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  2. @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @Sejabin They looked like they enjoy kissing each other very much..... The BTS is way better than the edited cut... @ktcjdrama I remember you mentioned that you are a petty fan who don’t like to see your Oppa being lovey dovey with others. While me I am the complete opposite, I enjoy it very much and keep coming back and asking for more.... +2
  3. @Sejabin oh its on the drama Voice 3.. they mentioning sumpitan haha... Indonesia, Sulawesi, UI. Its crime drama. @triplem it amazed me he fell for fake VP, but not for the secretary. And its same person. Ok my logic screaming and asked to be let out haha... U shd add this to drama trope too.. haha... 894
  4. Illuminating post and I agree. JPY is evil but like you said he is completlely business oriented and he is someone who is shown to continue on with business at home and dictates his wife and son's life accordingly as he think an owner of Seja Foundation should act. First of all why is DH waiting for JS at his home and not at the scene of the date unless JS asked to go to his home and he was not there? I would think that if he already knew that he was going to ditch DH, that he would not tell her to meet him at his house because he would not want his parents to get involved. This was between him and SH as he sees it. Also the drama make sexual assault victims as liers which is tragic because victims may not say anything about who assaulted them because of fear, shame, guilt and range psychological barriers including the investigative process that make it difficult for them to disclose the incident however they know exactly the identity of the person who did the assault and would not lie about that. They may be afraid to say whom for many reasons but never blame another person because it does not serve any purpose. It just makes it harder for them to be believed especially when like SH and JS were proven not to be involved and innocent of what was being charged them. I feel the drama did a disservice to victims of sexual assault by making DH a liar about who the offender was. Her lies became a snowball that became an avalanche rolling on the lives of many people. By making DH a lying victim of sexaul assault I feel that the drama has encouraged the imputation of sexual assault victims as liars and not believable. I really hoped that the drama would not have gone that route. I like your alternative scene "it would have made a lot more sense, if the other three involved in the bullying had somehow scared Da Hee(not actually assaulted her) for making fissures in the friendship between Joon Seok and Seon Ho" I also feel that EJ was given a pass too. She did apologize to IH but she never admitted her fault to her son and until the end she never apologized to JS for not believing in him. Her excuse "because I am a mother" so did what she did. She was fined. Ok but she never realized that what she did was not for her son but for herself and made her son the excuse of her lies, transferring her offense to her poor son.
  5. 데뷔하십시오, 당신을아프게말하는다른사람들의말을듣지마십시오. 우리는당신을지원할것입니다. 내가너를사랑해. 시혼♡♡♡
  6. Congratulations to BLACKPINK for winning first place with “Kill This Love” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”! Second place was WINNER’s “Ah Yeah,” and third place went to TWICE’s “Fancy.” This week’s performers include GOT7, Kim Dong Han, The Boyz, DONGKIZ, Lovelyz, IZ, NC.A, AB6IX, NCT 127, Oh My Girl, 1THE9, WINNER, Weki Meki, EXID, Cherry Bullet, and […] The post BLACKPINK Takes 2nd Win For “Kill This Love” On “Inkigayo” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. I prefer him in short hair like in Bad Papa or Money Flower but he also looks very handsome in long hair. I thought his hair would be longer but it seems that only his bang is long haha sigh I miss him in drama. Actually, if The Swordsman has been out, he would be busy now with promoting activities and we would get to see all clips and pics but these days so quiet. I hope to see his casting news every morning I wake up but none...
  8. Ten years ago of CFY.. Hmmm 9 years old? https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376210864857778/4376210946033968
  9. Soo.. PSJ had a guest appearance on Sonsational. They talked a little about their personal lives.. While enjoying a meal together, Son Heung Min mentioned the emptiness he feels when he arrives home after a soccer game. In response, Park Seo Joon commented, “I also feel the same way. When I come back home after hearing people cheer me on, I feel empty inside.” (source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1327449wpp/park-seo-joon-and-soccer-player-son-heung-min-talk-about-the-empty-feelings-that-accompany-fame) awww.. maybe thats why he moved his home closer to someone.. but he must felt really sad to use the term "empty" I hope he is a lot happier now.. because we kinda see that he is.
  10. @lduc thanks for DWIAG. I love that short drama as it shows that Shin Hye can shine without a flower boy co star. Ladies, as I browse for drama news I have a hunch that maybe....maybe YSH drama Superstar Ms. Lee will be our girl's next drama. Just a suspicion. I read in twitter that she met with a PD and I saw that the Production team behind that drama is the one who helmed Doctors. And in one interview she had last month she said she will show her a different role although not a detective (as she always want to be). Some are speculating that Shin Hye is referring to her movie Call but some are speculating that it is a drama. I was relieved she wasn't in the drama of KES and that of HB. Although I like both HB and LMH but the writers of both their drama usually garner more negative than positive feedback. So, I was hoping she'll star with KSH or Taecyeon or any capable senior actor in a female-centric production. If it is with a younger co star, it will be okay too. If it is YSH, their chemistry is proven already. I'm rambling, I know LOL
  11. +2 hahahaha why are you suddenly asking this? Cenching explain it better. I just know that it is one of traditional weapon. Btw why are we talking about weapon? guys I watched angel ep 1 and I kind of like the story and the main lead girl acting xixixixi. Angel is ok but he is not my type. I prefef mature namja kwkwkwkw btw I like it that finally Kim Bo Mi take a role that suits her. Her background is a ballerina. She is one of supporting role in angel. And I love her personality too. She is a calm girl in real. I want to watch her dancing in kdrama and finally this is it.
  12. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    #44 Yellow Umbrella Prop Ok so your romantic moment won't be complete without this I would say. Why yellow you will ask me? I no idea lol. #45 Hand Bleeding & Aid Kit Box Your hand bleeding babe, imma going to pull my medical aid kit out and tend you.
  13. Sigh... I want Wednesday to come quickly but I also don’t want the drama to end... How?????....
  14. There's no rush. Some people say PMY is already mid 30's. So what? Her situation is not like yours. She can well afford to have children using new technology if she decides to marry late. What is important is both PMY and PSJ must be fully willing to marry by the time they decide to and hopefully it will be with each other. And no of course I am not here for the drama chemistry alone. I love a lot of drama couples but I chose this username and to be here rather than anywhere else. My stages of being PPC shipper: - Their drama chemistry caught my interest made me joined Soompi. - because of their chemistry I wished they date in real life - when dating rumors were published I was shocked and it intensified my wish - i know we cannot predict the future, even married couples separate all the time, so I am still here just hoping for the best for PMY and PSJ. Que Sera Sera.
  15. Soccer player Son Heung Min and Park Seo Joon appeared in tvN’s variety show “Sonsational” (literal title). Son Heung Min is a famous soccer player who currently plays for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in the English Premier League as well as the South Korean national team. In the first episode of the show that […] The post Park Seo Joon And Soccer Player Son Heung Min Talk About The Empty Feelings That Accompany Fame appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. This was in February 2019, when Rain was promoting Uhm Bok Dong. I just discovered it. Articles on this were posted in the preceding page. Credit : Min Minie.
  17. basically more than doubled his number of followers in a short period of time PMY gained another 300k followers, i think ,as i have been observing her IG beginning of the drama...
  18. Luckily they are young... we can discuss for long about their behaviours...and I hope it stay secret...cuz we can keep on discuss and dig and gather all the facts haha. It's fun. Like we are playing puzzle.
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