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  2. Actor Lee Min-ho helps children in Jinan through his donation platform "PROMIZ." PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of products made up of grain in Jinan County, North Jeolla Province, to a local children's center in Jinan County. View original According to his management agency MYM Entertainment, the donation platform PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of products made up of grain in Jinan County, North Jeolla Province, to a local children's center in Jinan County. The gift set project, which was designed to bring back profits generated by the sale of products from the region, has been so successful that all limited sales volume of gift sets that contain the value of "produce sharing with children in Jinan" has been sold out. The proceeds from the sales were used for the "Sowon Letter Writing" event of 337 children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan County, where a total of 55 children were selected to receive Children's Day gifts that can raise hopes and dreams. In response, he donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kilograms of kimchi to help children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan County, continuing his sincerity. Since its launch in March 2014, Lee's donation platform "Promiz" has been making and selling design products that consistently pursue the value of Fun+Donation and reinvent the value within a set theme, before donating the entire proceeds. Based on its high profile not only in Korea but also abroad, it is actively carrying out activities to improve awareness of social issues through SNS. Among other things, the project is all the more meaningful for Promiz, who has been working hard to improve awareness for the welfare of children and to help local children's centers in Jinan County. The local children's center is a welfare facility that provides care to children in need due to the dismantling of their families and the loss of function, which is why its importance and role are growing increasingly in small cities, especially those with insufficient infrastructure. Promiz, which has recently launched a project called "CSI Box," which helps children's dreams and minds from low-income families, has continued its unremitting interest in children and social contributions, and has also won three consecutive awards for "good brand targets" in May last year. (translated by Papago) https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004361255
  3. continuing with the good news! ______________________________________________________________________ Lee Minho's fans minoz and promiz donate for Community Child Centers* in Jinan-gun According to Lee Minho's agency MYM Entertainment, the donation platform PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of their rice products in Jinan-gun(North Jeolla Province) to a local children's center in Jinan. The PROMIZ GIFT SET(Sweet rice, Brown rice and Barley cultivated from Jinan where it's famous for good quality grains) has been so successful that all limited sale boxes have been sold out. The proceeds from the sales were used for an event called "Wish Letter Writing" with 337 children participating from 12 local children's centers in Jinan, and a total of 55 children were selected to receive a Children's Day gift that can help raise their hopes and dreams. And in celebration of the 10th anniversary this year since its foundation, the Minoz fanclub donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kilograms of kimchi to help children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan. https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=382&aid=0000733724 *Community Child Centers provide education, play, protection and overall care for children by Korean Children’s Welfare Law. For children who need help because of various reasons, Community Child Centers become another home with meal, medical care or cultural activities. This kind of support is an important role for kids, providing equal opportunities. You can find easily Community Child Centers in your neighborhood, and they are shelters, playgrounds and second-home for our kids. Our care and support is needed and will be very helpful for Community Child Centers and for our kids. cr. promiz
  4. Coincidence #3001 Wear blue on the presscon of the drama that you are leading. (insert Blue heart)
  5. I just watched the first episode with subs. Boy I really started tearing up at the end. The scene was so beautiful and tragic. Yeon Seo is really relatable to me at least like when I faced a lot of depression. Feeling like everything/everyone is against you, pitying yourself, saying you want to die...but then when faced with death, you realize you don't really want to die, you want to live. Man it's like, I get that. I really hate that Mr Jo is gonna be dead and her last words to him were "stop acting like my father" because you can see how much Mr Jo cared for her. She's going to be real heartbroken over that. We haven't found out how her parents died yet, have we? I was kind of confused on the relationship between her and the director of the company/aunt/distant cousin/evil lady...do they actually have a familial relationship or not? The same with Ni Na...are her and Yeon Seo related? As for our angel Dan, he has such a kind heart, so I hope he doesn't get too punished for saving YS. I guess his punishment is going to be finding her love. Will he become visible to all the humans during that time period then, I wonder...I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Also I'm very curious when and how he died. It seems like he was appointed protector of animals around his current age. If he died as a child, what's he been up to till now? Maybe children cannot be angels. I hope they explain it. I wonder if we will get to meet the deity aka God in the series at all. Oh yeah, one more thing, the OSTs are going to be amazing! Looking forward to episode 2!
  6. In the spirit of equality that this show has been promoting, I'd like to see PMY go after KJW, or at least bombard him with questions the way Deok-mi did Ryan at the workshop
  7. I think most of the people who's watvhing HPL havent seen wwwsk yet.. thats why they cant see the similarities. its good that these people enjoys the show but for those whove seen wwwsk and still saying that stories are different.... cmon now. Enjoy the shoq but dont deny that fact... And again, I will say this (for other shippers who lurks here)... this PPC forum is not hot and active for a year now not only because of Wwwsk scenes and bts... but also because of the REAL life events and "coincidences" between them that unfolded after... even until today. We respect the opinions, but please know the facts first.
  8. Official poster is out. It made me laugh, not really in a good way. Hahaha. The pose is unique though, my first time seeing FL koala hugging the ML on an official drama poster. However..the scribbling on this poster is just....how can I say this..corny? Lol On the other hand...Shin Sung Rok is looking good in these new stills (ctto)
  9. And his selection of script answer resembles of Hyunnie's answer in Esquire 2018 magazine too .U can't stay rational forever ,Val !
  10. Deok-mi my girl! Once again you came through for Ryan in his time of need. Please give him all the love and hugs from us! Also, how cute are you that you wanna take revenge on behalf of your boyfriend? Ryan I just want to give him a really tight hug. He's such a sweetheart and doesn't deserve this at all. I really hope drama can resolve this without noble idiocy. Everyone's acting was on point in this episode, especially Kim Jae-wook's!
  11. I just finished episode 6 and man! Soo upset at Ji Wook. He's a bad guy, too! He's a copycat. My guess is when his father beat up him as a child and said those words to him like "you already lost." It was something he kept all along and will get back at the father. That's why he became a quiet killer like the father, just to pin things up against the father and repeat the exact words back. So here is another of my guess on how Seo and OYC works together. Seo kills the people who has a hate towards OYC, then send them to the hospital for OYC to patch them up as if OYC was trying to be a miracle doctor to save them, but lets them die instead. This was a way for Seo to get OYC to trust him, but honestly he was just waiting to turn the tables around. Now OYC was using HeeJin to get back at Seo. So it's like father and son battling to see who wins at this stupid game. Just a guess from finishing episode 6.
  12. thats why we cant help ourselves talking about it. Despite her interest in fangirling world, did she notice the similarities of the scenes? If she aware about it, she might try her best to change a bit of it but..sorry we still can see you Miso
  13. @triplem you said what I wanted to say ... I know it very well because I am quite a fan of the FL actually, and have watched almost all her dramas, but never felt comfortable being in her drama threads. Which is why from the start I know I'll avoid the thread and better watch by myself, peacefully... @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 since you'll be watching and probably reading the thread too, one of the good posters is briseis, who writes well and has keen insight. I will probably just read those when I visit. Just pray that down the road, no unfair treatment happened to the FL's character because I can guarantee a strong protesting of whatever unfairness happening to her. 686
  14. Every bad guy in this drama wants Aura. For HY, she's mistaken chairman to be the culprit for her family's tragedy. Not that I like her a bit (plus her centre-parting flat hairstyle is a disaster) but she wants revenge plus money to treat her comatose sis. The adoptive father, being an underworld society chief, must have adopted them to make use of HY to take over Aura. Chairman & VC are looking into HY's claim. It's likely that the real culprit is AR's dad. Perhaps we will see how HY turns around to betray AR & NJ. Just my 2 cents. @nohamahamoud2002 Imagine you are a lady who loves your husband dearly and the love is mutual. Then someone like NJ comes along and you treat him as a very good friend and clarify your stance that there's no romantic love between both of you. But you discover he is obsessed with you and will never let you go even if you are married and have a kid. If he can't have you, neither will he let your husband have you. He won't sacrifice himself for your happiness with your little family. He wants happiness for himself by having you because of his unhappy childhood. He will attempt to marry and possess you. Will you really feel sorry for him, understand why he is doing this & brush it off as 'nay, he's just a psychopath with good reasons for his behaviour'? I can't, even as a bystander. I'd even shudder at the thought of having his pair of 'dirty' cornea transplanted into my dad's eyes. But well, the writer might end the drama with what you have in mind, i.e. forgiveness and redemption. But don't worry, I am simply referring to the characters in this drama. I won't black mark JTH as he's just acting according to the scripts .
  15. I agree. In HPL's case, there is no need for a bed scene. Just my opinion . The RG-DM chemistry is already off the charts with just the hand holding, hugging, smooching. Even the lip lock in the wood shop furniture was so HOT it gave us heart palpitations. PD and writer-nim must value our lives if they don't give us a bed scene. Imagine what it will do to us shippers? Oxygen deprivation? Cardiac arrest? Hyperventilation?
  16. Bangchigu and Glorious wishes Wookie had a fraction of your restraint. I don’t know why you are fighting this. Give it up girl! He’s a goner!
  17. I watched the episode with subtitles and I was touched. Ryan's pain was palpable. Ryan and Lee Sol's acting was amazing. I could feel a little boy's pain who is not even sure if his mother remember's him. I'm glad he has DM to give him warm hugs. They relationship is really so tender and sweet.
  18. But even in Voice 1 , there were a minority shipping her with Jang Hyuk & with Mo Tae Gu . But I said no ...not all dramas need romance . @LmanglaI love what you wrote on Secretary thread . Can’t wait for your analysis of a scene in eps 5 ( kkkkkk , you’ll know when you get there ) @nohamahamoud2002thanks dear for your kind words . Just a heads up regarding the Angel thread cc @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh 684
  19. KJ just had to be shipped with someone every season... 682
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