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  2. Nexflixjp IG Story(2019.05.20) #Nexflix #피노키오 #Pinocchio #ピノキオ #匹诺曹 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ via @Style_H_
  3. as for Sindy, I think her character learned how to really live in real world with her working in gallery and doing something that she likes, like designing merchandise for gallery. As for her obsession with Si An, she will still be his fan but not like kind obsessed stalker fans. She will learn how to fingerling in "healthy way" . Not gonna lie, but her character really grows on me. I like her now and I was so proud of her when she stood up against her mom's ridiculous decision.
  4. 190521 Pizza Hut China Weibo Update with #LAY =====
  5. @gm4queen same song hye kyo is so much older than her husband song joong-ki, i d like when she is way too old than him. Between eun bin and daniel ages are not sooo bad they are perfectly fix. I know they r young love Yeh i really want to know what he is saying what do u mean next time..... when next time just say it now. Plus i want him to say something from his heart what he totally want. Cant wait in future
  6. If you guys think the deleted video was BTS ep 5-6 part 1 or 2, i don't think so since i can find and watch it. Hmm still wondering which video was deleted and why only on Youtube that video was deleted. I'm dissapointed with how TvN promoted this drama back then.
  7. I hope the longer teaser is subtitled before the premiere episode tomorrow night. Their 1st encounter is both relatable and cute
  8. Somehow deep down, I am afraid there comes a day he will have to leave KJ. Because if Kousuke persist to fight bad guys, KJ will block him every single time. But we just don't know when it will come. Cannot connect post *
  9. In-Ha remembered there is one book that is missing from SH's belongings. She believed it to be his diary/journal, although the cover of the missing book is actually of a classic by Herman Merville. I won't try to type the name here since it will be censored out anyway, lol... The said book/diary below: The witness we're talking about I think it's the person who saw the guard before he was hit by the truck.
  10. All the actors are amazing. But, YSY is too good of an actor, not to be the main lead. Even in the short scenes between YH and JI , there is chemistry on the screen. **** I like this mind fight between YH and lord Hwang.
  11. Yaa i think my GPA will be perfect 4.00 if this topic gah... haha... Master guru @triplem need to bring out her oppa list. Eh oppa shd be older than us right ? Triplem will throw rock to me. Sensitive topics right hahaha....
  12. Ah ok...yeah the on court convo was angsty...and necessary to move the story forward emotional conflict always works ! I also think the reason we didn't see more non-playing was the use of more than one camera...they could make the edits so it appeared they played well although their shooting form told you they didn't have a clue..lol I also think what made HCTM shine is that even without the subs ( like in a old-time silent movie) you could follow plot of the story - the dialogue added to a deeper understanding. Some think Sotus is the Holy Grail...others ( me ) think even with subs it wasn't clear - so there's that...raw was painful. thanks ! it's a linguistic challenge all the way around sometimes...I think it's rather elitist of me to intentionally watch a show in another language then demand subs..when I can help myself a bit...although it seems with the increase in international viewers, more BL series are aired with subs right off the starting block. I know 2moon2 too will be sub at airing. Not sure what they are going to do with Theory of Love - gmmtv is kinda slow on the uptake with subs...
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