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  2. Such a waste...this drama started so good then went downhill. They dragged the mental illness of SH too long, then this 2 year jump is nonsense. The writer messed this one up, too bad i was really liking the pace of the story before and all the actors they did pretty good portraying the roles, im pretty sure everyone watching was so disappointed.
  3. *** This is in International Conference Center, South China Bank Head Office Building (123 Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City) on May 3 at 5PM ******************************************************************* RAIN(비)_Tiffany & co. High Jewelry Event. in Taiwan Tiffany & co. High Jewelry event. < RAIN 초청> Where: 타이완 타이베이 화난파이낸스빌딩 When: 2019년 5월 3일 at 5 PM. credit : http://www.raincompany.co.kr/schedule.php
  4. My Goodness !!! Please don't ask me to translate this ok ! hahahahahhahaha VERY HOT !!!!
  5. Behind-the-scenes images of ONE on the set of “Her Private Life” have been released! In the drama, ONE plays the role of Cha Shi An, the idol that Park Min Young’s character Sung Deok Mi fangirls over. The photos show him in the midst of filming the sixth episode, clad in a black suit and […] The post ONE Looks Dashing Behind The Scenes On Set Of “Her Private Life” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Awww, just saw the BTS and I really love how PMY called him "oppa" She was always getting paired up with younger male leads so I'm happy she gets paired with older guy for once. Lmao at knetz saying how holding hands can be so erotic.. So far I really looove all the skinship in this drama because none of it was too cheesy and the amount of sexual tension is insane!! I hope we get to see makeout sesh later on tbh
  7. Oh boy! I read this short fanfic (Google Translate) and it’s steamy. If you can read Chinese, try it out. https://media.weibo.cn/article?object_id=1022%3A2309404363133903879939&extparam=lmid--4363133906663864&luicode=10000011&lfid=1076032203352950&id=2309404363133903879939
  8. @Blizzardistkaputt @ellelyana88 Sigh.... This is really very upsetting and disappointing!
  9. Aww it's great to see their reaction. Seem like they had fun making and watching the show. Finding more inspiring dancers in the group..can make a separate video about that alone haha... Can't wait to see it sub now. Thanks again you are such a sweetheart .
  10. Hello everyone....how is it going? I've been watching HPL and enjoying it too! I'm such a PMY fan-gurl!!! My two cents on PMY-KJW chemistry - I've rarely seen PMY so carefree and happy. She seems to be very comfortable around KJW. She teases him, goofs around with him and laughs a lot! That makes me happy...just to see her smile! But it seems to me that PMY is so relaxed with KJW (as compared to PSJ) because as if nothing can ever happen between them. For a moment I was curious if KJW is gay (nothing wrong with that)! I don't want to call them bro-sis coz it will really spoil the show for me. As a PMY fan, I want the show to do well and for that the two leads need to have good chemistry. But I will be very surprised if they are anything more than colleagues. On the other hand, PMY-PSJ relationship definitely is more mysterious...there is scope for a lot more! So I hope you continue to enjoy this ship without spoiling HPL for people like me, who are a part of this ship but want to enjoy HPL too! Peace!!!
  11. ok so they are showing what actually happens in their industry ...that prosecutor thing was horrible
  12. syntyche, thanks for sharing this. He must have missed posting on SNS. Now, he's starting again to reach-out to his fans.
  13. Omg! I am so excited!!!! Lol. I haven't seen white christmas. The blue man sounds interesting though hehe.
  14. March 15, 2019 Just out on DVD Korean Movie "The Battleship Island" Source: HanCinema.net Korean movie "The Battleship Island" is available to order on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA. "The Battleship Island" (2016) Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan With Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki, Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Su-an, Lee Kyung-young... Synopsis "The Battleship Island" is the story of 400 or so Joseon people who risk their lives to escape Battleship Island which is where they were forcefully taken to during the Japanese Invasion. Release date in Korea : 2017/07/26 DVD 3-Disc with English subtitles
  15. I agree with you @nrllee that they don't have enough evidence to lock SM up. I honestly don't think SM is a bad guy. He just wanted to put an end to his father torturing his mother and LA was a big help with his abilities, but at the same time, SM is teaching LA something/lessons. For wanting to catch the culprit, you need solid evidence, even with his abilities, he needs solid evidence to make his statement clear. If he gets carried away with his abilities, people will use him and he'll end up not being able to catch the culprit. That's why I still have hope that SM will turn out good. It just breaks my heart that the writer and pd killed off JS. She never got a chance to learn that SM was taking meds to control his emotions. I honestly just want things to turn out well for JI that her father's innocence get proven and LA does well and put his life together with his abilities. He's been learning a lot in the past 4 episodes and you can see his character growing up.
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