Seeing how the situation affect his relationship on both DM mother and his lover.. to think that it was DM mom that give him the trauma fear of abandonment... But I think they wont drag this one too long maybe it wont take for more than 20mins duration for the entire Ep15 of HPL in regards to wrapping up these misunderstanding and forgiveness between DM mom, DM, RG mom and RG... And everybody will move on to the next scenario which is the Celebrity Art Exhibit. This is what im getting excited for. - Will Sindy find out DM is ShiAnIsMyLife? Since these drama is all about FanGirling we will go back to what it started. the ultimate FanGirls of Cha Shi An.
  17. Thank you so much @meechuttso for helping correct my translation as always . I think the biggest achievement of SHS in this drama are that - she had to learn to dance ballet and also to build herself a body of dancer, and she did it so well. - she gave the greatest acting to give life and depth to this Yeon-Seo character and managed to nail it and brought this hateful character to be loved by all audiences over the world in only 3 episodes with those Daesang-deserved scenes. I don't see any actress in this planet can do that (and I didn't exaggerate). Sometimes I used to think to myself 'Am I dreaming ? Is this the same actress that I have followed ? The one who in the past was so good but I can't imagine she will go this far for both her skill and her popularity'. If this is a dream, then it's a colorful dream that I don't want to wake up. Just wonder if Lovcat Bijoux still her endorsement? Because the last time they posted their IG of SHS was the time she was in 100 years remembrance program. And in this ALML , SHS also wore earring from other brand. At first I’m sad that her contract with itMICHAA ended but after watching ALML I’m so glad that she got chances to wear more elegant designer’s dresses.
  18. HPL BTS are always teasing us and are way much better than the actual ones. I could still remember the back ally behind their office for the photoshoot, when KJW's hands were on PMY's neck, his fingers were fidgeting and that was their very first photoshoot in the drama episode. Their ad-lib are non-stoppable on and off screen!! I wonder if all these were both ideas to add spices into their script. PD-Nim ought to show us the workshop kisses!! Up till now, whenever he starts smiling, MTG will always be on my mind and all the creeps I am having, sometimes I can't even differentiate who is who. But this shows how skilled KJW is.
  19. Based on the way Ryan talked about them, it seems that they have passed away That was the second time I was at the filming The scene was when Eun Gi apologized to Deokmi for making her uncomfortable with his confession (last episode). The third filming I saw was on Friday night last week (24/05). There was Eun Gi, Deokmi, and Ryan. I only greeted PMY this time haha. Ryan and Deokmi filmed separate scene inside his car. Then Deokmi and Eungi filmed the scene, where he chased after her as she walked home... They all wore the same clothes with the ones on the preview.
  20. joccu

    drama tropes 2019

    #68 people always go to study to USA end of the drama but still can't talk english.
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