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  2. Hello , I haven’t been watching, I get busy with work this week . I will read every post, to get idea what I missed from the action thanks to @nohamahamoud2002 already told me SH remembered her past , I hope I didn’t missed the romance part
  3. Andwaeeee!!! In contrast to the funny 1st teaser and the brightly coloured character posters....the 2nd teaser went dark. It went dark and sends out TLE, psycho and horror vibes....which actually matches the 1st drama poster~ hoho I don't know what to interpret from this teaser. Based from my limited korean, he ends it with saying 'my muse has returned'. What does that even mean? Was she missing? Did she die? Did he die? Did they all die and be given a 2nd chance by the perfume? Hah! And Go Won Hee sports at least 2 hairstyles in this clip, shoulder length and longer hair but no frizzy perm, as if its a memory of some sort. Can't help but be reminded of Emperor Hyuk and Empress So Hyun's flashbacks in TLE...it was all sweet before it turned angsty and dark. Yikes. I suppose having 50+ phobias and 20+ allergies makes him stressed out and lost his fashion mojo. I guess he doesn't have phobia of the dark though, considering how dark his work place is in this teaser. Hahahaha I hope the actual drama will give me more bobble head and smiles~ and less throwing and smashing
  4. so sad to see the rating droppng to 2 From what I know the script already out to at least EP12 but I still wished the writer will do some changes to the storyline and reduce the abusive scene. Now I have a phobia whenever YC appeared
  5. @chrissydiva Today was indeed funny lol. They left NJ to fetch himself. San Ha locked herself with her father in law while HY run off straight to the exit. They know their priorities lol. Funny how his own mother who abandoned him was the only one who cared about his well being at the end lol. And speaking of stupidity, AR is asking to get jailed lol. I'm pretty sure San Ha told PSH what AR did to bail her son out. Tomorrow, it's gonna be hilarious. Esther, no words. What, "I'm not the old Jang Esther". Then why did you told the family that San Ha got her memory back lol? It was hilarious how PSH is like you better not run your mouth lol. He has no tolerance for her. You cracked me up with the fish food. Doctor tells him he is gonna die and NJ is like WHY ME??????. Indeed, Karma is a b""""ch. @chococarmela They are screwed lol.
  6. MBC’s “Different Dreams” will only be airing two episodes this weekend rather than the usual four. A source from the drama said, “Due to the broadcast for the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup, the May 25 broadcast [of ‘Different Dreams’] will only be for episodes 13 and 14, running 70 minutes.” This will be in lieu […] The post “Different Dreams” Broadcast Cut In Half This Weekend appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. Okay. I should be staying away from shipping because I have already retired from this business but the sizzling chemistry between kjw and pmy undeniably tops all skinships in kdramaland. TBH it reminded me of namlee of wfkbj. The gazes and all the skinship off cam are similar. I have followed pmy since skks and even shipped her with one costar (and dropped it long before hpl) and I haven't seen pmy this happy and playful. I may be imagining things but eyes don't lie. Kjw and pmy eyes. Perhaps it's method acting but it takes 2 to create that synergy between 2 actors. All I can say is that Whatever we are seeing now on and off camera are just explosive, unprecedented. What I like is that the scenes are not torrid or mechanical but sweet and sincere. I'll try not to ship but I'll keep on spazzing. I have to focus on things not kdrama and I'll control myself but ... geez kjw is so hot and so is pmy that I can't keep a blind eye on their skinship ... so help me God
  8. KJW and PMY should mantain their friendship (at least) when this drama end. By watching BTS, It will be great if their friendship last forever. Not just PMY and KJW, but all of the cast. Soon, PMY will take shoot on Busted 2. Hopefully, they will invite KJW as a guest. I mean, KJW had been cast as a psycho. It will be great if he take a part on Busted (as a guest). Please KJW, do reality show once a year
  9. Armpit Warmers ? Take your pick Yes @Ameera Ali ( ok? ) No @triplem ( unless he looks like KYK ) @ktcjdrama (unless... I don't know, maybe it's not such a bad idea to try on an oppa? It's so new to me!! )
  10. Her character in DD is the most intriguing one. Her as "bluebird," I have a feeling there's something more behind this code. Not just being a spy. I love her character here and I love when her character is tough and strong. For me, I love to rewatch most of her dramas, but sometimes just my favorite parts/scenes. I just finished rewatching QSD and 49 Days, skipping some parts in QSD, of course.
  11. Oh My Girl’s Mimi has launched her own YouTube channel! On May 19, Mimi opened her own channel on YouTube and uploaded her first video, a cute cover video of 10cm’s “What the Spring??” The cover also features fellow Oh My Girl member Jiho. Unlike many other cover videos, Mimi and Jiho liven up the song […] The post Watch: Oh My Girl’s Mimi Launches YouTube Channel With Cover Video (Feat. Jiho) appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Who on earth is getting beaten up in the elevator lol? I'm looking forward to that scene lol. It's gonna be hilarious.
  13. Hahaha... I couldn't sleep because of Outbound... Later on that, on my way to a meeting. 586
  14. Boy, oh boy. This is honestly one of the best dramas I have ever watched. HY, CA, and NJ are screwed!
  15. What happened? We were already in page 129 with @intrariver ‘s post on deleted videos on the TVN channel and her post got deleted, too? UPDATE: Nevermind the post above, my Safari was conking out
  16. I believe this is right. It's been a while since Seon Ho got distant from the group because he didn't agree with how they were mean to Dong Hee. This upset Jeon Sook, causing Jeon Sook to turn against Seon Ho, and we know that there was "continuous bullying". One of his retaliating actions includes playing with Da Hee's crush to get Seon Ho's attention. He only agreed to meet Da Hee on her birthday after turning her down only after she used Seon Ho to provoke him (but in fact it was Jeon Sook who used Da Hee to provoke Seon Ho). Jeon Sook didn't end up meeting Da Hee though, it was just to spoil Seon Ho's "date" with her which he succeeded in doing as Seon Ho never met Da Hee that day. After that day, Da Hee stopped going to school because she was sick, but even her parents didn't know why she was sick. Some time later, maybe a month (?), Seon Ho came to visit his sick friend (what he told the flower shop guy) with flowers. She told him that day that Jeon Sook assaulted her, and so Seon Ho took the flowers back with him, being all upset, as we saw a flashback of him outside the flower shop. I suppose he didn't feel like it was appropriate at that time to hand her the flowers. He then went to confront Jeon Sook that evening on the rooftop. When Da Hee heard of Seon Ho's accident, she told her parents that Seon Ho assaulted her, causing her to have the panic disorder. So now here we are.
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