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  2. Four talented female singers from different generations will be appearing on “Ask Us Anything”! On April 20, JTBC released a preview of next week’s episode featuring S.E.S.’s Bada, Kim Wan Sun, Soyou, and Lovelyz’s Kei. The preview begins with short clips of each guest’s performance. The show introduces Kim Wan Sun as the “original fairy,” Bada as […] The post Watch: Lovelyz’s Kei, Soyou, Bada, And Kim Wan Sun Take Over “Ask Us Anything” With Their Charms In New Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  3. @ktcjdrama @triplem lol im OT watching BIMFL. Some parts of it quite touching. Your JS is a good friend to everyone. And JY character is admirable too. They all quite matured & nice kids. In sushi language this what she called too much positivity The story is quite simple and not earth shattering or anything tho. 698
  4. Poor JG, that will be a long fight. I like DG, and his team. That scene infront of the car with that girl, was sexy. And, I like how DG, after so many years, is still loyal to JG.
  5. hahaha thanks for the clips! i went to instagram under user nwnaxr and saw more clips that got me laughing my head off mi poong miri miri poong.. sounds like some nursery rhymes! cant wait for the eng subs to be out tmr! but, i saw even more scenes coming up for MH.. save me the high pitched shrills..
  6. 19. 04.19 Lee Dong Wook attending " Again go east " event at Seoul Station to support Gangwondo as it's Tourist Ambassador. This is a charity activities. Throwback to 2018 January 12, 2018 Lee Dong Wook has officially become new honorable ambassador of Pyeongchang winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. (1) January 22, 2018 Our honorary ambassador for Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics First promo pic with Lee DWook and mascots. And there is short interview where he said that he used to skate in childhood and that in Winter Olympics he's most interested in biathlon, speed skating and short track. And Ofc he has added that he will do his best to promote Olympics. (2) March 3, 2018 Our Honorary Ambassador and first Pyeong Chang 2018 Paralympic Torchbearer. Lee Dong Wook will run 4km for the Flame Uniting Ceremony. (3) Lee Dong Wook’s fan meeting will be free of charge and will consist of special events for global fans to enjoy. And will hold a fan meeting on March 13, 2018 during the Paralympics to meet with approximately 1000 global fans. All fans attending will also receive tickets, 1000 tickets bought by Lee Dong Wook himself, to the ice hockey games at the Paralympics. (4) March 13, 2018 Pyeongchang2018 Paralympic Games Fan Meeting (5) March 13, 2018 Lee Dong Wook with 1000 his fans watching the Para Ice Hockey match. Our honorary ambassador for Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics First promo pic with Lee Dong Wook and mascots. Our Honorary Ambassador and first Pyeong Chang 2018 Paralympic Torchbearer. Pyeongchang2018 Paralympic Games Lee Dong Wook’s Fan Meeting Lee Dong Wook with 1000 his fans watching the Para Ice Hockey match.
  7. Wow! I finally got time to watch episode 3! I love it, the drama has a lot of substance, the story is unfolding the story of each character and that brings clarity. I now understand the story of the oppa friend, and his relationship with DM. I also like that the drama is telling the story of fangirling and idols and giving us understanding on the ideas of all those coincidences that could be wrong and damaging! The experience of DM work life and the owner, the misuse of power of the rich! I really love the scene where DM was musing in the museum instead of going home and RG saw her. They both sat together and reflect on art, and paintings. ‘I am great’ because I am alive! I get that statement! I have a wedding this weekend which I am about to go to now, I will hopefully watch episode 4 tonight or tomorrow. Thanks @turtlegirland others who have been giving us the recap and their own takes on the drama so far. I enjoyed reading all your inputs since Wednesday, my RL has been demanding lately. PMY and KJW have been great, their acting is on point!
  8. Definitely can't get this HSDS version (WJ and MM) out of my head. Same here nothing nowadays dramas can have this kind of affect to me. We probably need a group psychiatrist therapy.
  9. @ryotatao9495 It doesn't seem like Tao has any projects at the moment. I hope the jobs will come eventually since I don't want Tao to get worried or sad about this. I'm hoping for some hints too. @liemmeciau Ryota was filming Anikoma at that time so he probably didn't have enough time to rest.
  10. Not yet. Catching up with Beautiful World first. 696
  11. Hahaha. So true. I looked at the writer credits, he also wrote God's Quiz season 1-4. So this is not his first serial kdrama. I read the majority of God's Quiz main cast maintained even in the recent season 5. Omoooo..Seo is the cover for OST 6! ctto Ost 6 official videoclip
  12. 190421 NCT 127 VLIVE https://www.vlive.tv/video/124760
  13. haha sounds like an expensive cast. Although, maybe it'll turn out to be good bromance. Chief Kim can do some of the thinking since Hae Il is more action person.
  14. That give me creep , worried about my DoRi for second , I don’t care about the other .. I miss that child , need more scenes about him @newyee the rate story going , if we ask NJ remember you love SH , his reply would be like what love , so his love / hate around everyone is like a dice , one time we get this , other time we got the other @lu09 it would have been fun, if SH sister fall for NJ - these writer don’t like my crazy in love story line
  15. well I guess she never thought that it would be this tacky... so does KJW. suddenly I feel sorry for KJW cuz this is his 1st romcom and it turns out like that... what I can say I still blame the HPL writer
  16. Muahahaaa..... Just dropping by for adding some juice on our big oppa's thread!! It's said to be one of his movies!! https://daegorr.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/kmovie-review-차형사-runway-cop/ My dear friend, don't worry about him too much!! He will be back looking hotter than ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybvEpvSQP4w
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