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  2. hello @imgreatgal ! good question. Below is our dear friend's @packmule3 analysis. You can read more over her wonderful blog http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/01/22/memories-of-the-alhambra-olis-bugs-and-dungeons/ Q: Where was he in the meantime? This was @oli’s actual question. I understand that she was venting. hahaha. It felt like the open ending was there because the writer couldn’t think of a believable reason for JinWoo to come back from being deleted. Or make up one in 1 episode. Sure, we were led to believe only his character was deleted but.. that’s not really true either. He even had the guns when the servers got back online after a year. Where was he in the meantime? Could he see HeeJoo in the church coming so often to the place he disappeared from? That was his instance dungeon for sure, the church, the walls turned in the same way they did when SeJoo activated that feature on the train while being in danger of being killed by Marco. How did he come back? If like SeJoo he was stuck in the game for using the instance dungeon to avoid being killed by Emma when she was deleting the bug or something like that (?? I’m blabbering, I think..) and he released Master from the instance dungeon when he, JinWoo became the new Master.. how did he came back after a year? @oli, I think he was hidden in this “instance dungeon” or fourth dimension or alternate reality or virtual escape zone/panic room (I don’t know what to call it!) that SeeJoo created when the game was reset. Remember, SJ said he created that space precisely for those times when the master was “in danger.” So definitely, the real Jinwoo (not the NPC Zinu) was transported there. Zinu got deleted, of course, but Jinwoo survived there in the same way that SeeJoo survived for a year in that no-man’s-land for a year. MY FOLLOW-UP question: But but but how can anybody survive in that space for a year without eating??? Well, just think of it as a limbo or haven/heaven. A minute in heaven could be a year in real time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer used this concept of “relativity of time.” When you play a game, you can easily lose track of time, right? Hours could have passed in the real world, but for you who’s focused in the game, it feels like only a minute. So for SeeJoo and Jinwoo, being trapped in the dimension, where TIME does not exist, could have been a relatively short period BUT very prolonged duration in our time. BTW, Jinwoo knew that SeeJoo had escaped that hidden place. He said so in his narration, “With Se-joo’s return, my long and lonely journey has come to an end.” However, he didn’t have opportunity to talk to Sejoo about what really happened in that alternate dimension of his. When the new game was launched, he came out of the virtual escape zone and started trying to escape the game world.
  3. I hope you all ask @leek first are her/him parparkshiper? I read some of your comment leek on this forum i think you didn't like PMY
  4. KPOP STORIES Netizens Share The History Of K-Beauty Brand, Etude House’s Model MARCH 28, 2019 If you are a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas and K-Beauty, you would definitely have heard of the Korean beauty brand, Etude House. Some people get to know this brand through K-Pop idols that became their models. Recently on an online community, one netizens shared the history of Etude House’s models. It was very interesting to see how the concepts and models for each ‘era’ differ. Let’s take a look! Park ShinHye (2009-2010) We also cannot forget about Park ShinHye, the innocent-looking actress that had stolen the hearts of many out there. She looked pure and suited the concept of Etude House rather well! Cr:https://www.kpopmap.com/netizens-share-the-history-of-kbeauty-brand-etude-house-mode …
  5. Are you talking about 'Curtain'? I know many hated it, but I like bittersweet ends and I cried at David Suchets last performance as Poirot Seo may have been right all along, but it was never taken seriously because everyone sees him being jealous of Moon Or maybe we think wrong and he has his own vendetta against the bank? The show shows many people of all backgrounds having their lives destroyed by the bank, so why not trying to destroy it within after some hardship?
  6. Maybe some of u already watch this video of d last broadcast of yin as dj in kbs cool fm volume up.. but from this video, i learn about several new things such as: 1. Yin reveived fans made "business card" as a dj.. this business card thing was mention in some of goblin script so i think d writer maybe a listener to kbs cool too.. yin really has many fans since her dj time.. d last broadcast also hit 11.400 incoming message (beat GD as a guest which only 7000 message).. wow.. 2. Yin gave some of her business card to iu as a wishfull card and iu still keep it for d best time to use it.. i just remember tyh scene when kjr got wishfull block from ojs.. is it a coincidence? 3. Yin really loves flower.. iu made a song for her and she mention about gardenia flowers that yin had at home.. yin is so cute that she told iu why d flowers didnt bloom eventho she watering it everyday? So.. she really loves flower right? And maybe ldw knew about it.. when their last tyh group photo, i guess ldw was talking about flowers they've got from tyh production.. and when they want to selca, he gave her flowers.. so sweet.. 4. Yin loves a fans called her "saranghae yoo inna.." guess who did this "again" in front of her live event?? Ldw oppa did !! Hahaha.. is this really coincidence or maybe ldw really always listen to her dj-ing broadcasts? I guess he really knows how to make her happy..
  7. Did search my local Netflix and it is not available here before may 16... they have done that in the past have different release date in different regions.
  8. More photos of PHJ and Secret team in action helping the affected families of Gangwon-do forest fire 190419 PHJ IG/Weibo update "작은 도움이라도 좋습니다. 저도 계속 돕겠습니다."「小小的帮助也好,我也会坚持下去……」 A little help is good, I will continue to help
  9. I for one is not ashamed of her before photos. I just think some photos are not accurate. She didnt do much on her face, she had double eye lid surgery and a little on her nose. Those are pretty basic in the celebrity world. So there wont be much of a difference. thats why you can tell which pictures are not her. I saw some legitimate photos of her on some private groups (too bad I cant repost them). SHE WAS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL, nothing much changed. whatever she had done made her even more beautiful. And yes her talent and personality is what made people love her even more. And just because you made a suggestion doesnt mean you are dictating.. you can choose to agree with it or not.. after all.. at some point we can all agree to disagree on some topics here.
  10. I realized. I’m in a hurry. I’m a day behind! That’s ok. As they showed HS in L’s teaser ... shouldn’t they be showing HS in L’s?
  11. If this has been shared already, truly sorry! This was on my Recommended YouTube video. Love this, love the song - especially love all the wiping tears scenes...
  12. The Swoon (youtube channel that interviews stars) might do a feature with bo young and hyo seop and they're asking for questions! you might get a little present if you're lucky, so if you guys are interested: (source) netflix poster says it'll be out on may 7, so no two weeks wait it seems. (at least for the U.S and thailand... we have to wait until netflix updates abyss' page)
  13. Whoa, Kyo's latest pics. for suecomma bonnie.....man, I'm speechless She never fails to amaze us! Thanks for all the update!
  14. @bliss1004 I noticed that too! Does it have to do with copyright issue? I like both but I prefer the ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ on that scene. The other song was played again anyway during the walk along the Cherry blossom trees which was great too! I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there’s another instance where 2 diff music was played. It was during the condo meet with the idol. I’m pretty sure the music was Power of Love in one of the streaming site but I saw other clips where a diff music was used. So I’m confused on that one. The Power of Love works best because the lyrics was just spot on! I got a big laugh out of that sequence.
  15. Seju’s hoodie from MOA! There’s also a signature and msg from chanyeol 알함브라궁전의추억 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다 행복하세요 Thank you for loving Memories of Alhambra Be happy
  16. really not happy about netflix.... have to wait 2 weeks before episode airing... so frustrating I am sad VIKI did not got this as netflix have delay in airing episode and also their sub is bad. sorry to seem mad, just needed to went out my frustration about Netflix...
  17. More photos of PHJ and Secret team in action helping the affected families of Gangwon-do forest fire 190419 PHJ IG/Weibo update "작은 도움이라도 좋습니다. 저도 계속 돕겠습니다."「小小的帮助也好,我也会坚持下去……」 A little help is good, I will continue to help
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