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  2. I see that we have two Kdramas competitor. Angel VS Private. Lol. Before they even start already got like 300+ comments. Haha 684
  3. I so want to skip to this part to see how exactly her hair turns white. From what I recall reading in the book, it was out of anger/sadness/humiliation from the way she’s been treated by the men in her life, but I should probably go back and read it again. Just finished ep 22 and I can sort of see why the General is so frustrated at times. The emperor’s remarks about his abilities or lack thereof are uncalled for. In a way, I can see why his personality becomes twisted. And it’s really not wrong of him to ask his wife to consider his feelings. I also like the way they changed some of the lines for Wu You. Especially in
  4. When Cindy mentions that RG is adopted overseas, there was a cringe look on DM mother, saying glad that he went to a good family and grew up as a fine man, there is a guilty tone in her. Let’s see the story of her case on why she left him outside the office.
  5. More thousand nth time, I am so happy that I stan DM. Never I did stan FL so strong unless it was several years ago... coughcoughMLSHRcoughcough. She was like ‘you know what, I am with you. nothing will go wrong. i am your partner in crime. we will protect each other’ squad protection. she takes lead, very attentive, smart, she remind her BF like ‘ you can kiss me but not now. i drink coffee just now.’ and she is my role model. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her.
  6. hmm.. after watching today's episode, the lack of lovey-dovey moment was bearable since it was uncovering more stories.. I was kinda happy that Sian was the one that broke that Lee Sol was his mum unintentionally to Ryan instead of Deokmi. Coming from the Deokmi point of view, breaking that news gonna be so hard for her. from ep 14 preview, seems like eungi knows or recalls there is someone called Yoonjae before. if it is true then it's high chance confirm that Deokmi's mum abandoned Ryan at the orphanage.. Nooo >__< i dont want to see Ryan's disappointed face....
  7. I might be wrong but I thought it's the same scene where ZM and WJ sat in front of the farmer hut in the evening, just the coloring/edit make it brighter (as if in the daylight) and more zoomed?
  8. Ep 14 Preview Rough translation DM: Are you OK? Where are you now? Director?! EG: Sorry for making you uncomfortable all these while. Really sorry. SiAn: after all, what I've been thinking is correct...hyung. DM: I thought you'd come here, as Heo Yoon Jae. LeeSol: if you're uncomfortable, you can turn back. SJ: Heo Yoon Jae? EG: why the name 'Heo Yoon Jae' comes out of Deokmi's mouth? SJ: she said it's Director's Korean name Ryan: Could you show me the last painting, Artist Lee Sol?
  9. I have to wait for KBS World for the eng subbed episode. But couldn't resist watching those clips on IG. Without doubt Hyesun's acting is . Since when does this girl fail us right. I'm sure no one doubt her acting skills already.
  10. Posted by BillyRocks_13 |Part5| Wow he is highly praising his action director buddy #JungDooHong n pretty much scaring most of them lol. He's doing good as a variety comeback~
  11. Same as me... Shin Hye Sun's acting is really good , the ending I cried out over the accident The drama is really fun. Shin Hye Sun's acting is so good, I am all in tears. Myung Soo is the best . Shin Hye Sun acting blew my minds. Shin Hye Sun acted so good as being blind, like she really can't see. And many more...
  12. After watching every episode of this drama.. I will fall in love more and more to Ryan character...and also fall in love with KJW!!! Like seriously this guy is so perfect!!! At first I couldn't imagine how RG reaction when he knows the truth that ShiAn mom is Lee Sol and i didn't expected that KJW can show to us such a perfect reaction when he knows that woman is her mom.. and when he asked her whether she still remember Hoe Yoon Jae name and he told her that he is Hoe Yon Jae...My heart is crying when i saw RG tears when he looked at her mom.. Tomorrow gonna be a tough episode for us to watch...I hope they gonna settle the issue as soon as possible without any other conflict.. I'm so sure that the woman who left Ryan at the orphanage house is DM's mom because I recognized her mom's voice when she said, "I'm not your mother" when she pushed Ryan. After this drama ended, I will always gonna compare the male lead character to RG character..and hoping there will be male lead character that can surpass RG perfectness.. KJW really nailed RG character and I'm glad that he had accepted this character as his first lead in a drama. Previously, he is the king of 2nd lead kdrama for 12 years and always make me fall with his 2nd lead character...and now I'm not sure if after this there will be any other 2nd lead syndrome in a drama that KJW play as the first lead..
  13. And goes shopping together for new kettle bells every time the new deed need to be done....
  14. https://m.weibo.cn/2937980415/4374524592105151 Anyone know which scene is this?
  15. After watching the preview idk why i got a feeling that RG’s mom is actually someone else... in the last scene of the preview it seems like SA’s mom brought them somewhere to show them someone (and RG face shows a shock expression). Anyway pretty sure that tomorrow we’ll get all the tangled questions reveals the answers and YES PLEASE can we have the last 2 eps next week all about RG and DM full romance!! I really hope KJW and PMY will get some offers to do projects/Photoshoots/CF together after this drama end (sad) They are the top buzz worthy couple!
  16. Oh no, at the end when Ryan invited Lee Sol to his apartment and they were walking the slightly shadowy hallway to his painting room, I was like, noooo Mo Tae Gu is taking her to his murder room!
  17. I remembered that interview. Their wish came true. I’m excited for this drama and I hope the storyline will show their great chemistry on screen.
  18. Totally into the plot, it sounds so fun, not to say I was already into this couple for a long time. I'm extremely happy. Same here, I have no doubt that this is the official confirmation of their drama. The wait time was draining me out. But it was worth the wait Now lets see how their love story unfolds...
  19. But, PMY just make a cute, yet funny, meme from this scene. I keep laughing watch her expression, so cute And KJW naturally stroke PMY's hair. I think it becomes habit of him, like, he has done it so manyy times
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