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  2. @Sejabin , big squeeze hugs girl @nohamahamoud2002 cool , u need to recap for us I never watch online , I watch it one hours later after live -2
  3. 190418 Shutterstock Editorial Twitter Update with NCT 127
  4. 992 aishhh can not sleep again after vomit. I think this because of chicken noodle I eat this afternoon. I put too much spices ~_~ I should stop this spicy eating habbit.. OUGHHHHHHH but how??
  5. I really don't know yet, it depends on whether I am watching other dramas or not but currently the time of the Left-handed wife is very suitable for me, I watch it at the end of the day on KBS World, because I usually prefer to watch on TV 988
  6. Can not sleep again after vomit in the middle of the night 2 times
  7. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292549444813373
  8. The assassination and the last episode was disappointing to me. I would be less critical and wouldn’t care if it wasn’t a remake of a classic. If they were going to change the entire ending, at least do it right. From a romance perspective, if they wanted to disprove that identity didn’t matter, they didn’t do a good job here. The assassination definitely showed that the politics was able to drive a wedge in their relationship. WJ could have salvaged it if he truly kept his word that he was sure he could give up everything to be with ZM right after the Ming sect went behind his back. Obviously, his followers would have been fine leading the revolution themselves if they were able to plot against the Mongolians. His hesitation to leave time after time his followers went behind his back didn’t leave a good impression on me to be truly satisfied with the ending. At least in past adaptations, WJ faced the dilemma of choosing between ZM or Ming toward the end so the way they went about WJ choosing ZM over Ming was not wishy washy. It didn’t get dragged out like it did in this one. So although this version may have portrayed more romance between WJ and ZM, the way it led WJ to reunite with ZM in Mongolia in the end was rather flat to me. I know each viewer sees things differently so if most got happy feels about this version, then that’s great. I just really wish I could...I just can’t get there.
  9. I hope Joseph got more project for ancient/wuxia series. My first time watching Joseph too.
  10. Just wanna say i'm proud of tyh's team.. eventho they had been in "war" with other popular drama while airing, they can still maintain stable rating.. 3-5% right? Look at tvn's new drama title her private life.. seems like they struggle for better rating eventho already given intimate scenes..
  11. Please someone gives me a link to watch this please! Can’t watch on YouTube, they blocked my country for this video
  12. First time watching Joseph. He did a good job. I've always liked Yukee, especially in ancient/wuxia series. Too bad I will have to pass on Past Life and Life though. Ill just re-watch this one. I'm super weird when it comes to watching series with leads I like. If I dont like one of the leads, I can't get into it.
  13. "royal gorgeousness" - what a choice of an expression... LOL ! But so apt. It does sound superficial but he is Gorgeous - from head to toe. But I can get away with being a little superficial cuz we all know he is so much more than his looks. In fact I believe most of his fans love him more for the wonderful person he is than his looks or acting prowess or singing. PS (edit): Thanks for confirming that they were spent briquettes. In fact I now remember seeing them in some drama where they were smashed and spread onto stairs slippery from snow to help increase friction.
  14. 190418 NCT 127 'Superhuman' performance @ Strahan and Sara
  15. @nohamahamoud2002 thanks darling I happy to see u more in left handed wife thread Are u planning to watch next drama after lt’s My life -2
  16. 181007 Shinhwa 20th Anniversary Concert, Heart Tour in Seoul - Dongwan fancam/fanpic.
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