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  2. @Ameera Ali Ooh the boy you posted with the hearts is cute! And I will try to be strong like you for team subtract! You’re funny 888
  3. The sofa sleep positioning is a more realistic couple position , just like a baby sleeping on his mother’s lap. If facing outward, he would need to make a big turn to face DM to say his lines.
  4. @Ameera Ali I am curious to know, who is lion ? I don't know most of the dramas you discuss, so I can't figure out not kidding. -2 890
  5. Wow, this is so awesome that we get so much cool and rich analysis by you guys - it had never occurred to me that the plays mentioned in the drama themselves might hold the clue to the real keys - it's like the released publicity shots and background don't mention those specifically, but the seasoned sleuths among us can provide some possible unmentioned motivations for the inspiration for these stories. I just love it all. Had no idea it could be _this_ fun! Thank you, @briseis and @bebebisous33 of course, and everyone! Time to brush up on And my goodbye to the blind Yeon-Seo and her cane. I hope her new eyes give her new perspectives to see the beauty around her and all the love she has been receiving all along.
  7. Thanks for the updates. I don't know anything about the original or the remake or the subject matter but I'll keep my eye on this one as I was very impressed by Xiao Yan Shane in The Legends.
  8. I can see all the roadblocks coming for the couple. 1.His mom is 100% going to be nasty 2.His sister is of course you to be very big problem for multiple reasons 3.Her mom could be an issue as well 4.Cheater is going to be very annoying 5.The kid is goign to causes not himself of course just the fact he going to be caught up in all of this 6.Cheaters mom is going to be another issue 7.His ex will pop up too I am sure I cant wait to see how they fall in love with all of this,but I knwo they will and its going to be amazing.
  9. JTBC’s “Beautiful World” has ended with a bang! The suspenseful and emotional drama aired its final episode on May 25, and according to Nielsen Korea, it managed to break its own personal viewership record. The finale of “Beautiful World” scored an average viewership rating of 5.8 percent nationwide and 7.1 percent in the Seoul metropolitan […] The post “Beautiful World” Finale Achieves Its Highest Ratings Yet appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. I assume they are different judging from their surnames. Heo Yoon Jae and Cha Shi An. Maybe Mr. Heo was LS's ex-boyfriend when she was in university? Maybe Mr. Cha is a person who either an arts enthusiast or an artist himself? I'm saying this because in ep 1, CSA said "My parents are very much interested in arts. So I was surrounded by arts since I was young." Oh, I'm not surprised if Mr. Cha is the one who wanted to help LS with her paintings which has indirectly caused her to be involved in the accident. In ep 14, LS said "I was just getting by when suddenly I was offered a contribution. With the money, I thought about cooking you a delicious meal and taking you to the amusement park that you always wanted to go. ... Someone offered to help me with my paintings, so I'm going to meet him. He's quite scary though." I'm not surprised if this person who wanted to help LS likes LS and that is why he would want to help LS with her paintings. Or if he initially did not develop an interest in LS, he then likes her after he had a closer relationship during the post-accident. I mean... if I had indirectly cause someone to be in an accident, I would feel guilty and would give my utmost support to make sure that person can recover well. So during that process, I would be closer to him and maybe due to the close relationship, I might like him and then be romantically involved with him. (This sounds like a normal drama plot. HAHAHAHAA Oh well... actually... this kinda thing happened to me before. I was the injured one and he was indirectly involved in the accident. lol. But our relationship ended years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. Ok... moving on. hahahaha) I think he is a rich man or he is a man with good networking skills so he can help LS with her paintings. So, maybe that is why LS is abroad because her husband is as such?
  11. I have some #29 DNA test to check parentage (it must always be swapped ) #30 lost daughter/son #31 someone suffers from liver cirrhosis and needs donation #32 mothers tying a white band because of headache #33 cute child actors in dailies # 34 second lead who is cuter than the main lead, but the lady is either weak-sighted or has a bad taste in men
  12. I have a strong feeling we will get one...and more . This is TVN so I believe we will have those ..just as long as they pick up the pace in the romance department faster!...XD. @jasminssiii @turtle0217 Ha ha ha..we're all scaredy cats when it comes to morgues .
  13. May 26, 2019 JM Solution Store in Myeong-dong featuring Lee Byung Hun
  14. On the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything,” Super Junior’s Kyuhyun talked about an unexpected difficulty he faced in the military! After being discharged from the military earlier this month, Kyuhyun appeared as a guest on the May 25 broadcast of the JTBC variety show. At one point during the episode, cast member Min Kyung […] The post Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Reveals Why The Hardest Part Of His Military Training Was Showering appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. OMG! I am just watching episode 4 of My true friend and gosh, I think I just saw Shen Wei lol I mean I see a shadow of him in Jing Ran I think it was the grey coat and that he is angry (made me think of the time he is angry at Zhao Yun Lan) but this is more like he is just richard simmons and angry, not really caring like in Guardian. Congratulation to Zhu Yi Long for being nominated for Best supporting male actor in the Magnolia Awards! I am not familiar with this award but I think it is one of the more prestige awards and it is a pretty well received recognition to be nominated for it.
  16. @CallieP: The video of LMH struggling with his bag is on page 3307. While it's not hateful comments, I am disappointed that many (I should probably use the word "the majority") comments about LMH, in dramabeans, are negative. I know some people like DB, but I'm hoping that they don't recap The King. I guess I don't have to read the comments, but if I'm reading the recap, I know I'll peak at the comments and end up irritated. @gtLmh0622: So he is going to play two characters! The role of the King sounds intriguing. It sounds as though he'll need to portray a wide range of emotions.
  17. Today
  18. Yes all true - the bodyguard (happened May 2017, I think - post-Goblin), the jacket. Re: Putting heatpack on LDW’s neck during Goblin, Kim Go Eun also did that to LDW. The bracelet, I think, still remains a mystery. There’s a lot of similar-looking gold bracelets, and theirs matched but they might have been different. The Goblin cast really became close during and after Goblin. But can I just say how different LDW acts towards YIN vs KGE based on the recent Chanel event? Towards YIN, he is playful like a lover. Towards KGE, he is playful like a brother.
  19. @ktcjdrama you are amazing! Thank you for the recaps. Now I can watch this drama without worrying about how it turns out.
  20. I’m still wondering what about Ryan’s and SA’s father...is it the same person?Two different people? Where are they now/back then? How can LS went from not having anything to eat in her house to now where she lives a pretty comfortable life abroad?
  21. Good explanation by @blademan @Lmangla It's being put in a situation wherein they needed to stick together thus more chances of seeing each other in a different light. Prior to his "blindness", Min Ik refused to trust Gal Hee. When he had no choice because she's the only one who he can recognize, he started caring for her and started to realize that she genuinely cares for him. It's somewhat new to him and he's been craving for that. He did not get it from his family and that's why he agreed to go on a blind date with Veronica Park for that possibility that he might find a family in her family (I think it was episode 3 or 4). For Gal Hee, it's being in Veronica Park shoes towards the end of their 1st date and in their 2nd meet-up. She saw that there's this side of him that is honestly caring. She couldn't see it before because she's too focused on her duties as secretary and being annoyed at him. At first, she went the extra mile so she could keep her job. After the "blindness" incident, she was being like that because he needed her and she needed the job. She thought she only wanted to save him because he's a good person but VP came along and made her think twice - maybe she's falling for him.
  22. Thanks so much Barbara, for this wonderful awesome sharing. I am so happy and glad that all of you met Byunghun personally, how cool is that! Good things come in good time.. finally! It's obvious that BH was elated receiving the fans' treat, gifts and warm thoughts. That Baekdusan t-shirt is a fabulous gift, even more precious incorporated with Byunghun's idea. He doesn't wait long to share the pics and they're simply extra special with the models, too. It's no easy feat. planning to send a coffee/food truck to the filming set, especially for foreign fans.. Congratulations to the Chinese Fan Club, well done! Found more pics from the coffee truck company
  23. One of the storylines in Angel’s Last Mission: Love is the role reversal of the stereotypical kdrama trope of a cold and tormented male lead and the spunky heroine who finds a way into his heart (though, there is clearly much more to Dan than meets the eye). Here, it’s Lee Yeon Seo who is the damaged, aloof and rude chaebol heiress lashing out at everyone regardless whether they hurt her or not. Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of Gu Jun Pyo really does come to mind first when you watch YS as she bullies her stuff without any care for their problems and feelings. It’s really an inspired move by the writer because LYS is such a wonderful, complex character and after the first two episodes it’s clear that this type of a female protagonist can be as fascinating as any male hero with the right script and actress. Heroines like Yeon Seoo are rare to come across in a kdrama or any Asian drama, really and Shin Hye Sun absolutely slays in this role. Just like Gu Jun Pyo, LYS isn’t likeable or lovable in any way and it’s only apt that Dan receives such a difficult tas for his last mission - to make Yeon Seo fall in love - because she is not someone who is easy to love nor does she seems to be capable of giving love to anyone. In other words, she is a huge jerk just like all those other kdrama male leads out there, and just like them there is much more to her coldness than it seems. Interestingly, YS wasn’t always like that. She used to be loveable in her childhood so something traumatic must have happened to her that would change her so much. Her eye injury must be only part of the story because regaining her sight didn’t really bring any improvement or change to her behaviour. So it must be something that can’t be fixed - the death of her parents, possibly even Dan’s death, and now even the death of Mr. Yoo. Finally, there is also her aunt’s betrayal and scheming. She has truly lost everything and everyone and fell to the absolute bottom. She really does need someone who would break her fall because there is only so much a person can manage on her own. Yeon Seo doesn’t give a damn about what others think of her or the consequences of her actions and completely lacks any sort of politeness. She doesn’t try to make connections with people or to make them like her. Instead, she thinks the worst and expects the worst from everyone. It’s a defence mechanism. After all the loss and betrayal, YS doesnt want to get close to anyone because she doesn’t want to get hurt by them and she is afraid to lose another person she loves. All that anger, sadness, dignity and pride, those are the only things she is left now; they are the only things keeping her alive. It’s clear that YS is a fighter and a survivor and she lashes out on people first before they come too close and can hurt her. I think that this is the most admirable quality about YS - her willingness to carry on each day, her dogged, stubborn will to keep living and fighting despite all the loss and tragedy; even though a part of her wants to die and finally put an end to the neverending hurt. As he will spend more time with her and come to know her better, Dan will see this strength and hidden vulnerability beneath YS’s armor of ice and spikes and facade of disinterest and pride. Also, after episode 2, I can’t help myself but think that YS sees herself as someone cursed, who brings death to everyone she loves, and that in a way she hates herself, meaning she doesn’t love herself so how could she possibly love someone else? Finally, I want to add that I adore the scene where she stands up to those jerks bullying her in the park. It’s an accurate depiction of a visually impaired person who has had to deal with her disability for 3 years and YS clearly did everything she could to make herself self-sufficient because her pride wouldn’t allow her anything else.
  24. Presenting you with Han Segye's Private Life because SHJ is in master ninja mode rn I've found so many parodies but this one is fairly new so I'm assuming you guys haven't seen it yet
  25. I agree they did not break up completely. It is what you call cool off period. They will give some other space, cut the usual communications and check after some time if they will get together again. But seeing the two, the relationship is already growing apart. We already know they are already going down that path. Come to think of it, i think cool off period is not appropriate since they are already cold with each other lol Great that there's a drama recap. Credit to dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/one-spring-night-episodes-1-2/
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