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  2. Actors Ahn Seok-hwan, Park Jun-kyu, Park Hee-jin, Kim Young-wo appear on MBC's Investigation Couple 2 Ahn Seok-hwan, who plays the role of Noh Hanshin in the play, is promoted to the deputy prosecutor in season 2, and digs a character with the desire to become a prosecutor. Park Gyeong-gyu, the investigative chief of Kang Dong-shik station, is a veteran investigator who has shown a delightful appeal in Season 1, https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042471194
  3. [Ratings] "Mother of Mine" Sets Record With 32.1% 2019/04/21 | 435 views | Permalink | Source The KBS 2TV weekend drama "Mother of Mine" rated 26.3% and 32.1%. The numbers went up by 6.9% and set a record. Kim Hae-sook (Park Seon-ja) and Yoo Sun's (Kang Mi-seon) rift became deeper. Working-mom Yoo Sun had always been in debate with her husband Lee Won-jae-IV (Jeong Jin-soo) for being ignorant about helping her with the housework and childcare. Kim Hae-sook wasn't happy with her son-in-law as well and this led to a hostile relationship between them as well. When Park Jung-soo (Ha Mi-ok) found out that Lee Won-jae-IV had been bullied by Kim Hae-sook, she took the anger out on Yoo Sun. Yoon Sun tried to resolve things between Kim Hae-sook and Lee Won-jae-IV but they had an even bigger argument. https://www.hancinema.net/ratings-mother-of-mine-sets-record-with-32-1percent-128871.html
  4. Goods for his fanmeeting OMG I want that lightstick !! The japanese fans are so lucky T.T Yes there were a lot of uncomfortable scenes. I don't know whose idea was to make a movie containing sexual jokes with a kid . His korean wikipedia page calls that bathroom scene " black history" : Yes maybe he found a close friend who is an actor too because moving to his agency only the reason he is listed as a talent there is a very big thing from YSH. That means he trusts him. It looks like he has done his homework on how sharing your mind with people. You are welcome The FMVS are really beautiful, I wish the movie was as good as the FMVs. The story was good but I always felt it lacks something to make us root for the couple and become engaged. It was a starcrossed love story but I wasn't affected if they did or did not end up together. The movie just felt a little bit flat to me. My favourite shot of him is this one : cr: yshbiasedblogspot.
  5. I know PMY is promoting ep.5 of HPL on her post... but... they are both wearing white... Soo.. add that on their long list of coincidences.
  6. ..MISSING YOU...!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S89AmJFP-j0
  7. 560 actually there are many in the entertainment world that took drug....it is a way for them to numb their thought and feeling to a certain degree for the things they are force to do to make it to the top.....
  8. @Lawyerh , @Sejabin that me already 5 minutes of thinking is Wednesday , I will watch these checks bones again
  9. April 23, 2019 'Mother roles are diverse enough to make a whole genre' Actress speaks of mother roles By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times Actress Kim Hae-sook / Courtesy of June&I Actress Kim Hae-sook was given the nickname "National Mother." Since she earned recognition for her role in the 2000 hit drama "Autumn in My Heart" playing the role of the mother of the lead actress Song Hye-kyo, Kim has garnered so many "mother" roles in dramas and films. The 63-year old veteran actress has at times played the role of a less educated, street smart middle aged mother with short-permed hair in romantic comedies, other times she was a mother who scarifies herself for her children. In the ongoing KBS drama "Mother of Mine," she plays a down-to-earth mother who always argues with her three daughters. Kim says she once felt that her mother roles were like something that limited her acting spectrum. "When my roles were fixed to mothers, I really wanted to get out of it and play someone else. To me, then, all mother characters were deemed as the same old things. I felt some stress, too," she said during a recent interview. "Being afraid that I might be replicating myself, I worked up to portray my new mother role differently from the previous ones. I felt like I was walking a hazy road, without knowing where I was going," she said Then her 2006 movie "Sunflower" changed her mind, she says. It made her realize that all mothers are in fact different. In the film Kim played a mother who adopts her son's killer and takes care of him. "Then I realized that even if motherly love is one word to describe it, depicting all mothers with their own histories and circumstances cannot be the same. So each mother has their own way of expressing that motherly love," she said. "Now I say to people that mother characters are diverse enough to make a whole genre. My wish is to play all the different mothers that exist in the world." Kim has returned to the big screen with yet another version of a mother this time. In the movie "The Big Shot," released on April 18, she plays widowed mother Soon-ok who wants to give her all for her son who is on death row. The mother, who doesn't know how to write, learns Hangeul in order to write petition letters to save her son. In her clumsy hand-written letter to her imprisoned son, Soon-ok wrote "I will become the wind and I will always stay beside you." Kim said that letter reminded of her own mother who passed away five years ago. "When I was reading that part, I was in tears," she said. "This is a small movie but while watching this film, I hope people will be able to think about their families and loved ones they take for granted. Nowadays, there aren't many movies telling stories of family. In this moment, I think it is meaningful to have a movie that tells a beautiful touching family story." jinhai@koreatimes.co.kr
  10. Thank you! Pharrell seems to be pretty popular among Korean celebrities, and he seems to be a fan in return. Black Pink, BTS, now PSJ was also at the show... Of course, PSJ is known in the international modeling world, so it's not surprising to see him at a prestigious fashion show.
  11. Not about the age.. she had quite a bit of work done. but i guess that's common and acceptable in korea. Dunno how to inset any pics here otherwise i am happy to share that photo
  12. Yes I saw that too! How in TYH (compared to Goblin), he seems more respectful, more mature in how he flirts with her. I really think he wants her, I hope he was able to break down those walls.
  13. N.Flying has returned with a new track! On April 24, N.Flying released “Spring Memories,” which is part of their new album “Radiant Spring” (literal translation), the third of the group’s “Fly High project.” “Radiant Spring” contains six songs in total, including “Like A Flower” and “Rooftop” from their previous “Fly High Project” albums. Featuring the N.Flying members as […] The post Watch: N.Flying Makes Sweet Return With “Spring Memories” MV Featuring Kwak Dong Yeon appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. K-stars Attend Louis Vuitton and Omega Events in Seoul with Mixed Fashion Results LINK here : http://koalasplayground.com/2019/04/20/k-stars-attend-louis-vuitton-and-omega-events-in-seoul-with-mixed-fashion-results/
  15. 0 April 23, 2019 A Beautiful World: Episode 6 by lovepark When adults don’t act like adults, the children suffer as a result because they aren’t taught how to face their mistakes, repent, and grow. Though children can commit heinous crimes and display utter malice, they are also capable of change because of their youthful innocence. However, if all they see and learn are examples of adults hiding their sins for personal gain, how can we expect them to become better people? EPISODE 6 RECAP: The Weight of Truth and Lies http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/a-beautiful-world-episode-6/
  16. Kim Heechul released his first-ever solo track! On April 23 at 6 p.m. KST, Kim Heechul dropped the digital single “Old Movie” along with its music video. The track is a traditional rock ballad composed by fellow Super Junior member Donghae, and Kim Heechul penned the lyrics himself. The music video, featuring “SKY Castle” actress Park […] The post Watch: Kim Heechul Drops Sentimental MV For His First Solo Track “Old Movie” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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