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  2. Just wonder if Lovcat Bijoux still her endorsement? Because the last time they posted their IG of SHS was the time she was in 100 years remembrance program. And in this ALML , SHS also wore earring from other brand.
  3. HPL BTS are always teasing us and are way much better than the actual ones. I could still remember the back ally behind their office for the photoshoot, when KJW's hands were on PMY's neck, his fingers were fidgeting and that was their very first photoshoot in the drama episode. Their ad-lib are non-stoppable on and off screen!! I wonder if all these were both ideas to add spices into their script. PD-Nim ought to show us the workshop kisses!! Up till now, whenever he starts smiling, MTG will always be on my mind and all the creeps I am having, sometimes I can't even differentiate who is who. But this shows how skilled KJW is.
  4. Based on the way Ryan talked about them, it seems that they have passed away That was the second time I was at the filming The scene was when Eun Gi apologized to Deokmi for making her uncomfortable with his confession (last episode). The third filming I saw was on Friday night last week (24/05). There was Eun Gi, Deokmi, and Ryan. I only greeted PMY this time haha. Ryan and Deokmi filmed separate scene inside his car. Then Deokmi and Eungi filmed the scene, where he chased after her as she walked home... They all wore the same clothes with the ones on the preview.
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    drama tropes 2019

    #68 people always go to study to USA end of the drama but still can't talk english.
  6. 2019.05.24  2019.05.25 2019.05.26 Kang Dong Won Shares His First Vlog And It’s The Best Thing That Happened To His Fans He’s still gorgeous. Actor Kang Dong Won has, for the first time in 16 years since he debuted, shared an exclusive look inside his daily life – through a minute long vlog content which he uploaded on a YouTube channel called Mono Tube. The video revealed that Kang Dong Won has been staying in Los Angeles, California and preparing to appear in a Hollywood film. His fans were able to catch a glimpse of his place in LA too, as he welcomed a couple of his friends, including model Bae Jeong Nam, on the vlog. Kang Dong Won and friends were spotted around LA, spending quality time together. Kang Dong Won seemed to be enjoying his life in the States and that made his fans very happy. The YouTube channel promoted that it would be updated with new contents weekly on Saturdays 8PM KST. While he hasn’t been the most active in his acting career, Kang Dong Won continues to receive a lot of love and support from his loyal fans! His fans, who have been waiting forever for an update on the actor’s whereabouts and future plans, are now celebrating with the cutest, funniest messages in the comments section! Today must be the day that I’ve been hanging on to dear life for…! Saturdays are going to be the only thing keeping me going from now on. Good luck to everyone else feeling the same! — YouTube ID 현 Oh… wow, I can’t breathe… I wish the best for you – to work little and earn a lot. I hope you get healthier with each breath in and richer with each breath out. I can’t believe my 15 years of stanning is being rewarded like this. I’m literally so moved. — YouTube ID 김세진 I want to live to see tomorrow too, but should I die now I won’t have any regrets! I’ve been your fan forever, Kang Dong Won. You’re the first celebrity in my life whom I sincerely loved and supported. Thank you for sharing this vlog with your fans, who are always waiting for even the smallest updates from you. This makes me so happy. — YouTube ID 이리오 source https://www.koreaboo.com/news/actor-kang-dong-won-shares-first-vlog-youtube-best-thing-fans/ 2019.05.26 Netizens went Wild at Kang Dongwon's Younger Days' Pictures After It was Being Retrieved in HD He looks amazing now and back then too. Actor Kang Dongwon has always been known for one of the veteran actors who not only acts well but is visually very appealing too. Born in 1981, the actor is turning 40 really soon and still, his recent pictures don't look his age at all. The actor's visual isn't just shining after he debuted as an actor but way before that and his past pictures could easily prove so. The trend of using an application to retrieve HD quality of pictures in the past that really blurs has been used on Kang Dongwon's younger days' pictures too and what netizens saw blew their mind. Kang Dongwon was the cutest boy when he was little, dashing when he was growing too. source https://kstarlive.com/article/2019/05/25/netizens-went-wild-at-kang-dongwon-s-younger-days-pictures-after-it-was-being-retrieved-in-hd-230751 2019.05.27 [SBS Star] HD Retrieved Photos of Gang Dong Won's Younger Days Wow the Public Fans went wild at old photos of actor Gang Dong Won after they were being retrieved in HD. Recently, one fan retrieved Gang Dong Won's old photos in HD and shared them online. Born in 1981 and debuted in 2003, Gang Dong Won has always been known for one of the best-looking actors in Korea who is not only good-looking but also excels in acting. As you can see in the past photos below, Gang Dong Won flaunts his unique, irresistible charm even in his early debut days. Meanwhile, Gang Dong Won is currently living in Los Angeles, the United States to prepare his first Hollywood film 'Tsunami LA'. source https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005283886
  7. Wow dear... What a nice question!!! Hah ha.... His hair in Untouchable Lawmen is all messy & I don't like him with messy hair! I prefer him a decent hair styles as following... I think a well-combed hair gives him a great personality for his image!!!! And when eye-glasses on, wooow!!!! He is like a beautiful dream.... Thank you so much for the link dear!!! I really want to watch it because of your motivation!!!!
  8. I want to skip Tuesday and go staright to Wednesday. I can’t wait! but i also don’t want this drama to end. The Eun Gi and Deok Mi scene? It was you that greeted Ahn Bo Hyun, right? sigh.. even from the preview.. i know.. Kim Jae Wook keeps looking better and better. How is that possible? He’s like getting more and more handsome by each day. Sorry, lost focus for a while One thing I’m still curious though. Will we get the ‘extended’ version of ep 14 kiss scene? Or they will just cut everything and staight to them being cute in the bathroom? Oh wait.. Deok Mi said she will follow him even to the bathroom. And SHE DID
  9. For the last part about talking to his adoptive parents, I saw some friends here discussed that when RG talked about his adoptive parents to SDM, he used something like past tense in Korean like they no longer exist or pass away...
  10. Whoot..he finally posted one with PBY . Why does it look like a date? You know, swing and all..ha ha. Looks like we'll be seeing CM and SY in a date soon
  11. Hello to all initially I didn't wanted to start the drama this soon cause waiting thing is difficult but to deal with my withdrawal symptoms as I am currently watching Hpl I needed some good drama and when I searched the team behind it without any doubt I clicked it.I had loved this director previous work even though his last project sitr went downhill in 2nd half but overall I liked the drama.I see people comparing it with sitr yeah may be the setting and ambiance kind of give the same vibes (I consider it as director signature work)but story here is different at least the female lead has stronger character and Jung hae in as a single dad makes it more alluring.I love how realistic this drama is,stories that you see around in your own societies not to forget the taboos attached to the issues like this.From what I can observe that giseok and Jung in are basically living in a loveless relationship for past years one can literally feel in their conversation ,there is no heart to heart talk between them and Jung in friend too pointed out in first epi. yeah it's not like couples have to always say love u and other sweet things but you can feel there is no warmth and fluttering moments in their relationship even when they are together.when giseok talked about marriage it was like a casual talk and marriage it not just about living,eating together what giseok said and I understand why Jung in said is he doing this just so that it can be 'convenient'.Jiho introduction in her life is kinda like catalyst she is now forced to think in what kind of relationship she is staying with giseok and them getting married only cause they had been in long rel(I can feel that's the only reason at least for giseok).Her not telling Giseok about the bank account thing (many pointed out why she lied and it's a sign of cheating)made me think that actually we don't know in past how their relationship was and Jung in sister saying he is kind of assertive in nature can imply that may be he didn't like this kind of thing (I mean jiho was basically a stranger )so I am not judging her right now.One good thing is that she told him that she needed some 'break'.She is curious about jiho and may be bit attracted but she isn't sure herself whether it's love kind of thing or she just felt more attentiveness and warmthness from jiho (The chopstick scene gave the vibe that giseok ignored that her chopstick fell but jiho noticed )and want to at least have this kind of person as her close friend with whom she can share anything without being judged and pitied. I liked that both Jiho and Jung in are being honest with each and don't mind pointing out each other when they are wrong.I hope in the coming episode things would be cleared between Jung in rel with giseok if she wants to pursue rel with Jiho more than being friends.Its too early to say what kind of character they will become in future. Beside that I liked sisters bonding and even if their father cause problems in coming episode I would like see Jung in standing strong on what she wants. Sorry for such a long post .
  12. Beautiful OTP! They are so cute! I hope we will be seeing a lot more of them in the drama
  13. Yes 1st letter of each line spells Lee Yeon-Seo going down and across it said. and one more at the end was Silly stuff Thanks for sharing this link in the ALM:L thread, @immorethant but it really belongs here, and even among all the beautiful pages we've collected here, this one belongs in kind of the 'hall of fame' of posts. What an incredible, remarkable and simply a beautiful achievement by everyone including Shin Hye-Sun the prima. This is a piece of television history, and even after 3+ years here, I just am dumbfounded that she's come this far. @Man-O-Man Welcome! That reminds me to shout out to couple of chingoos that should be here - @Daisy Str and @cadymcbronzie where are you girls??!! This past week and the start of ALM:L has been the culmination of everything we'd ever hoped and wished for for our Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, and you should all holler back if you're alive and well, even if you're not able to watch everything or read everything for RL reasons. We should be celebrating! This gif may not be a good one due to its jerkiness, but I love looking at her fingers and arms here - something so very painful and tragically beautiful about her.
  14. Yeo Jin Goo has definitely left an impression on viewers in SBS’s “Absolute Boyfriend.” “Absolute Boyfriend” is about special effects makeup artist Uhm Da Da (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah) and the romance that begins when she meets Zero Nine (played by Yeo Jin Goo), a humanoid robot built to be the perfect boyfriend. Acting as […] The post Yeo Jin Goo’s Best Moments In “Absolute Boyfriend” That Captured Viewers’ Hearts appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Whoa, Park Hoon is a good fit to the vampire-masked's features. Sigh...one is already out of hands last season, now we got two???? Three if we count BJS who hasn't been found dead yet BTW, the one who killed Yukiko used different mask, a plain white mask. Is he a different murderer too??? Ohhh...this rings a bell for me -----> City of Accomplices!!!! OMG! It doesn't just the name the Commissioner came up for the special investigation team, but it is literally a city of accomplices - the Auction Favre. Like really high-ranking kind of members, BJS's upper hand. And we shouldn't forget about the old man in the car. I think he is the Master of all. The three masked man - plain white, vampire and black mask are all his second-in-command. Doing all the cleaning work and the dark web's operation. It's gonna be a long looonnggg week again waiting for next episode I hope the preview was not just a tease to us, and we really do get to see the villain's face. That has always been the best part of Voice series
  16. I was trying to search for HPL related and the preview for Episode 15 appeared. Just hoping that it's not a long 'separation' between them. In Deok Mi's perspective, she must be feeling guilty towards Ryan after knowing and remembered he told her that the hands that left him outside the orphanage was coldly, she felt the pain for him. 2 more days to go till Wednesday~
  17. I am not worried about any breakup. It is more about DM and her mom and her feelings of shame and guilt about her mom's actions towards Ryan which Ryan will not allow. For Ryan, it is more about understanding and healing his relationship with his mother. I do think he will understand why he was left at the orphanage door. Remembering that incident and facing it bravely will perhaps make him confront his fears, his sadness and even anger which could be his road to healing and forgiveness but it will never be about his newfound relationship with DM. He has found the foundation of his heart and hearth. Ryan, as we know him does not easily give up. Remember how he protected DM and SJ thinking that they were in a relationship? Here and now, it is his own relationship that we are talking about. He will protect that. DM too, in the last episodes soothed, comforted and loved him through Ryan's emotional distress. Now it is Ryan's turn to reassure DM that his love is as deep and lasting as hers. How could anyone doubt and think of breakup??? I have faith in the two and I think EG, dimpled, handsome EG will be the brother to reassure and make DM understand about her mother's actions. He afterall had to deal with his emotions about what his mom had once thought of doing long ago but did not. So, I see no breakup but healing of old misunderstandings between parents and children which in turn strengthens DM and Ryan's love. I do hope Ryan has a scene where he communicates with his adoptive parents by text or email telling them about his new relationship and finding his mother. Not much just showing a communication with his adoptive parents.
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    drama tropes 2019

    #65 super expensive (tacky) tracksuits that are supposed to be stylish worn #66 till this day we have contract relationships that will fail to meet their conditions of never falling in love #67 AMERICAN IVY COLLEGE ALUMNIS
  19. Thanks dear! Here is the link! @gm4queen @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel https://kissasian.sh/Drama/The-Chronicles-of-Evil/Movie?id=18184&s=openload sorry I couldn't find a link without ads... so this will do!
  20. I recently discovered this forum after watching “This is my First Life” and “Father is Strange”. The TIMFL script was very good but what made this unique story believable was the gorgeous and talented actress Jung So Min. She is an amazing actress to watch with solid performance. She nailed her character and set the tone for the drama. I was so impressed with her acting so I looked for other shows and discovered FIS. Wow, what a fantastic show - this is the best family drama I ever watched. So many powerful stories meshed together with many different characters, dynamics and emotions. Not a dull moment Like many in this forum, it was easy for me to sense that the relationship developed between JSM and LJ goes behind good acting. It was explosive chemistry and at some point it felt real – beautiful couple. Reading through the posts in this form I gained respect for the couple. I hope the relationship will survive the hardship and the challenges they are facing and come out stronger together – if that’s what they desired. I really admire the courage that LJ demonstrated by enlisting even though he could have picked an easier path as well as being open about his problem and his willingness to overcome the disorder. Same goes for JSM for standing strong until now. Like many, I am curious – and concern - to find out what the current status is, however I do understand why they will want to keep it private for as long as they can. They both deserved our respect. I am a fan now and will continue to support and watch more of their shows.
  21. i'm going to re-watch the last 2ep of BTIOFL in order for me to understand what you mean but every Preview they show keeps on misleading us.. you will notice the VO shown is always mismatch with the scene they view,... check the preview from past episodes and you will see the similarities... they always deceive us in the worst way possible. but as for the story, i think it was blessing in disguise that RG got adopted in order to meet DM as a curator... coz if RG will stay with DM, he might became part of the family like EG and here we come the childhood friends become rivals (another cliche story) fighting for the girl they like.
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