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  2. @nohamahamoud2002 No worries chingu. I know you study literature. I read Macbeth during high sch & I can never appreciate Shakespeare's plays as I am a science person. But I love art/drawings probably due to my left-hand-right-brain theory. Hope that explains.
  3. I know exactly what you mean because I don't dislike the female lead but when I see all three male leads loving her and literally expressing it in her face and she have this impassionate look or doubting look, I just can't like her much. I know I know she have her own reason and I understand but still all these guys are loving, protecting, and caring for her and she is hurting all of them at the same time...without knowing...or caring...
  4. I am not sour graping here but the timeslot of one spring night is one hour earlier. So i don't think that it is actually competing with sbs and kbs. Only 30 minutes of the drama is competing with tvn. Ratings is good for episode 2 so looking forward to episodes 3 and 4. In fairness, i really liked episodes 1 and 2. The only concern i have, it seems the scenes and still cuts are all from the episodes this week. It means that they don't have many scenes filmed yet which is not a good sign really. I believe the full teaser is also late because of this. As long as the story is good, i will not be concern of the ratings
  5. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=052&aid=0001297831 I love this article! Google translate is understandable (pasted two parts that i so agree with) but I would love proper translation too. Yes it's something called the ShinHye Sun magic! It is the magic of Shin Hae-sun, the 'fairy fairy'. It is a completely different charm than previous works and once again set the hearts of viewers. Shin Hye-seon showed a 180-degree smoke transformation from his previous work, "Thirty, but seventeen." [Y피플] 이번에도 通했다...'흥행 요정' 신혜선의 매직 본문듣기 설정 기사입력2019.05.23. 오전 11:33 최종수정2019.05.23. 오전 11:34 좋아요 훈훈해요 3 댓글0 번역할 언어 선택하기 글자 크기 변경하기 SNS 공유하기 원본보기 '흥행 요정' 신혜선의 매직이다. 전작과는 전혀 다른 매력으로 다시 한번 시청자들의 마음을 정조준했다. 신혜선은 지난 22일 처음 방송된 KBS2 수목드라마 '단, 하나의 사랑'(극본 최윤교, 연출 이정섭)에서 불의의 사고를 당해 눈이 멀게 된 발레리나 이연서 역을 맡아 등장했다. 아름다운 발레리나였던 그는 불의의 사고로 두 눈을 잃었다. 그로 인해 까칠하고 냉소적인 성격을 가지게 됐다. 신혜선은 그런 캐릭터의 매력을 한껏 살려내며 극의 몰입도를 높였다. '단, 하나의 사랑'은 사랑을 믿지 않는 발레리나와 큐피드를 자처한 사고뭉치 천사의 판타스틱 천상 로맨스를 그린 작품이다. 아름다운 발레의 향연, 천사와의 환상적 만남 등을 예고, 막강 비주얼 드라마로 첫 회부터 화제작으로 급부상했다. 23일 닐슨코리아 시청률조사회사에 따르면 이날 방송된 '단, 하나의 사랑'은 1회 7.3%, 2회 9.2%의 압도적인 시청률로 출발했다. 작품 보는 탁월한 눈을 지닌 신혜선의 선구안이 이번에도 통한 것. 이연서는 사고 이후 예민하고 차가워진 이연서는 자신을 곁에서 보필해주는 직원들에게 독설도 서슴지 않는가 하면, 자신을 희롱하는 남자들에겐 호신술과 지팡이로 제압했다. 그는 "장님 아니고 시각장애인. 따라 해봐"라고 잔뜩 날 선 모습을 보였다. 이연서의 불운은 지속됐다. 각막 기증자가 나타날 듯하다 번번이 취소됐다. 부모님 기일에 맞춰 열린 판타지아 문화 재단 20주년 기념 파티에 참석했다가 교통사고까지 나면서 또다시 생명의 위태로움에 처했다. 시력을 잃고 발레마저 접을 수밖에 없었던 이연서가 곁에 있던 천사 단(김명수)에게 처음으로 "살고 싶어. 매일매일 죽고 싶었는데. 살고 싶다고"라고 속마음을 털어놓았다. 신혜선은 전작 '서른이지만 열일곱입니다'에서 보여준 순수했던 모습과는 180도 다른 연기 변신을 선보였다. 시선 처리가 중요한 시각장애인 연기부터 가시 돋치고 냉소적인 모습, 금세 슬픔이 차오른 내면 연기을 소화했다. 차갑게 얼어붙은 이연서의 서사를 촘촘하게 표현하며 그의 감정에 몰입하게 했다. 원본보기 발레리나 역을 위한 노력도 소홀히 하지 않았다. 앞서 드라마 제작발표회에서 최수진 안무감독은 신혜선에 대해 "발레뿐 아니라, 몸 상태를 위해 필라테스 등 다양한 방법으로 빠르게 트레이닝을 시켜야 했는데 단 한 번도 못 한다 아프다는 말없이 다시 해보겠다는 말로 저를 괴롭히더라"면서 "발레리나의 모습을 아름답게 표현해주려 애쓰는 모습이 감동적이었다"고 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다. 아름다운 선이 중요한 발레리나의 면모를 완벽하게 구현해낸 신혜선의 이런 노력은 방송에서 빛을 발휘했다. 무엇보다 향후 천사 단과 이연서가 보여줄 판타지 로맨스에 대한 기대가 높다. 단은 교통사고로 죽을 위기에 처한 이연서의 절박한 목소리를 외면하지 않았다. 예고편을 통해 이연서과 단의 좌충우돌 호흡이 예고된 만큼, 두 사람이 향후 선보일 만남이 어떨지 궁금증을 자아낸다. 2013년 드라마 '학교 2013'으로 데뷔한 신혜선은 드라마 '고교처세왕'(2014) '오 나의 귀신님'(2015) '그녀는 예뻤다'(2015) '아이가 다섯'(2016) '푸른 바다의 전설'(2016) '비밀의 숲'(2017) '황금빛 내 인생'(2017~2018) '서른이지만 열일곱입니다'(2018) '사의찬미'(2018) 등 쉬지 않고 작품에 출연하며 내공을 쌓아왔다. 신혜선은 꾸준하게 자신의 길을 걸어오며 '흥행 요정'의 자리까지 굳건하게 지키고 있는 것. 과연 '단, 하나의 사랑'을 통해서는 어떤 연기력으로 시청자들을 놀라게 할지 관심이 쏠린다. YTN Star 조현주 기자(jhjdhe@ytnplus.co.kr) [사진제공=KBS]
  6. You really hate the guy so much calm down chingu, I am just pointing out some ideas In drama, especially the theatre, we always have to see the motives of the character, he is a villain, but there is the concept of psycho-analysis. For example, we have a tragic hero, say Othello, he has a weakness in his character, he is Jealous, he kills his wife. He did something totally horrible, but still, I study the motives, analyze them, and see why he did that. This is my point here. Don't worry, I am not taking NJ's side, I know he is evil, I just want him to repent. And again, I believe he is not normal, and unstable, he is mad and illogical. I spent four years doing that type of analysis and ended up doing so whenever I watch a good actor, say like Johnny Depp in Secret Window, who was even worse than you can imagine.
  7. Caught up to 31, it's getting kind of draggy. I feel like it's lacking once Hua Lian dies. I like the actress that plays Ming He, but she lacks in Jessica's presence. xD Interesting that mascara was not used for her makeup in the drama.
  8. Gaon Chart has revealed its chart rankings for the week of May 12 to 18! WINNER, who made their highly-anticipated comeback last week, managed to top two separate charts and earn a double crown: the group took No. 1 on this week’s album chart with their new mini album “WE,” as well as No. 1 […] The post WINNER Achieves Double Crown On Gaon Weekly Charts; BTS Continues Reign Over Social Chart appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Am I the only one who think that maybe PMY herself gave an idea for dialogue or their action for some scenes (like RG when he kiss her forehead and then her nose and the her lips) except the plotline and similarity stories with wwwsk
  11. W: you had a different childhood from us K: of course i know what pikachu is! how could i not know?? Y: he’s asking if you know what pikachu’s evolution is K (still ranting): i’m only a year older than you!
  12. I love padam padam too. I believe ji min is so beautiful in that drama too. I also hope she can work again with jung woo sung but the chances are slim. Oh well we will never know. Ji min might take a long break after one spring night. It has been 3 dramas back to back. So we should cherish this new drama of hers. I think she will work on movies next which i am also looking forward too
  13. Yes I noticed briseis because she/he has more than 100,000 points so probably she/he is a veteran others have few number of points, which means they participate in threads related to their favourite stars only. - 2
  14. RG/KJW-SDM/PMY is one sexy couple with one of a kind chemistry. They were great in lovey dovey mode but greatest in angsty mode. Many K drama couples only good in portraying sexy and hot chemistry but fell flat with face plant when it came to showing chemistry for sad scenes. Their interaction in this episode is so much lacking in sexy mode (at least in my opinion as a PAC Member) but they made it up in showing how the chemistry can be as strong in comforting in each other during time in needs. Just like a saying, friends in need are friends indeed, lovers in need are lovers indeed.
  15. Hi @Latifah_! This is such great news! Finally MYM listened to his fans. We can really see how fans care about Minho. And I admire the statement of MYM. The action was not solely for Minho, but they actually acknowledged the discomfort the baseless rumors has brought to his fans. They even asked us to help. Props to MYM, Minho, and his Minoz!
  16. Finally! Verified account. Salt team is great! No more "is this his real account" question.. LOL! Still no interviews till today. Haaaaa.. Are we waiting for his manager to coming back from her vacation first or what?? Why his post waikiki2 interviews are nowhere to be found! I'm - Upset!
  17. I repeated this clip several times, our bb is sooooooo cute.
  18. Hello everyone, I want to know if there is any in kakao talk about this couple in which they can participate.
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