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  2. His fan club posted some nice pics She was the mc of his fan meet
  3. It is not Dior but Gentle Monster. Credit Arthur_FashionCosmos.
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  5. One more i wanna add. She is a very open person. Dare to do, dare to admit, will never do despicable stuffs to hide her mistakes
  6. He is very similar to FP in which he is trying to get revenge. But difference is he can be evil too. +2
  7. 190423 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "in NewYork!! Amazing view!! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
  8. I am looking forward to TVB episode 19 Which means we will get to see 4 uncut episodes!! Yeah!! That's alot to cover there!! Yeah he even claim to represent Wuji father to object to the impromptu wedding with ZM. I was like, please!! Settle your family issue first!!
  9. I just love that scene when he order WJ to kill MinMin and he said NO. What kind of an uncle is that. His dad died in the war and put the blamed on MinMin. I'm glad that WJ stood up and said that MinMin didn't hurt anyone.
  10. 956. Oh Shark is a drama series... i thought its movie. His style is jjang.... but makjang ending? Can anyone tell me if is this worth watching?
  11. WJ's uncle get on my nerves, selfish and arrogance. That's why I called him bastard and don't consider him to be WJ's close family member. Think about the way he treated his own wife and daughter. What right he had that he can be a father figure for WJ. So not surprised that he want to kill ZM to avenge the death of his father. Indeed, those Ming Cult's members really disappointed me. I loves ZD in the beginning because he give us some comedy relief. Man, he turn out to be an idiot to believed in Cheng Kun's lies and schemes. They almost forgot entirely how despicable Cheng Kun is.
  12. Great analysis i love it! And one more, she did poison the Ming Sect people at Lu Liu Manor
  13. Oh man that would be so good if she showed up early. Please more ZM/RYW/WBB scenes, for a family that adore each other always feel a bit weird that WBB trapped ZM so suddenly, hopefully we get more explanation. Also please explain who ordered the arrows shoot in snake island, I guess it's WBB but please show me the explanation for that ZM alone hotpot scene is going put in I hope TVB edit feels quicker though if you watch the fights, even though so far they still end at the same spot until the latest episodes. I hope they cut XZ's singing scene so we can get to GMD fights faster.
  14. I was thinking JK seemed much more mature this season compared to last season. Turns out he's just faking it in front of SY since he wants to look cool in front of his first love.
  15. Btw I took time to re-read the Q&A of his 2018 FM First of all, why does he always like sad stuff ? His karaoke song is western sky. And the song has high notes.. does he really sing it 'cause he said his mom adviced him to not sing, his voice was noise pollution. His answer to the blind date question made me laugh . Lee Sun or Kim Min Kyu are the perfect boyfriend materials but he chose Harry because he is a psycho ! He doesn't know that he is always handsome, shower or not. If he thinks he is handsome when he is taking showers, he needs then to film the dramas shower brooding scenes
  16. Lollll . Never actually managed to finish the movie lol. Because it’s too much for me to handle. If we are thinking of the same movie...I’m just gonna say this... It’s interesting lol...but it’s *cough cough cough cough* both him and My Chan was in it. Watched for My Chan first before i later on realized that I met NG in this movie months ago lol 954 edit.. Wah you colleague
  17. Esquire revealed photos from their shoot with actor Park Seo Joon, the cover model for the magazine’s May issue. In his interview with the magazine, the “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” star expressed amazement at how much time has gone by, talking about how he has kept a busy schedule for a long time. Previously, the actor […] The post Park Seo Joon On Studying English And His Desire For Something Beyond His Acting Career appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. Ahh. I know which movie - I saw the cut on YT, my colleague showed me . That was interesting to say the least . 952
  19. The most obvious one is when ZM interrogates the prisoner Ming sect captured before they went up to shaolin. ZM was infamous as a ruthless person, so when WJ asked her how she did it, the fact that she immediately know his concern and just scared the guy to confessing is just a testament how well she knows that WJ dislike indiscriminate killing, if it was her old self she'll probably just torture the guy slowly. Which makes ZZR scene when they came back from snake island funny, ZZR pretty much want to kill anybody that cross their path (like geez, girl calm down) which just shows even though they've been stuck in that island for at least a few days ZZR don't even try to understand or even guess WJ's character as a person/her future husband, I mean he never hide that he dislike unnecessary killing. If ZM was in ZZR position she'll probably just tease him for being a soft hearted guy that will bring trouble if the Yuan army report what they saw. Just like what happens when they were traveling together in the ox cart, because she know no matter what happen they can handle it together with her wit and his martial art, I mean WJ is probably the best bodyguard
  20. More images and news from hellokpop “One Spring Night” Is The Newest Korean Romance Series Netflix Fans Would Love By abbyinhallyuland | April 22, 2019 FEATURING HEARTFELT DISCOVERY OF TRUE LOVE, ONE SPRING NIGHT WILL FILL YOUR NETFLIX CHILL TIME WITH ROMANCE. From the writer-director tandem of highly-popular series Something in the Rain, an idyllic picture of genuine romance will be painted in One Spring Night. Reuniting with the showrunners of his previous hit drama, Jung Hae In pairs up with Han Ji Min to portray an extraordinary love story. ANTICIPATED SPRING LOVE TALE Portraying the role of Lee Jeong-in, Han Ji Min will breathe life to her role as a librarian who knows how to appreciate the small things in life. Jung Hae-in whom Netflix fans fell in love with for his role in Something in the Rain, plays Yu Ji-ho, a well-mannered pharmacist who does not hesitate when it comes to love. Their uneventful lives get intertwined by unexpected love. Defying what they believe, they seek what their hearts truly want. One Spring Night aims to depict an encouraging love tale between a man and a woman searching for love. It aims to reminisce romance at its brightest and most poignant yearning. Directed by Ahn Pan Suk, viewers can look forward to another realistic storytelling of love and emotions. The brilliant director is known for his sound rendition of television dramas White Tower, Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine. Collaborating once again with Kim Eun, whom he worked together for the highly-successful Something in the Rain, raises anticipation. (Netflix) One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May 22, one hour after its television broadcast in Korea. ((Skip)) (Netflix) For full article, refer https://www.hellokpop.com/news/one-spring-night-netflix-global-release/
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