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  2. done watching ep 6... and after such a long time im back to soompi once again... after watching Kim Jae Wook Coffee Prince i really wanted him to act as the main lead but it didn't came true at that time It takes long for us to wait and finally he finally meet his match Only a few OTP i could personally consider have great chemistry and these one Oh its over the top The chemistry is really killing me.... Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi Now Im back to 1 week of frustrations...
  3. We were actually betting here on if he would or would not. LOL! Before HPL started shooting , we were discussing if he would. Most bet on he wouldnt because it would cause a frenzy, some bet on if he would, they would make it look like it came from the WWWSK cast. and some, just for the fun of it.. bet on he would (like me!)
  4. Official stills from yesterday My Best Summer This is the author August ChangAn So the actor who play as teachers, the ones who squad side by side with cfy, they are homeclass teacher Zhang Ping and math teacher Zhang Feng in the drama series.
  5. I like how WJ piggybacked ZZR and his cousin but princess carried minmin twice, even though one is because she's hurt. But still...It's the little things
  6. Yes, we all thought too.. We do recognize their chemistry ( I enjoy watching them, although I just like EunGi and DeokMi better :D) But yeah, their chemistry work on screen. agreed ,they seemed like have fun togetehr, which is good. BUt KJW hust have this vibe of (since you don;t want to use the term brother) a protective and caring guy friend. Like someone who would look out for her, and if your PMYs boyfriend (hello PSJ) you won't need to worry about him.
  7. The reality is ugly. I've been following the headlines on the whole Burning Sun mess--the careers and the lives it has destroyed is indescribable. And it's horrible how much it hurts the fans of entertainment. This can only be the tip of the ice berg--we can't even imagine how deep the evil goes. It has made me question even watching any Korean dramas, and I've been going back to watching JDorama even though the subs are harder to find. Yeah, there are some parallels that are all too real, and it began in the first episode with the gamblers. I really like to see that there is some hope of goodness in the shows that I watch, and I just could not find any in Big Issue.
  8. whahaha JW’s flying high near the edge of the cliff Gosh did he actually do it on the location… I hope someone photoshopped JW over a different background?? **JW had shooting for his new profile picture yunie_ok Behind the scene of Joowon's new profile picture. Link: https://www.vlive.tv/video/125594 Or https://tv.naver.com/v/8157705 Note: So handsome and cute cr to DC
  10. I also don't think the threat is Sian either. I also scrolled through all of the posts for today's episode just to see if anyone brought this theory up too. Sian is the biggest thing in DM's life and she was LITERALLY standing right NEXT TO HIM in the elevator. And she had zero reaction! Yeah, she smiled but it was quite forced (just to be polite) and I think Sian knew that too. That's sort of how you could tell that Ryan had occupied her mind and she was so nervous after leaving that she sort of didn't know where to go, hence sitting at a bus stop. She loves to talk about Sian with Seon-Joo but she didn't, and she seemed to have forced herself to attend Joo-hyuk's concert... I mean, the feeling between Ryan and DM is definitely mutual... I just hope they keep it up. I can definitely tell that girl that bugged Ryan for a quarter of episode 6 might be a problem and so will Sindy pose a problem. Partially, I think. He regrets the things he's said also, things like: "You can't come in here as you like... Did you really think you were my girlfriend?" I feel like Ryan really regretted saying that (because he kinda wanted to be his girlfriend... too...) and so hence him chasing after her from the gallery to the performance to her house. He also felt guilty about her gift, and if you think about it, it might actually bring you to realize that maybe Lee Sol (if she is really his mother) isn't as important as protecting Deok-mi. Just my two cents. I really liked the entire execution of the episode. From the drunkenness to having her sing a song to get his pass code to the house, etc. And of course, not ironically, the song that DM sings is from White Ocean... I wonder what Ryan (should I say...Latte?) will do now that he knows she's the moderator of the fan site... Oof, I can't wait for Wednesday to find out. It was interesting to finally see the scene that PMY mentioned during the press conference now, and I look forward to these two's steaming chemistry. I hope I'm not the only one on this big ship who thinks they have GREAT chemistry?
  11. CXX and family His selfie time CXX Studio Update Sr.Weibo
  12. I read yesterday that previously, that halmeoni gave out sweets to fans waiting for Minho at Suseo. Sweet halmeoni with sweet Minho.
  13. Thinking about it, he is always stuck with 3 trouble maker kids. First this one and then later Soo Ah, Seol Ah and Si An. At this rate he is fully trained! Are you ready to lead a family life with 3 additional mini trouble makers, LDW-ssi???
  14. Good to know.... Would it be too much if PSJ send a coffee truck to PMY to her drama set. It would cause a riot among fans... hahaha
  15. Wonder how many fanfics after the rain. So far 2 right. Wish I can read and understand Chinese. Must be SUPER HOT...
  16. Park Min-young, Park Sin-hye and Seo Hyun-jin, Romantic Comedy Goddesses Guardar 2019/04/24 | 1419 views | Permalink | Park Min-young, Park Shin-hye and Seo Hyun-jin are romantic comedy queens who warm up our hearts this spring. ◆ Park Shin-hye, a trustworthy romantic comedy expert She has been with Jang Geun-suk, Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Rae-won in rom-coms. She got along with every single one of them, and was made rom-com queen. Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin starred in "Memories of the Alhambra", a suspense romantic comedy. Park Sin-hye played Jeong Hee-joo, a humane character. Park Shin-hye, who performed a natural romance despite the unfamiliar material of augmented reality, was praised for her great work as 'rom-com specialist'. Source : tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/r...
  17. So why suddenly RG went to DM for apologize? Was it because he saw DM’s gift for visiting his house?
  18. @turtle0217 Like you I don’t think SM has become ‘evil’. Otherwise he would become the Monster. Writer is more subtle than that. All the ‘evidence’ that is pointing us to think that SM has turned to the dark side are too ‘blatantly obvious’ for it to culminate in SM ultimately turning to the dark side. Her writing style seems to preference subtlety and foreshadowing. You need to see with the heart. And in my heart I don’t see evil in SM despite all the evidence thus far seemingly pointing to his descent into darkness (same get up as his dad – black cap, jacket, complete with ‘evil sneer’ etc). It’s like he’s taken on his dad’s persona on the outside. The only difference is that SM (unlike his dad) has ‘established ties’ – with his mom, LA, JI and JS. Brotherhood, camaraderie, love. They anchor him. Thus far we see their belief in him shaken one by one – his mom, JS and now LA. JI remains the only one still clinging onto the belief that he’s not the Monster within…despite evidences of the Monster without...she "sees with her heart" (Little Prince quote - "It is only with the heart that one sees rightly") Some think SM will be the one to kill his dad. I seriously doubt so. That would cement his descent to darkness for me. Just like if he were really the one to tell KGY to kill the ladies. But yes I still feel he (SM) will die in the end. There’s been too much foreshadowing for that not to eventuate. The Little Prince offers himself up to the Snake (stalker dad – The Snake in the Bible refers to Satan, the Father of Lies) to die. Much like how Christ offered himself up willingly as a sacrifice for mankind. I think SM will save LA another time…just like how he jumped out of the burning building in Ep1 cradling LA. Full circle. Death for the mother is probably the ‘kinder’ option in light of the potential demise of the 2 men in her life.
  19. Found this footage cfy after Dior event at the parking lot from fan https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364703879875788/4364703927025279
  20. BLACKPINK IG update "What an amazing night!! Thank you Chicago"
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