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  2. @Lawyerh one of me few favorite scene in this, is at episode 16. That small little peck. @triplem you have? haha 834
  3. Happy Easter, everyone. Whether you celebrate your faith, your family and friends, life in general, or the Easter Bunny, I wish you and yours the very best! Have a wonderful day, and happy shipping!
  4. Thank you for posting that entertaining video. Gosh I thought his Russian sounded good but from reading comments it must not be. hehe shadowreal : In my country, there is a magic ad of a men's cloth brand called "hai lan zhi jia". I cut this vedio with the BGM of that ad.Maybe most of you can not get it,but I have to say it is amusing!
  5. @triplemlol he do accupuncture to Bong Sik . Reminded me of the Kill It cat surgery muahaha @sushilicious oh i tot he seems bubbly irl. 832
  6. @Lawyerh KNG have a certain..Hm..attraction to him. Not sure why. I think it’s his voice lol. And his positive energy in FP that made me acknowledge him. Thennnnnn In IRL. He is a shy person lol. 830
  7. Omg the pressure point kisss....ok let me provide teaser until they see the episode I think we had so many bets . I remember @Lmangla even had one of how he might die He’s a darn good kisser . This is still the standard to which i hold all deep kisses too . Ok I post in spoiler , I can’t help it . Don’t look if wanna be surprised . I hv a better slo mo one , but too lazy to dig it up. 828
  8. that was fast i guess many people reported him/her at the same time
  9. 826 No wonder my real life fren also said this is good. Lol. I often not listening to people you see. KNG rili look dashing on that press con I think i will loose sleep
  10. I think she try to find the truth of relationship between psj n pmy' in here...so let she observe this thread. i guess after read all the page, she Will jump to this ship...kekek
  11. Kim Dong Han has revealed the very first glimpse of his upcoming comeback! On April 22 at midnight KST, Kim Dong Han dropped the first teaser for his third mini album “D-HOURS AM 7:03.” The new mini album will be released on May 1 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out Kim Dong Han’s dramatic new […] The post Watch: Kim Dong Han Unveils 1st Teaser For Upcoming May Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Lolllll he is too loveable to ship! I actually ship him with honey lol. Just because of the gun scene. They look so close! Getting distracted by the electricity given by our Heo Im eh? Hahaha. can I say..he has really bright teeth lol. So white and clean lollll 824 Probably will stay with my current DP for time being lol
  13. The Russian roulette scene was one of the most useless in the drama. YMR said he loved KIW only to go away with SJW. And SJW was dumb enough to do the same thing as KIW, get into his craziness. This type of behavior is expected from KIW, but not from SJW. What the YMR should have done was stay with the KIW until it calmed down and then take the steps she intended to take. I'm sure I'm going to hate the end of this drama, it's going to be full of cliches. For me, everyone would die or the YMR would end alone.
  14. You should watch LUTYN then... KNG is a good kisser! Maybe @triplem can provide the pressure point kiss Yes, I lost a bet in that thread and had to change my DP, lol.... The actor in Q7D is Yeon Woo-jin. He is another great actor. Go watch Marriage Not Dating ~ I think you'll fall in love with him even more. It's so hard for me not to ship KNG and Honey Lee, especially after the Sakura Walk, but then I remembered how hard I shipped him and Kim Ah Joong, LOL..... 822
  15. Can someone please help me find a drama name. its was jealous scene when the the boyfriend and his girlfriend sat down with 3 party, she talked only the 3 party man, and her boyfriend was jealous - he kick her in the a lag to stop ignore him. ty!
  16. Even in their 1st medical skinship , I felt the electricity. I want them to reunite. Haha I’m getting distracted 820 i even hv gifs for the BTS . Yup I was seriously hardcore.
  17. 820 @triplem Their press con pic
  18. @triplem @ktcjdrama love him in bad boy roles , for me sweetness in his eyes with toughness what make him attractive How come when he smile I see stars .. how cute he miss the mark
  19. Hey, as far as I know you are PMY and KJW shipper. I think you are on the wrong place. This is the place of people who love PPC.
  20. That one from 94 was hahahaha. I think ours is more romantic. Gigi's were good too. This song in the mV is gold. Love it. The creator did really good!
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